Jul 042018

The mainstream media is now up in arms as US President Donald Trump gets ready for a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin later this month. Those poor souls who are glued to the idiot box think this is a horror. This hysterical propaganda beamed out into the minds of unsuspecting Americans is supposed to make us believe it is the 1950s again, the Cold War is back on, and the red menace is out of control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This propaganda can only be believed by desperate fools with no concept of the American foreign policy status quo. In actuality, Russia is heading in the right direction – toward free markets and toward a strong nation while embracing traditionalism and rejecting degeneracy. Like Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, Putin stands firmly for his people and that is why they love him or it. Putin will not sell his people down the river at the behest of a global cabal of thieves, murderers and pedophiles. He is a natural ally for Trump, as the men share many strategic goals.

The goal that is most important for both of these men to achieve during their summit is peace in Syria. The last time that Putin and Trump ‘colluded’ was in Syria to defeat ISIS. After Trump reversed the policy enacted by Barack Hussein Obama that was funneling the weapons into the hands of terrorists in Syria, ISIS was quickly dispatched. As a result, the Syrian regime under Assad was strengthened and the Christians of Syria will continue to get safe haven. The genocide of Christians has been thwarted, and radical Islam has been repelled.

Of course, there were many casualties in Syria during the civil war. Many people lost their lives fighting to run ISIS and other terror groups out of the region. The Russian and American forces who dropped many bombs certainly contributed to that carnage, and that cannot be discounted. War is hell, and blood is on the hands of everyone who participated. The United States – who propped up Al Queda and ISIS in Syria under the Obama regime – committed atrocities. But now, we have the chance to finally do the right thing under President Trump. We finally have the chance to reverse course. This is the miracle we have all prayed for.

Nevertheless, it has been a rocky road with the Trump administration. President Trump has advisors such as General John Kelly, General James Mattis and Bush-era neocon John Bolton who are constantly in his ear telling him to keep troops in the Middle East. Trump has even flirted with arming the Kurdish rebels in Syria, which has sent our strategic partner Turkey into a frenzy as a result. Trump even recently continued the funding of the White Helmets, the Al Queda re-brand that gets a Hollywood propaganda push to support terror groups in the Middle East. These are missteps that the President quickly needs to remedy if he wants to truly reverse the damage caused by Obama, Clinton and Bush.

Trump’s policies have been far from consistent, and he has certainly made mistakes. Trump’s instincts are sound though. He knows these Middle Eastern wars are nonsense and has expressed those sentiments many times. He called the Iraq War the worst disaster in history. I can affirm from the experiences of my own family and friends that Trump tells the truth in that assessment. His natural instincts are to spend money on American interests and stay out of foreign entanglements. His recent shocking progress toward peace in North Korea shows Trump’s diplomatic brilliance and iron will.

Trump needs to duplicate that iron will when dealing with Putin. He needs to muster the courage to ignore his establishment-leaning advisors and come together in a show of strength with his Russian counterpart. He needs to announce peace in Syria, and work with Putin to make sure that Iran comes together with the US to make a new deal. A new deal where Iran is actually made to comply with the terms unlike last time. This way, we can ensure safety in the Middle East without resorting to another bloody, costly and counter-productive war.

The globalist elite will do everything they can to sabotage Trump and his diplomatic efforts, of course. They will stage false-flag attacks and blame Assad for them. They will make up lies, cast aspirsions, fake poisonings, use children as political props, and anything else they can imagine in order to keep the US presence in the Middle East. Genocide is their business. Dropping bombs onto wedding parties and funeral processions is their modus operandi. Keeping the war machine going for whatever reason – on behalf of the defense contractors, the deep state, DoD bureaucrats, and other vulturous interests who feed from the military-industrial complex – is their goal.

Trump has a chance to throw a wrench into this satanic system with the world’s most powerful and respected leader by his side. He must take this opportunity and strike while the iron is hot. As we saw with President John F. Kennedy who tried to take on the CIA and Deep State of his day, Trump’s time as President may be limited. He must not hesitate in establishing a lasting peace in Syria. This can be his enduring legacy – far better than anything any President has done in a generation. The two leaders are expected to meet on July 16 in Helsinki, Finland.

ACTION ALERT: Call President Trump’s office and urge him to work toward peace in Syria at 202-456-1111.


Jul 022018


Iconic American author Mark Twain once opined, “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe when the legislature is in session.” The legendary wordsmith understood how government operated very well. Our state legislators are off fundraising in their districts right now, begging for money from special interests all summer. So our freedoms and finances are no longer under attack… for now.

I have fought tirelessly – with help from other independent medical marijuana caregivers and dispensary owners – throughout the legislative process to stop the beer, wine, tobacco, and gasoline companies from receiving a state-granted monopoly over the distribution of marijuana for patients. These interests have used the millions of dollars at their disposal in an attempt to dominate the industry. We have been able to fend them off with energy, enthusiasm and the truth thus far, but the lame duck session is when they plan to strike, and they want to keep the public in the dark about their illicit scheme.

Our insider sources have informed us that there is a massive push in Lansing to get transportation regulations related to medical marijuana amended during the lame duck session at the end of the year. This is the time period when the worst bills are usually muscled through the process at the midnight hour right before the legislative year concludes. It is the Boji’s, who were infamously responsible for the Senate building heist, and their clientèle leading the charge. Wild Bill’s Tobacco, Tom Calani, Adnan Shango “Ryo Tobacco” and other rich well-connected goons are trying to amend what was already passed and signed into law. They are desperate to pull off their heist behind closed doors without the public becoming aware, which is why we want to “smoke out” this conspiracy before it can take shape.

These interests want full control over the distribution of marijuana throughout the state of Michigan. This distribution monopoly would impose unnecessary costs upon the entire industry. The distributors would be able to squeeze the life out of the manufacturers, and the retailers would be bent over as well. The cost would ultimately be passed down to the consumer. This would ensure that medicine prices skyrocket for the sick patients who desperately need it. The free market could provide transportation services, through a private armored car agency for example, at a fraction of the cost without stifling the industry.

While marijuana is likely to become legalized in November, that progress should not make us take our eyes off the ball. The side of our industry that provides the world’s best quality medicine with no serious side-effects to a countless number of people, improving their quality of life by leaps and bounds, is what we need to preserve. A tax-and-regulate plan works fine for recreational marijuana and will go a long way toward fixing our criminal justice system, but it is not right for the medical side of the industry. We have to keep the barriers between people and their life-saving medicine at an absolute minimum. Basic regulations were already approved, so no more are necessary. Just let the industry function like Michigan voters wanted ten years ago – without any of the special interest power-grabs Lansing is known for.

When the legislature is back in session, we will continue to give updates on this developing situation.

Your Champion
George Brikho

Jul 022018

Last month, I issued a red alert urging people to deluge their state representatives and senators with emails and phone calls to stop marijuana legalization from being enacted in the legislature. This was being done not for the purposes of legitimate public policy reform, but for the cynical purposes of keeping people out of the voting booth in November.

There was an apparent power struggle amongst the Republicans in the legislature. Some feared that this move would backfire and that it was unethical while others thought it was the only way Republicans could stay competitive in November’s elections. This debate was waged, but ultimately the proposal failed. Republicans decided to let the decision go to the people, and any controversy regarding legalization has subsided. Now the people of Michigan will decide.

The state legislature did the right thing last week when they put the kibosh on marijuana legalization. The process will now move forward as it should. The organizers who collected the signatures to put the question on the ballot will have their day in November. There won’t be any Republican subterfuge from Lansing that will upend the lawful process. Regardless of what we may think of marijuana legislation, this is a rare victory for a transparency and honesty within government.

While there were certainly Republican lawmakers who were pushing for this con to protect their chances in November, we have to thank the Republicans who stood bravely against this push. Years ago, a proposal like this would have sailed through the legislature without any serious opposition, but with the rise of the liberty movement and now the Trump revolution, there are many eyes on the swamp in Lansing and the legislators know they can’t pull off their schemes unabated. A new era is arising where common people like you and me can stand and win against institutional corruption.

The progress we are seeing is incremental, and although we have quite the ways to go toward restoring America to greatness, we should be proud that we are having a major impact. We will likely have another victory in November when marijuana legalization is approved by the voters. Marijuana prohibition is finally coming to an end. The disastrous drug war is unconstitutional, barbaric and now unpopular. The public is finally releasing that the government policies are far more dangerous than the substances themselves. Big Pharma can’t put the wool back over the eyes of the American people with their propaganda. ‘Reefer Madness’ is no more.

Now, I want Republican victory in November as much as anyone else, but we must achieve that victory in an honest, straight-forward manner. I invite all Republicans worried that the marijuana legalization vote will bring Democrats out to the polls to get their butts into action immediately. You need to walk doors, volunteer on campaigns, pony up the dough and do whatever needs to be done to assure victory in November. I plan to lead by example. Republicans win when the conservative grassroots outworks in the liberal grassroots. We saw it happen in 2016 when Donald Trump won our state. The hypocritical party bosses take responsibility for that win, but we all know the truth. Trump was the grassroots candidate, and we pushed him across the finish line with hard work and raw enthusiasm.

We can repeat his victory two years ago in November, but we have to be careful to put up the right candidates to do so. Vote in your primary elections and support the candidates with the most backbone who love America and the Constitution. We need fighters in Lansing, not stooges who will answer to lobbyists and special interests. If we put up enough fighters who call out the BS of the Democrats like Trump does, we will win. If we fail to uphold our principles and integrity within the Republican Party, the ‘blue wave’ will sadly become a reality in Michigan.


Jun 042018
brikho family

In the 11th hour, Lansing politicians are trying to hijack the marijuana issue yet again. Special interest groups are pushing legislators to pass a marijuana legalization bill that favor big business. With the ballot initiative looming for November, Lansing has decided to usurp the will of the voters.

From my time lobbying for medical marijuana, I can tell you that the special interests that drive behavior in Lansing do not want what is best for the people. The current proposal that is on the ballot for November is far from perfect. I have problems with it personally, but the organizers went through the process legally and lawfully. They collected more than enough signatures to qualify, and the question should be considered by the voters. The legislature is trying to upend the process and stop the people from deciding.

Make no mistake about it: This undermining of democracy will likely backfire on Republicans in November. This will drive many independent voters (the largest bloc these days according to all opinion polls) into the hands of the Democrats. As a Republican, I am imploring my colleagues not to make what would be a catastrophic mistake by short-changing the voters of Michigan.

Lansing is primarily concerned with helping huge businesses; very rarely the little guy gets anything more than token scraps. The common man will not benefit from their crony capitalist bill to legalize marijuana. We can look at what the legislature has done to medical marijuana as an example. In 2008, voters approved the caregiver model. Lansing has been working to eliminate that ever since against the will of the voters. They will amend the bill to take away the right to grow through an amendment, that is one of the goals. They do not want commoners to be able to grow their own medicine.


The answer, as usual, is freedom. We need a free, competitive market with common sense regulations that do not keep individuals without a large amount of capital shut out of the industry. We must all prosper and avoid suffering. That is the ethic I have tried to bring to Michigan as a medical marijuana entrepreneur. It is a national travesty that thousands are rotting in rape cages for ingesting a plant. Decriminalization would go a long way toward solving this problem. Marijuana decrim would be a much more prudent move by the Republican legislature, while letting the people decide on the issue of marijuana legalization in November.

If Lansing gets its way, any bill that is passed and signed into law is easily amendable. A simple majority in Lansing will be able to change the bill in anyway to fit the needs of the donor class. It would be very easy for Lansing to pass legislation for full legalization this summer, only to revoke the law and replace it with something much more restrictive in the months following this year’s election. They could even overturn legalization before the law goes into full effect. If the ballot proposal goes through, the politicians will need a super-majority to overturn the will of the voters. That would be harder to accomplish, especially considering the public anger it would likely cause throughout Michigan.

I have tried to lay out a constructive path that the legislature could take to remedy this problem. If Republicans want turn-out to be higher in November, they should get to work reaching out to voters and winning them over. I have donated to Republican candidates and will personally be going door-to-door for liberty-friendly candidates running in the GOP this year. That is how the party and the movement should be grown, not through tricks and schemes hatched by shadowy backrooms by privileged donors.

The ultimate goal for all of us should be freedom – as it was for the Founding Fathers of our great nation. Small businesses should operate on a level playing field. Citizens should be able to take care of their own medical needs with cannabis, saving us money in healthcare costs and preventing opiate deaths, without Big Business getting in the way. If the legislature acts to “legalize” marijuana before November, politicians will amend it to not allow any home-growing of marijuana. Politicians will eventually amend the proposal to create mandates allowing Big Business to monopolize the industry. Lobbyists will be the winners again. Politicians will get rich off of crony insider deals. We have seen it all happen before, so let’s get into gear to make sure it doesn’t happen this time!

You can find more information to effectively fight back against this push (including how to find and contact your state legislators to let them know they should oppose this legalization push) at this link.


Apr 302018
for sale marino

In November, Republicans are likely going to lose the governorship to the Democrats. They are going to lose the governorship because they have betrayed the public trust. The public will choose the Democrats because they have seen the Republican-dominated legislature piss in their faces time and again. This is true on every issue, but particularly true when it comes to medical marijuana. Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves for this predicament.

On the issue of marijuana, all but a small handful of legislators are woefully misinformed on the issue. They take their cues from the corporate lobbyists who they take orders from or from the laughable ‘Reefer Madness’ propaganda of yesteryear. EverGreen Management, an entity which I am closely affiliated, worked very hard through the process of the corrupt legislature to get through some sensible regulations allowing the medical marijuana industry and thrive. These were not perfect, but gave a little breathing room for the industry to function. I am very proud of this work, although Lansing has done a terrible job enforcing the regulations.

However, all of that progress is in serious jeopardy because of the work of Republican lawmakers. Republican lawmakers Steve Marino, Triston Cole and Joseph Bellino are leading the way to criminalize medical marijuana with House Bill 5845. This not only criminalizes the manufacture of common marijuana items, which would jeopardize the industry and increase the cost of medicine for patients who desperately need it, but also eliminates the caregiver model. This legislation would create a state-dominated monopoly that would punish patients while enriching powerful special interests at their expense. It is a blatant money-grab from the sick, enabled by the combined forces of ignorance and greed within the Republican Party.

Marino leads the effort to destroy the medical marijuana industry, and he hails from Macomb County, my own backyard. We have known about the seedy record of this wanna-be career politician who got his start in politics as a lobbyist representing the most greedy interests imaginable. He served his masters very well and slithered his way up the latter very quickly. A helpful resource was created by grassroots activists showing how Marino skirts property taxes, outsources jobs at his own businesses, supports making it harder for seniors to collect social security, and brags about how he used to buy favor with legislators during his days as a lobbyist. He was even forced to retract his own statements on the campaign trail to save his ass after an embarrassing audio recording of Marino was released to the public. Sadly, he was able to get elected to the State House despite all of his baggage and now the people of Macomb County and the rest of Michigan have to endure the schemes of this veteran lobbyist who revels in his own filth.

Although I have a license and would likely benefit from Rep. Marino’s proposed power-grab, I am still blowing the whistle against it. I have heard from other industry leaders that there is a well-funded push to eliminate the caregiver model completely. With the caregivers put out of business, those of us who are licensed by the state would dominate the industry completely. The supply would dry up, the prices would rise, and the rich would get richer. As a dispensary owner who wants to build a sustainable business by giving patients the best possible medicine the marketplace can provide, I do not want this kickback. This is a form of corporate welfare, and I prefer to stand on my own two feet. House Bill 5845 is fundamentally un-American and anti-free market. It betrays the principles that Republicans supposedly stand for, and this hypocrisy will be punished harshly by the people of Michigan who know exactly what is going on in Lansing.

If you look at who is donating to the authors of this reprehensible legislation, you can see they are owned by the usual suspects. The Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association fears the medical marijuana industry as a competitor so it throws money at crooked lawmakers to oppose medical marijuana. Unsurprisingly, they contribute a great deal of dirty cash to the coffers of Reps. Marino, Cole and Bellino. For introducing House Bill 5845, they will certainly receive even greater campaign contributions during the next election cycle that will play out this year. All three of these men know how the game is played, and it is why they filed the legislation. Marino, Cole and Bellino are not well-intentioned, but rather conniving vipers who treat the Michigan taxpayer like a gentleman caller treats Stormy Daniels after slipping her a $100 dollar bill (Only our Lansing daddies don’t even give us the $100 before they have their way with us).

This legalized system of bribery is what runs Lansing. The threesome of Marino, Cole and Bellino are emblematic of the problem, and it can be observed by looking at their funding sources. House leadership throws money their way through the Chatfield Majority Fund, the House Republican Campaign Committee, and the Michigan Values Leadership Fund. Established big money interests such as the Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Michigan State Police Troopers PAC, the Auto Dealers of Michigan, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce fund these three men as well. Between the three of them, they are receiving ill-gotten gains from virtually every vulturous special interest that benefits from the corrupt status quo in Lansing. These three men are the epitome of the Lansing swamp that needs to be drained, and they won’t be going away anytime soon as they are rewarded for their compliance by their masters. We the grassroots have to stop them dead in their tracks.

Unfortunately, it may be too late to turn it around for the Republicans. Between screwing the medical marijuana industry, enacting massive tax and spending hikes and overseeing the Flint water crisis, Republicans have made their own bed and have to sleep in it come November. But in the mean time, we must defeat this terrible senseless Republican legislation designed to devastate the medical marijuana industry in Michigan. We have to prevent the Republicans in our legislator from destroying the rights of medical patients. You can find how to take action to stop House Bill 5845 at this link.

Please share this around as much as you can, as it is imperative for us to stop yet another Republican-led screwjob of the medical marijuana industry in Michigan.



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Apr 162018
assad christmas


As many of you know, I supported Donald Trump for President in 2016. I did so for a variety of reasons, and do not regret it. I knew he was not perfect but could tell he was not apart of the establishment gang. He spoke truth to power, and it was refreshing. His foreign policy was the best of all. Trump regularly called out George W. Bush. He called out Republicans. He called the Iraq War the worst policy in history. He wanted to spend the money we waste abroad on wars in the homeland to build up America and Make America Great Again.

This was what he espoused on the campaign trail, but that has changed now that he is in the White House. Trump is losing his way and embarking upon similar policies as his predecessors. There was incredible progress in Syria that was achieved in 2017, and it is now in jeopardy. Trump reversed the policies of Barack Hussein Obama that were funneling weapons to ISIS and other Muslim terror groups to dispose the regime of Bashar al-Assad. This allowed Assad along with the Russians to decimate ISIS in the region. Without ISIS around as a threat, there is no longer a bogeyman in the region that can be used to justify endless war. That is why the complicit Western media has made Assad and Putin — the men who literally saved the world from ISIS — into the new bogeymen.

Trump’s recent bombing of Syria and the Assad regime only helps ISIS. He is playing into the hands of his enemies. The only way ISIS can gain a foothold in Syria is if Assad is disposed from that country. Assad is the protector of Christians in the region. Assad is the crusher of radical Islam in the region. Compared to other rulers in the Middle East, he is not repressive. Our “strong ally” in Saudi Arabia, for one example, is far more brutal than Assad by every possible metric and commits war crimes in Yemen that dwarf anything Assad has ever done. This hypocrisy is pushed by the Western media to drive the war machine, which won’t be happy until the entire Middle East is on fire and America is looted completely.

What has made me particularly sad and disgusted is to see many Republicans and many Christians falling for these lies. Self-professed followers of Christ cheer as the man who protects Christians in Syria from slaughter is framed for chemical attacks he did not commit and bombarded for no good reason. So-called Republicans who elected Trump to make America great again and put America first now support the exact same failed policies of Bush and Obama. Why does the American public refuse to learn? Why are Americans so willfully ignorant of basic facts? This collective amnesia allows America to be abused like a two-dollar whore by the globalists, and Trump is apparently ill-equipped to stop them.

Trump has already set a dangerous precedent with his unauthorized strikes of Syria, but now he needs to stop. Trump has said ‘Mission Accomplished’ but that does not mean the dangers have subsided. There are powerful interests that want us to remain in Syria for a long time, and they are leaning on Trump to get their way right now. The Israeli government, for instance, wants us to remain in the region to fight Iran and Syria on their behalf. Israel is a first-world nation with a massive military, and they can defend themselves. It does not benefit America to launch wars in Syria or Iran, and Trump was elected to put America first not to put Israel First. We saw how disastrous our wars with Iraq and Libya turned out to be. We have to resist the lies and urge others to do so.

Call President Donald Trump at 202-456-1111.

We have to blow up his phone. Make several calls and encourage others to do so. Trump will respond to pressure, but we have to be firm. We have to hold Donald Trump to his campaign promises. I supported him from the start, but understand that we elected him to be a servant leader. As Americans, we support a Constitutional system with checks and balances. We must remember our principles. We must remember that it is important to hold government officials accountable as our forefathers did. We must demand that Trump do the right thing, and avoid another grizzly unnecessary war. Remember your mandate, Trump, and get back to work fighting the globalists rather than parroting their talking points.

George Brikho

Apr 102018



Shame on Chris Hindo!

As you may be aware, the will of the voters is under attack in the city of Detroit. The medical marijuana initiative that was passed by the voters in Nov. 2017 has been effectively overturned. A small handful of cronies including seedy businessmen, corrupt city officials, and activist judges have undermined democracy and overturned a popular referendum governing medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit.

An industry that is putting Detroiters back to work, raising the value of property in Detroit and providing a great deal of prosperity into a city that desperately needs it is being held hostage because corrupt out-of-town interests who want a gravy train all for themselves. VK Real Estate Holdings III LLC was the primary interest behind these lawsuits. Aided by a city council that wants the market tightly controlled by a few well-connected insiders, they have imperiled the entire medical marijuana industry.

VK Real Estate Holdings III LLC is a company that is closely affiliated with Chris Hindo. Hindo is a businessman and property owner who lives in metropolitan Detroit, outside of the actual city. His holding company is applying for a permit to run a medical marijuana dispensary. He should have the same rights as anyone else to run a dispensary. However, looking at how his family ran a hotel property in Inkster shows the unethical nature of this man. He is far from reputable, and his lawsuit is clearly not meant to protect consumers if you understand his history. He has no scruples about benefiting from the drug and prostitution trade, and his own motel was shut down as a result of his poor and dangerous business practices.

The Michigan Motel of Inkster, MI was forcibly put out of business after a series of fire violations in 2017 and a long record of abuses described by authorities. Over $100,000 of law enforcement resources were wasted because of frequent calls to this dilapidated hotel that was a hub for all kinds of illicit behavior including prostitution and the illegal drug trade. Muggings and other assaults were concentrated around this slum for many years. Hindo did nothing to clean up this mess, and the state was forced to intervene to safeguard the community.

The motel was used as a front for illegal drugs. Hindo maintained his hotel in a way that it would attract nothing but the dregs of the world. The model never complied with regulations and did not care about the damage they were doing to the surrounding area. When they were closed, the residents of Inkster rejoiced that this locus of crime and degeneracy was no longer in operation. Now that Hindo has lost that source of income, he wants into the medical marijuana industry and doesn’t want to be burdened by competition. He wants to control the marketplace and is being assisted by the courts and city council in his quest to monopolize the industry.

We need to keep illegal drug pushers out of this industry. Passing the medical marijuana act in 2008 was supposed to do that. For far too long, the marijuana trade was driven underground and run by criminal elements due to prohibition and the war on drugs. Now that medicinal marijuana is legalized, there is no reason for lowlifes to dominate the industry. This is what is happening because of these frivolous lawsuits. And make no mistake about it, Hindo knew exactly what was going on at the Michigan Motel the entire time.

According to a Click On Detroit report about the Michigan Motel (and the liquor store next door with the same ownership), Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said: “There’s cutting agents, pill presses, there are containers that you actually use to magnetize to the bottom of vehicles so you can transport narcotics.”

These startling facts indicate that Chris Hindo was not just a hapless fool unaware that his run-down motel was a dope front, but rather he was a willing and active participant in this sinister drug trade. With VK Holdings associating with this man, they are no doubt bringing Hindo’s same crooked ethic to all of their business ventures as well. Now that we have established the character of this man and his real estate operation, let us examine the particulars of the lawsuit that he filed to overturn the democratic process in the city of Detroit.


In the baseless lawsuit, Hindo and VK Holdings are attempting to conflate spacing requirements with zoning provisions. Although they cannot point to one single case where spacing requirements are required to be listed as zoning, the lawsuit was upheld in a court of law. The referendum was overwhelmingly approved by voters, but lawyers, bureaucrats and cronies are using the courts to stop the reforms that the people clearly want to be enacted.

The initiative approved by Detroit voters was written in pursuance to the law. The restrictions supersede any zoning scheme, and are meant to allay the concerns of the people by providing common sense restrictions. These were put into the referendum because law-abiding business leaders wanted to protect the community and create a safe, regulated market. This safe, regulated market is being impeded by bad actors filing asinine lawsuits, and the government apparatus that is naturally biased against cannabis is helping these bad actors along either knowingly or unknowingly.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert Colombo is an enemy of democracy. He effectively overthrew the political process with an arbitrary and biased ruling. In a scandalous turn of events, the city started as the defendant but actually became the plaintiff in the case. The city turned their backs on the people they were supposed to be representing, and worked with a gang of crooks to overthrow democracy. They were all working on the same team to strangle a burgeoning industry providing jobs, prosperity and medicine to an entire community. The judges, bureaucrats, prosecutors and lawyers within our government are empowering the worst of the worst because they care only about preserving their own power and privilege.

The committee will keep fighting despite these setbacks. We know the truth is on our side and despite the corruption within our political system, we believe that the truth will prevail in the end. We will take this to the Supreme Court if needed. The fight never ends, and we will see it through until its over. Medical marijuana was approved in 2008, and we have been fighting ever since. We fight for the patients, caregivers, dispensary owners, and the people of Detroit who are benefiting from the many jobs provided by this industry. The public is on our side, as any opinion poll will demonstrate, and the committee will expose this corruption and ultimately be victorious in the end. Marijuana prohibition is in its death throes, and these are little more than the last desperate gasps of a dying system of control.

Please share this article, and spread the word about the injustice plaguing Detroit and its medical cannabis industry!

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Apr 092018


I have to alert you today about the atrocities that are happening in Syria right now.

Bashir al-Assad, the long-time President of Syria, was locked into a war against outsiders. These foreign terrorist groups were being armed with American taxpayer dollars by the CIA at the behest of Barack Hussein Obama to lay Syria to waste and make it a haven for radical Islam. ISIS was growing because of these policies. As soon as Trump became President, he reversed these policies. This allowed Russia to pulverize ISIS into oblivion.

ISIS is virtually wiped out because of the actions of President Trump, Vladimir Putin and Bashir al-Assad. God bless these three men and their heroism. They may not receive peace prizes in this evil world, but they will receive their glory in the next life.

Sadly, the fight is not over. There are interests out there – whether you want to call them the globalists, the deep state, the military-industrial complex, the banksters, or whatever – who want Syria to be laid to waste. They want a genocide in Syria like what happened in Libya. They want atrocities to happen in Syria like what happened in Iraq. All so they can line their pockets with blood money in the midst of the ruins.

The Syrians have suffered enough, and over this weekend, there was a false flag attack in their country. Although it was not covered by the western media, the Russians warned of the false-flag attack weeks in advance. The chemical attack happened in the region of Ghouta where they claimed the event would happen, bolstering the credibility of Russia’s prediction. The alleged incident was reported by the “White Helmets,” which is nothing more than a re-branded division of Al Queda.

World War III almost started today after Israel bombarded Syria, targeting Syrian and Iranian forces in the attack. Trump has vowed retaliation against Syria for unproven chemical attacks, and he has apparently bought into the lie this time around. This is the Cuban Missile Crisis all over again. The world is in peril, and we must not fall for the deception once more. We must not be drawn into another illegal, immoral, senseless war in Syria.

The Christians of the world must speak out and take action! Bashir al-Assad protects Christians from genocide in Syria. He is a secular leader who fights radical Islam. We owe him a debt of gratitude for fighting and defeating ISIS so valiantly. We cannot allow our corrupt media elites and deep state government officials to slander him, frame him for attacks that he clearly did not commit, and use that lie as a pretense to go into another war.

CHRISTIANS, IT IS TIME TO STAND UP! We have to stop an atrocity that will directly harm Christians. Christians in Iraq were ethnically cleansed from their lands following the War in Iraq. Libya went from Africa’s top country to a haven for human trafficking, terrorism, slavery and child abuse. We cannot allow that to happen in Syria. Please tell others about these facts I have brought to light and call President Trump.

Call President Donald Trump at 202-456-1111 and urge him to resist the propaganda. Tell him to stick to his instincts. He wanted to leave Syria a week ago, and now this false-flag attack has made him reconsider his initial decision. Tell him you voted for him to stand strong against the swamp, not to succumb to it. This is a make-or-break moment, and we need to tell Trump to stand for Syrian Christians and their protector Assad against the deep state and the war party. The future of the Western world may depend upon it!

George Brikho

Apr 102017
assad christmas


We were all hoping that Donald Trump was going to drain the swamp. His antics have encouraged us all, and his crushing victory over the political establishment last year was a watershed moment for the resistance. Nevertheless, Trump has lost his way on Syria. He ordered a bombing campaign last week that could very well help ISIS. We have to be careful to always support our President while simultaneously pressuring him to do the right thing when he goes astray.

Trump is making a very grave mistake in Syria by provoking Syrian President Bashir al-Assad. Assad is not who he is portrayed to be by the mainstream media. Assad is fighting Al Queda and ISIS in Syria, and he is a strong proponent of religious freedom for Christians. Christians can worship freely in Syria, unlike so many other countries in the Middle East. For this, Assad should be recognized as a hero. Instead, he is demonized by the globalists and other enemies of America.

Neocons and other warmongers point to Assad’s human rights record. It may be checkered. Saddam Hussein didn’t have the best human rights record either. The same can be said about Muammar Gaddafi. The neocons and warmongers called for those rulers to be removed from office as well, and it helped radical Islam more than anything. In Syria, the true enemies of America (the Washington D.C. swamp) want to give ISIS and Al Queda more power by starting war against Assad. These traitors know exactly what they are doing, and Trump is falling victim to their manipulations.

I can tell you from my family’s own experiences that a genocide against Christians has taken place in Iraq. Radical Islamists are to blame, but their murderous efforts have been aided immeasurably by American foreign policy blunders. Christian families that had been living in the region since the days of Jesus Christ have been wiped out or forced to flee. Saddam stopped this from happening as ruler of Iraq. Although he was repressive in many ways and did not tolerate dissent, Saddam also refused to tolerate radical Islam. He allowed Christians to worship freely as well. When American intervention got rid of Saddam, it opened the door for ISIS to slaughter thousands of Christians. The same thing is already happening in Syria, and it will get a thousand times worse with Assad out of power.

President Trump, your unprovoked and illegal strike of Syria was an act of war. This is not your mandate. You were elected to stop all of these ridiculous wars. You had said that the Libyan invasion was a waste. You criticized the Iraq war for many years. You urged Obama to stay out of Syria repeatedly back in 2013. We all know you are under massive pressure. We can only speculate about what the powers-that-be have shown you behind the scenes. We can only imagine how you and your family have been threatened by these evil powers, but you must stand strong.

President Trump, you were supposed to work with Putin and Assad to crush ISIS. No evidence has even been produced to the public indicating that Assad was responsible for last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria. It could be a false flag, as it turned out to be after a similar situation occurred back in 2013. Middle eastern Christians were breathing a sigh of relief after you were elected, but they are now worried yet again. With U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley calling for regime change, ISIS is emboldened. Christians are in jeopardy. Purge the neocons from your administration immediately. It is supposed to be America first, not ISIS first. Stand with Assad and middle eastern Christians.

Feb 102017
saddam a go go

When my family came to America from Iraq, it was to escape political tyranny. They were able to practice their religion over there as Christians. They were able to live in relative peace. They were able to feed their children, but it wasn’t enough. My family yearned for their rights as citizens to have political representation, to have the freedom to say their conscience without persecution, to have the freedom to know their vote matters.

What I witnessed a little over a week ago at the hands of the Michigan Republican Party and Oakland County Republican Party was the vicious RAPE of every American value we hold dear. The majority, which I was apart of, had their convention thrown out after a minority, as apart of a coordinated plan directed by Jeff Sakwa, co-chair of the MIGOP, surrendered on their Party and threw in the towel on their civic duty. He bragged to me personally how the convention would have to be re-done. But since they were the clear minority, they knew they would lose again. So they just did it to us Saddam style: pure gangsterism. And anyone who tells you differently is committing a blood libel.

At least the tyrants in Iraq were more honest and open about what they trafficked in. When one of Saddam’s goons stripped away your freedoms, you knew because you were living under a dictator. The Iraqi people had a self-awareness that Americans do not of the situation that was facing them. The dictators of the Michigan GOP hide their evil behind lawyers, phony baloney rules, red tape, deceptions, and obfuscations. They conduct themselves in public life as if they have common decency, but when behind closed doors, they desecrate and pillage you.

Quite frankly, these individuals are demons locked in a war against the Republic. I am a firm believer in the Bible, and know those words to be the divine creation of our Lord. Yahweh said that end times would come, and they are facing us right now. After looking into the eyes of these people face-to-face, I can tell you for certain that they have no souls. In the end times, 2 Timothy 3:2 stated that the people would be “lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy.” I’ve seen all of the above from these corrupt abusive Republicans, and I am willing to see these devils to the gates of Hell to vanquish them if need be.

I vow that I will never give up this immense battle that I have waged against political corruption, but I cannot BS you today. These is no putting on rose-colored glasses for this atrocity. The vermin of the GOP makes the Redcoats look like angels by comparison. We are going to have to make very tough decisions if we really want to reclaim our liberties. There’s no two ways about it. We have to look ourselves in the mirror, see what we are made of, and heed the call just as the Founding Fathers once did.

With that being said, there is one man who is such a chicken shit weasel that I need to call him out personally. This man is named Ron Dwyer.

fat fuckin bitch
Baghdad Bob has nothing on this coward, Ron Dwyer. He is a propagandist with no honor, a man with no courage or fortitude. A man who is so weak and little that he gleefully lets a few frigid old hags boss him around. He needs to bow to these worthless hags, who are petty tyrants, in a futile attempt to give his sorry life some meaning. The Founding Fathers would have smashed this man’s hideous pig face in with the butt of their rifle, and laughed at him as he choked and cried, not even willing to waste one bullet on such trash.

Ron, when I look at my family every night, I can be proud that I am doing everything that I can to make their lives more free. When you go to bed by yourself every night, you do so as a miserable unaccomplished little speck of dirt of a man. That’s why Barb Harrell uses you like a two-dollar whore. She gives you a pat on the head, fills your ear up with complete nonsense, and manipulates you as her pawn. And the most pathetic thing about you, Ron, is that you live to be a puppet. You live to carry water for tyrants.

Make no mistake about it, Ron: You will rot in hell when you die, and deservedly so. Try explaining away your avarice and cowardice at the pearly gates, buddy. You’re not even smart enough to con folks in internet groups, much less our Creator. Even your establishment cronies won’t defend you after your latest shameful attempt to defame grassroots patriots. They’ll soon realize what an albatross you are, and kick you to the curb before long. Then you’ll be completely alone – too much of a dumbass to even function as a lowly sycophant.

Feel free to come find me at a convention if you don’t like that I have exposed you and called you out for your crimes against liberty. My guess is you will quiver in your boots behind little women like you always do – because you have no balls, shitbag.