Nov 172016


Something smells skunky in Lansing and its not because of the new laws in East Lansing. Rumor has it the same nefarious groups that brought us the Senate building scam are trying to influence the politicians in Lansing. Nefarious con artists are attempting to line their own pockets. These lobbyists are trying to dictate who is appointed to the Marijuana Commission.

If Ron Boji or Mazen Samona control the marijuana commission then special interest groups will control the growing marijuana industry. Boji and Samona control the tobacco and alcohol industry in Michigan. The playing field is not level. We must be vigilant to stop the hostile takeover of Michigan’s marijuana industry. Small businesses will be crushed. Mom and Pops stores will be closed to make way for companies that unfairly influence politicians. The American Dream will be crushed by crony capitalists. Let the free market thrive. Stop the influence peddling of these evil lobbying groups that only look out for themselves.

These same groups are trying to control marijuana licensing guidelines. They will make sure that the chosen few control the entire industry. Special interest will rule the day. Many entrepreneurs are thriving in this emerging field. Small Businesses are booming. Many suffering patients are getting the medication that is drastically improving their lives. Quality and compassion are hallmarks of the game. Heartless, greedy, unscrupulous shysters are trying to pollute the industry, and will not take the needs of the sick into account.

Evergreen Management and Governmental Services worked hard to ensure that the bills that came out of Lansing were as fair as possible. Klint Kesto and other greedy politicians tried to make sure that special interest had their pockets lined. George Brikho was the champion for the common man. He fought tirelessly against corruption and the Kesto crime cartel. George Brikho battled the same Lansing lobbyists that poison our children with tobacco and alcohol. Because of Brikho and Evergreen the compassion industry did not get consumed by the big corporations.

We do not need a corrupt deal like the $100 million dollar boondoggle in Royal Oak. God bless Warren Mayor Jim Fouts for rejecting a scam in Warren for a hotel that would have bilked Warren taxpayers for at least $7 million.

We must be on guard. We can not have the marijuana industry hijacked by special interest and lobbyists.brikho-lion



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