Apr 302018
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In November, Republicans are likely going to lose the governorship to the Democrats. They are going to lose the governorship because they have betrayed the public trust. The public will choose the Democrats because they have seen the Republican-dominated legislature piss in their faces time and again. This is true on every issue, but particularly true when it comes to medical marijuana. Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves for this predicament.

On the issue of marijuana, all but a small handful of legislators are woefully misinformed on the issue. They take their cues from the corporate lobbyists who they take orders from or from the laughable ‘Reefer Madness’ propaganda of yesteryear. EverGreen Management, an entity which I am closely affiliated, worked very hard through the process of the corrupt legislature to get through some sensible regulations allowing the medical marijuana industry and thrive. These were not perfect, but gave a little breathing room for the industry to function. I am very proud of this work, although Lansing has done a terrible job enforcing the regulations.

However, all of that progress is in serious jeopardy because of the work of Republican lawmakers. Republican lawmakers Steve Marino, Triston Cole and Joseph Bellino are leading the way to criminalize medical marijuana with House Bill 5845. This not only criminalizes the manufacture of common marijuana items, which would jeopardize the industry and increase the cost of medicine for patients who desperately need it, but also eliminates the caregiver model. This legislation would create a state-dominated monopoly that would punish patients while enriching powerful special interests at their expense. It is a blatant money-grab from the sick, enabled by the combined forces of ignorance and greed within the Republican Party.

Marino leads the effort to destroy the medical marijuana industry, and he hails from Macomb County, my own backyard. We have known about the seedy record of this wanna-be career politician who got his start in politics as a lobbyist representing the most greedy interests imaginable. He served his masters very well and slithered his way up the latter very quickly. A helpful resource was created by grassroots activists showing how Marino skirts property taxes, outsources jobs at his own businesses, supports making it harder for seniors to collect social security, and brags about how he used to buy favor with legislators during his days as a lobbyist. He was even forced to retract his own statements on the campaign trail to save his ass after an embarrassing audio recording of Marino was released to the public. Sadly, he was able to get elected to the State House despite all of his baggage and now the people of Macomb County and the rest of Michigan have to endure the schemes of this veteran lobbyist who revels in his own filth.

Although I have a license and would likely benefit from Rep. Marino’s proposed power-grab, I am still blowing the whistle against it. I have heard from other industry leaders that there is a well-funded push to eliminate the caregiver model completely. With the caregivers put out of business, those of us who are licensed by the state would dominate the industry completely. The supply would dry up, the prices would rise, and the rich would get richer. As a dispensary owner who wants to build a sustainable business by giving patients the best possible medicine the marketplace can provide, I do not want this kickback. This is a form of corporate welfare, and I prefer to stand on my own two feet. House Bill 5845 is fundamentally un-American and anti-free market. It betrays the principles that Republicans supposedly stand for, and this hypocrisy will be punished harshly by the people of Michigan who know exactly what is going on in Lansing.

If you look at who is donating to the authors of this reprehensible legislation, you can see they are owned by the usual suspects. The Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association fears the medical marijuana industry as a competitor so it throws money at crooked lawmakers to oppose medical marijuana. Unsurprisingly, they contribute a great deal of dirty cash to the coffers of Reps. Marino, Cole and Bellino. For introducing House Bill 5845, they will certainly receive even greater campaign contributions during the next election cycle that will play out this year. All three of these men know how the game is played, and it is why they filed the legislation. Marino, Cole and Bellino are not well-intentioned, but rather conniving vipers who treat the Michigan taxpayer like a gentleman caller treats Stormy Daniels after slipping her a $100 dollar bill (Only our Lansing daddies don’t even give us the $100 before they have their way with us).

This legalized system of bribery is what runs Lansing. The threesome of Marino, Cole and Bellino are emblematic of the problem, and it can be observed by looking at their funding sources. House leadership throws money their way through the Chatfield Majority Fund, the House Republican Campaign Committee, and the Michigan Values Leadership Fund. Established big money interests such as the Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Michigan State Police Troopers PAC, the Auto Dealers of Michigan, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce fund these three men as well. Between the three of them, they are receiving ill-gotten gains from virtually every vulturous special interest that benefits from the corrupt status quo in Lansing. These three men are the epitome of the Lansing swamp that needs to be drained, and they won’t be going away anytime soon as they are rewarded for their compliance by their masters. We the grassroots have to stop them dead in their tracks.

Unfortunately, it may be too late to turn it around for the Republicans. Between screwing the medical marijuana industry, enacting massive tax and spending hikes and overseeing the Flint water crisis, Republicans have made their own bed and have to sleep in it come November. But in the mean time, we must defeat this terrible senseless Republican legislation designed to devastate the medical marijuana industry in Michigan. We have to prevent the Republicans in our legislator from destroying the rights of medical patients. You can find how to take action to stop House Bill 5845 at this link.

Please share this around as much as you can, as it is imperative for us to stop yet another Republican-led screwjob of the medical marijuana industry in Michigan.



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