Jul 022018


Iconic American author Mark Twain once opined, “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe when the legislature is in session.” The legendary wordsmith understood how government operated very well. Our state legislators are off fundraising in their districts right now, begging for money from special interests all summer. So our freedoms and finances are no longer under attack… for now.

I have fought tirelessly – with help from other independent medical marijuana caregivers and dispensary owners – throughout the legislative process to stop the beer, wine, tobacco, and gasoline companies from receiving a state-granted monopoly over the distribution of marijuana for patients. These interests have used the millions of dollars at their disposal in an attempt to dominate the industry. We have been able to fend them off with energy, enthusiasm and the truth thus far, but the lame duck session is when they plan to strike, and they want to keep the public in the dark about their illicit scheme.

Our insider sources have informed us that there is a massive push in Lansing to get transportation regulations related to medical marijuana amended during the lame duck session at the end of the year. This is the time period when the worst bills are usually muscled through the process at the midnight hour right before the legislative year concludes. It is the Boji’s, who were infamously responsible for the Senate building heist, and their clientèle leading the charge. Wild Bill’s Tobacco, Tom Calani, Adnan Shango “Ryo Tobacco” and other rich well-connected goons are trying to amend what was already passed and signed into law. They are desperate to pull off their heist behind closed doors without the public becoming aware, which is why we want to “smoke out” this conspiracy before it can take shape.

These interests want full control over the distribution of marijuana throughout the state of Michigan. This distribution monopoly would impose unnecessary costs upon the entire industry. The distributors would be able to squeeze the life out of the manufacturers, and the retailers would be bent over as well. The cost would ultimately be passed down to the consumer. This would ensure that medicine prices skyrocket for the sick patients who desperately need it. The free market could provide transportation services, through a private armored car agency for example, at a fraction of the cost without stifling the industry.

While marijuana is likely to become legalized in November, that progress should not make us take our eyes off the ball. The side of our industry that provides the world’s best quality medicine with no serious side-effects to a countless number of people, improving their quality of life by leaps and bounds, is what we need to preserve. A tax-and-regulate plan works fine for recreational marijuana and will go a long way toward fixing our criminal justice system, but it is not right for the medical side of the industry. We have to keep the barriers between people and their life-saving medicine at an absolute minimum. Basic regulations were already approved, so no more are necessary. Just let the industry function like Michigan voters wanted ten years ago – without any of the special interest power-grabs Lansing is known for.

When the legislature is back in session, we will continue to give updates on this developing situation.

Your Champion
George Brikho

Apr 282016

Governmental Consultant Services Inc. Holds Medical Marijuana Industry Hostage!
The corporate vultures have realized that the medical marijuana is booming. The feeding frenzy has began with different special interests scurrying to corrupt the industry in order to line their pockets. Perhaps the most egregious culprit is Governmental Consultant Services Inc. (GCSI).

“In a recording, Ken Cole of GCSI bragged about how he was corrupting the process,” former 9th District Republican Congressional candidate and owner of Edenz Hydro Garden Stores, George Brikho said, “Cole stated he was going to hijack the important medical marijuana reform bill, and personally insulted [Rep.] Mike Callton for trying to make the medical marijuana industry friendly to patients and caregivers.”

It gets even worse from there. After Brikho had exposed the harmful impact of GCSI and other influential lobbyists on medical marijuana legislation, he was accosted by Cole personally in Lansing.

“Cole was in my face,” Brikho said. “Heated words were exchanged inside the Capitol. He threatened me. He insulted me, he pushed me, he became unglued. It was a very bizarre situation as well as unprofessional behavior. I would never let this hothead represent my interests as a lobbyist under any circumstances. Cole’s temper and classlessness would cost me money and respect in the community.”

Brikho feels that Cole became unhinged because he and others have been working to expose exactly what he is up to in Lansing, and it is not pretty.

Under proposed amendments to Rep. Callton’s bill, special interests would dominate the medical marijuana industry because of a state-mandated monopoly on the three tier system related to medical marijuana. This needless middleman position would ultimately drive the price of medicine upward, and hurt the patients who desperately need this medicine to survive.

The 3 tier would be limited to established distributors in industries such as beer & wine, gas, tobacco and others. Cole and the GCSI lobbying on behalf of these interests, the greedy players are, Mazan Samona owner of Wild Bill Tobacco, Wisam Paulus owner of Trepco, Hani Mio and last but not least Ron Boji the infamous scumbag who raped the tax payers of Michigan with his dirty 134 million dollar SENATE BUILDING deal, and according to Brikho, it is not a coincidence that they all benefit from the proposed new language that would drastically alter Rep. Callton’s common sense medical marijuana bill.

It is feared that this 3 tier monopoly could open Pandora’s Box. This system would empower these goons to control the market and make access to medicine, that the patients desperately need, more expensive.
“Let’s not toy around here. These merchants kill people everyday and Cole is their pathetic lackey,” Brikho said. “They are trying to capitalize on ignorance. Marijuana is medicine. It is not like alcohol or cigarettes. Patients and caregivers should not be classified with these peddlers of death and destruction.”
“Because marijuana has been classified as a Schedule I substance with no medicinal value by federal regulators for several decades, many misconceptions have been delivered to the public. Now special interests are trying to cash in on these common misconceptions,” according to Brikho.
“I don’t want these seedy interests to taint our industry,” Brikho said. “They wait until the 11th hour, and then try to change important legislation behind closed doors to hurt the people and line their own pocketbooks.”

“Perhaps Cole and GCSI would sell their souls to serve these interests, but I would never stoop to their level,” Brikho said. “I will fight them tooth and nail, and will never get in bed with them under any circumstances.”

During Brikho’s time with the Michigan Cannabis Development Association (MCDA), he observed that Cole and the GCSI were very much in cahoots with the organization. This relationship has been cultivated, Brikho claims, because of the cozy association between Cole and MCDA board member Terrence Mansour.
“Birds of a feather flock together. Mansour and Cole are both cowards who don’t have the balls to kick in your door, put a gun to your hip, and rob you themselves,” Brikho said. “So they hide behind crooked politicians to rob the taxpayers for them. They are more contemptible and disgusting than common street trash.”

“The Founding Fathers created the American republic to stop this type of collusion. Government was meant to be limited so that businesses could win in the marketplace based on their merits, rather than special interest groups becoming wealthy based on whatever favors they could curry with the politicians.”

“The greed is what I cannot understand,” Brikho said. “These men have their hands in everything. Money grubbers like Cole and Mansour want to squeeze every dime they can through the political process. They don’t care who they hurt by doing so. This is evil we are dealing with, and this is the evil that unfortunately reigns supreme in America right now.”
The American system is breaking down, and the most vulnerable individuals in our society are at risk as a result: the sick and in-firmed.

“We will never quit fighting for the rights of patients and caregivers. We will never give up on the American dream,” Brikho said. “This is too great of a country to allow scumbags like Cole and Mansour to destroy it. Justice is coming to those lowlifes, I promise it.”

Call your State Senator and demand that Rep. Callton’s bill be approved without any harmful amendments. Demand that patients’ rights are put first, rather than corporate lobbyists. You can find their information at this link: http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/