Jul 022018

Last month, I issued a red alert urging people to deluge their state representatives and senators with emails and phone calls to stop marijuana legalization from being enacted in the legislature. This was being done not for the purposes of legitimate public policy reform, but for the cynical purposes of keeping people out of the voting booth in November.

There was an apparent power struggle amongst the Republicans in the legislature. Some feared that this move would backfire and that it was unethical while others thought it was the only way Republicans could stay competitive in November’s elections. This debate was waged, but ultimately the proposal failed. Republicans decided to let the decision go to the people, and any controversy regarding legalization has subsided. Now the people of Michigan will decide.

The state legislature did the right thing last week when they put the kibosh on marijuana legalization. The process will now move forward as it should. The organizers who collected the signatures to put the question on the ballot will have their day in November. There won’t be any Republican subterfuge from Lansing that will upend the lawful process. Regardless of what we may think of marijuana legislation, this is a rare victory for a transparency and honesty within government.

While there were certainly Republican lawmakers who were pushing for this con to protect their chances in November, we have to thank the Republicans who stood bravely against this push. Years ago, a proposal like this would have sailed through the legislature without any serious opposition, but with the rise of the liberty movement and now the Trump revolution, there are many eyes on the swamp in Lansing and the legislators know they can’t pull off their schemes unabated. A new era is arising where common people like you and me can stand and win against institutional corruption.

The progress we are seeing is incremental, and although we have quite the ways to go toward restoring America to greatness, we should be proud that we are having a major impact. We will likely have another victory in November when marijuana legalization is approved by the voters. Marijuana prohibition is finally coming to an end. The disastrous drug war is unconstitutional, barbaric and now unpopular. The public is finally releasing that the government policies are far more dangerous than the substances themselves. Big Pharma can’t put the wool back over the eyes of the American people with their propaganda. ‘Reefer Madness’ is no more.

Now, I want Republican victory in November as much as anyone else, but we must achieve that victory in an honest, straight-forward manner. I invite all Republicans worried that the marijuana legalization vote will bring Democrats out to the polls to get their butts into action immediately. You need to walk doors, volunteer on campaigns, pony up the dough and do whatever needs to be done to assure victory in November. I plan to lead by example. Republicans win when the conservative grassroots outworks in the liberal grassroots. We saw it happen in 2016 when Donald Trump won our state. The hypocritical party bosses take responsibility for that win, but we all know the truth. Trump was the grassroots candidate, and we pushed him across the finish line with hard work and raw enthusiasm.

We can repeat his victory two years ago in November, but we have to be careful to put up the right candidates to do so. Vote in your primary elections and support the candidates with the most backbone who love America and the Constitution. We need fighters in Lansing, not stooges who will answer to lobbyists and special interests. If we put up enough fighters who call out the BS of the Democrats like Trump does, we will win. If we fail to uphold our principles and integrity within the Republican Party, the ‘blue wave’ will sadly become a reality in Michigan.