Civil Liberties

Our Founding Fathers created the Constitution to protect our personal liberty from our government.  Lansing needs leaders willing to stand up for our constitutionally protected rights.

NDAA and indefinite detention are unacceptable infringements on the rights of the people.  All Americans are entitled to due process.  I will do everything I can to protect your rights against government oppression. Civil asset forfeiture is a scam that targets poor and minorities. I will fight for them.


Our government imposes way too much regulation on businesses.  It is naive to believe more regulations are needed to fix our economy.  These laws serve one purpose, to protect corporations from competing in a free market.

Very few politicians in Lansing understand the true obstacles of economic growth.  Our economy’s main obstacle is our own government.  Michigan jobs are being killed by our government’s over regulation of small businesses and the burdens of complex tax laws.  Many more Michigan jobs will be outsourced overseas until we tackle the real causes of our economic problems.  I will work with both parties to achieve meaningful economic reform.


Gun Rights

Michiganders have the right to own firearms.  The purpose of the Second Amendment is to overthrow our own government if it becomes too tyrannical.  Like most Americans, I understand this very simple concept.  I will oppose all gun control legislation. Michigan’s Constitution protects gun rights. I will protect this God given right.


GMO Food

How can genetically modified vegetables that repel bugs be as good for your children as natural vegetables?  I believe God made our fruits and vegetables perfect.  Genetically modified ingredients should be labeled.  People should have the ability to make a more informed decision when feeding their children.


Our water, wildlife, and natural resources must be protected.  We can reduce pollution without over regulating our businesses.  I will promote legislation that balances our economic needs without compromising the safety of the environment.  I will also promote legislation to remove fluoride from tap water. Lansing has poisoned our children. I will fight for your children.


Medical Marijuana

How can the government tell a dying cancer patient not to use marijuana to treat their illness?  How can the government tell a wounded veteran that he can not use marijuana to treat the pain of his war injuries?

Government has no place second guessing decisions made between doctors and individuals.  Like it, or not, research has shown marijuana to be a valuable treatment option.  I will promote legislation to protect medical marijuana users from prosecution.