May 222019

Nothing good can come from calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. It makes us look weak internationally and silly domestically. The current administration is right in any action it takes to stop this witch hunt. We have a legal system that could convict a ham sandwich. For the same reason that no businessman wants an IRS audit, no politician with common sense wants any government agency probing into their affairs.

If Americans are really upset about the possibility of a foreign government interfering in our elections, then where have they stood when our government has gotten involved with elections and regime changes overseas? The United States has a long history of meddling in Central America, the Carribbean, the Middle East, Southeast Asia. Where have these supposedly outraged Americans been when Israel and Saudi Arabia lobby our politicians?

Its unfortunate that Congressman Justin Amash has made strong statements about President Trump. It is also important to note that the Congressman has not actually called for Trump’s impeachment. There are a lot of activists in the Liberty movement who are getting in nasty arguments about the Trump-Amash conflict. This disagreement is unnecessary.

Attacking Congressman Amash is counterproductive. He is not the only Republican who is critical of the President. Reasonable people can disagree with the White House on matters like tariffs and immigration policy. There are some self-proclaimed standard bearers of Republicanism who are using other people’s blind allegiance to President Trump to promote another agenda. To be precise a significant number of Republican operatives have never cared for Amash due to his adherence to the United States Constitution. These operatives are trying to create a primary in Amash’s Congressional District.

Congressman Amash was first elected to the US House in 2010. Statists who claim to be Republican not liking Amash is nothing new. He faced a Republican primary opponent during his 2014 re-election campaign. There appear to be at least two other individuals who have announced that they will run as Republicans for Amash’s Congressional seat in 2020. If this is what the big government types want, then so be it. He is not a lightweight. I expect that Amash will win in 2020 if he chooses to run again.

There is nothing positive about this conflict. It is acceptable to disagree with a politician you like on one issue, and still support him/her because of their overall record. Leave Trump alone. Let Amash be Amash.

In Liberty,

George Brikho

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