Apr 222024

Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was viciously attacked by a terrorist stabber last weekend in Australia. The gruesome scene happened during a church service, was caught on video and has gone viral. It is the latest sign of a world gone mad, and it is likely that Emmanuel was targeted because he boldly speaks the truth.



There has been much speculation over the ethnic origin of the attacker. Some have claimed he was a Jewish, others have claimed he was a Muslim. This is what people want us to be talking about because it divides us and adds to the tension that the globalists always profit from.

The real question we should be asking is: Have the globalists put a hit out on Mar Mari Emmanuel for his outspoken beliefs in opposition to the political status quo?

It is well known that the federal government used MK Ultra experiments in the 1970s for the purposes of being able to trigger individuals at a moment’s notice to commit heinous acts against their targets.

But one shocking news stories shows how vulnerable individuals are coerced into staging murders that can be used for political purposes.

Back in 2018, a compound was discovered by authorities in a remote area of New Mexico. At this compound, a handful of radical Muslims with ties to the federal government were conducting military training on children to prepare them to be future school shooters. The remains of one child was found on the compound, buried in some kind of ceremony.

One of the alleged perpetrators, Siraj Wahhaj, as a father who is a prominent Imam by the same name. Imam Siraj Wahhaj was the first Muslim to issue an opening prayer to the U.S. House of Representatives. He was a keynote speaker at the Democrat National Convention under Barack Hussein Obama.

>When you examine Imam Wahhaj’s words, it’s clear why he was such a favorite of the usurper Obama.4
“If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.  If we were united and strong, we would elect our own emir and give allegiance to him.  Take my word, if eight million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us,” Imam Wahhaj said.

Suspiciously, charges were dropped for all of the individuals after prosecutors refused to file an evidentiary hearing. It was only because of Trump’s DOJ that the men were charged and eventually convicted.

While it may be possible that these Muslims were acting independently of any higher influence, the close connections to the Radical Imam with Obama ties makes it suspicious. The fact that there was an immediate cover-up to get these guys back on the streets indicates that there is much more to this story that we are not being told.

How many operations are going on like this? How do we know that the attacker of Bishop Immanuel did not undergo similar trauma? How do we know he was not set up by the globalists?

When there are major events that happen throughout the world, there is often much more going on behind the scenes than what we are told. It is up to us to ask questions, challenge every narrative, and stand up to those who are offended.

We have been lied to about everything: The JFK Assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, the Underwear Bomber hoax, Benghazi, the Las Vegas mass shooting, the Uvalde mass shooting, COVID-19, the 2020 elections, Jan. 6, and so forth. It is endless. We must resist whatever the government official narrative is without fail because it is certain we are being lied to, and we must not let the public succumb to those lies.

>We also must remember that we have the Lord on our side. Bishop Emmanuel flashed the cross against his attacker, and the attacker’s knife would not open up. This saved him from being more brutally beaten and perhaps murdered. Now, he has serious injuries but will recover and return to the pulpit with a much higher profile. He has gained tens of millions of supporters for his hardcore, anti-globalist message of worshiping the True Christ, not the watered down garbage that so many churches are doling out these days.

God is good, and especially good to those who stand strong in his name. Preach the word like Bishop Emmanuel, and stand strong during these dark Orwellian times. Challenge every narrative, and get your pitchforks ready for when Babylon falls and We the People get immediate retributive justice to every son of a bitch who has raped our country in the name of Satan. In His Holy Name, Amen.

George Brikho

Jan 052024

As a follower of Christ, we are a religion that above all preaches love and peace. None of us are perfect. I believe that in Jesus’ name we must call out corruption and evil very loudly and very boldly. My approach may be too much for some. I do not mean to offend, but I will in order to get a point across.

But more than anything, we must speak out against the death of the innocent. We are compassionate and sympathetic on behalf of life. A recent comment made by a rapper Macklemore really spoke to my concerns.

I am not big on celebrities making political messages, but his most important point is that people against the violence in Gaza should never be labeled as “anti-Semitic.” This is the most foul form of war propaganda imaginable. It is designed to shut people down, stop them from speaking their conscience, and keep the war machine going.

We saw a similar situation manifest after the 9/11 terror attacks. Before 9/11, Americans voted for President George W. Bush because he advocated for a humble foreign policy and would keep our troops home. After 9/11, everything changed, and Republicans changed on a dime. They called for a totalitarian government, endless war abroad, and the evisceration of our civil liberties and constitutional rights. Everyone who saw what a horrible trajectory America was embarking upon was “with the terrorists” and bullied into silence. Our nation suffered immeasurably as a result.

After the attacks against Israel by Hamas, we see the same thing on a global scale. Before this attack happened, the Middle East was relatively peaceful. Things were far from great, with millions of Palestinians being held in a concentration camp in Gaza under heinous conditions, but there was no real appetite for an escalation of war. With one terror attack, that all changed overnight, and millions of supporters of the state of Israel demanded blood in the fury after watching their people be attacked in unprecedented fashion. And people who care calling for a tempered response are being falsely labeled as “anti-Semites,” all because they don’t want the cycle of violence to persist that will only enflame more people and cause terror to persist in the region and abroad.

I understand the impulse to want revenge. No doubt, the radical Muslim butchers in Hamas wish to harm Jewish people and bring an end to the state of Israel. This group is openly anti-Semitic and deserves to be condemned by all. My relatives have dealt with radical Muslim butchers in Iraq, and we know exactly how cruel they can be. But calling for more war crimes and more vengeance will only make the situation worse. This is borne out in recent history, as escalations in bombing campaigns have backfired terribly and only empowered radical Muslims.

Right now, Americans are sending billions to the state of Israel with direct military aid that is seen with the bombs dropping in Gaza. We have seen hospitals, schools and churches blown to bits, with thousands of innocent people being brutalized in what is trivialized as collateral damage. There are the excuses to justify this. The supporters of the war crimes say Hamas control centers are in the churches, schools and the hospitals. Even if that is the case, is that worth killing so many innocent people? We as Christians cannot justify these brutal atrocities without being immense hypocrites.

For every Hamas leader that is supposedly killed in a hospital, school or church, there are normal Palestinians who see their loved ones blown to bits, screaming in terror as their lives are extinguished by U.S.-backed missiles. These individuals are radicalized and become far more likely to endorse the radicalism of groups like Hamas. They have nothing to lose, as they know their families or themselves could be targeted in the next round of hellfire strikes. This has been described by the CIA as “blowback,” and U.S./Israeli foreign policy has been creating tons of blowback over the course of many decades.

Listen to the great Ron Paul speak about the nature of “Blowback” in our nation’s foreign policy:

Another thing that must be examined is how the attacks happened in the first place. Israel has perhaps the most sophisticated national defense in the world. How did the immense failure happen to allow the Hamas attacks to occur? How did all of these agencies fail in such a coordinated manner? Is this incredible incompetence or is there a deeper and darker agenda afoot? This is reminiscent of when NORAD defense systems were diverted to allow the 9/11 attacks to occur. We cannot trust the intelligence community in Israel any more than we can trust the intelligence community in the U.S. They are in essence one and the same.

The defense industry is raking in billions upon billions in profits because of the conflict in Israel. They feast while the rest of us famine. They cash out on death and destruction. This is the military-industrial complex that was referenced by former President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his farewell address. This is who the true enemy is – not the Israelis or the Palestinians, not the Jewish people or Muslims or Christians. There are forces bigger than what is presented to us in the media with their dehumanizing propaganda. They want us divided. They want us to hate each other. They don’t want us to unite against the systemic forces that are enslaving us and killing us.

Hearing words like ‘Anti-Semitic’ used against anyone who criticizes bombing campaigns in Gaza is disgusting. Similarly, slurs like ‘Islamophobic’ for those who call out Hamas or radical Muslims is abhorrent. We should be calling for peace, and as Americans, that begins with stopping the foreign aid spigot that fuels conflict in the region. It is time for conservatives to be conservative and support limited government with regards to foreign aid. It is time to remove the U.S. support for militarism in the region, regardless of which side we support on the issue. This is the only way that peace can prevail, as the interests behind U.S. foreign policy make billions because of more war and are heavily incentivized to promulgate these policies.

If we don’t reserve course, where will this end? With regime change in Syria? We saw when Bashar al-Assad was nearly removed from Syria years ago. It was a brutal civil war, and radical terror groups like ISIS filled the void. Will we have war with Iran? Bloodthirsty neocon savages like Ben Shapiro have been salivating at the thought. It would be as much of a disaster if not more so than our failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Are we going to support even more brutal war crimes in Yemen because the Houthis are on the side of the Palestinians? Our actions have consequences, and unfortunately, the reality of the situation is lost in the haze of the war propaganda.

The only solution is for more people to voice their opinion, reject the war propaganda and call for peace in the region. Anyone who is falsely called “Anti-Semitic” for standing for peace should not do so lying down. They should strike back against these vicious slurs meant to marginalize people who want the insanity to end. Having empathy for Palestinians, some of whom are innocent Christians, being caught up in these hellfire strikes is the Christian thing to do. It does not mean you are anti-Semitic, and it does not make you aligned with Hamas. It makes you a human being whose compassion hasn’t been snuffed out by war propaganda. I will begin by my voice heard, regardless of who I may offend in the process. I am happy to engage in dialogue with anyone.

Oct 312023

It has been a long time coming, but some of the individuals who gang raped the marijuana industry in Michigan are finally being put to justice.

Brian Pierce, who once served as Chief of Staff of former Rep. Klint Kesto, was among the individuals sentenced to 2 years in Prison. He joins his fellow scum lobbyist Vincent Brown and former House Speaker Rick Johnson in receiving felony convictions for hatching a marijuana bribery scheme, which included not only cash but also complimentary sex from some of Detroit’s finest whores as well.

U.S. Judge Jane Beckering said that Pierce was the “poster child” for public corruption, and his behavior was “egregious” even in comparison to other government crooks out there. Pierce admitted that he “traded in [his] moral compass for financial gain.” Brown apologized to “both the citizens of Michigan and each license holder in the state” for his heinous actions.

But an apology is not enough. These sons of bitches have to pay.

They must pay for the licenses that were denied to individuals who were not politically connected. Every license holder that benefitted from this system must pony up their bogus profits and give their ill-gotten gains to those who they screwed over.

It is time to get this done. We demand a Marijuana Reparations Act to make sure that these debts are paid. Not just for myself, but especially for the medical marijuana patients whose caregiver system was attacked because of this senseless corruption that persisted for the few at the expense of the many.

Many medical marijuana patients have lost their caregivers, who have given up their grow operations due to fear of reprisal, and been forced into the regulated marketplace, oftentimes forced to use substandard products that are far less effective at treating their conditions. Their lives have been directly harmed because of the scum lobbyists, crony capitalists and underhanded bureaucrats.

They all must pay. We will be aggressively pursuing this. Right now, we are rallying all aggrieved interests to speak out and demand reparations. Tell your truth on social media. Use the hashtags #MarijuanaReparations , #MakeTheBastardsPay , and #MarijuanaReparationsNow to air your legitimate grievances. Talk about how you have been wronged by this system and demand justice. Together, we will open eyes and move mountains.

It is not fair for “Dr. Evil” Steve Linder to slither away from Lansing and live out his golden years in a palace with millions of dollars of dirty money. It is not fair for disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof to continue to rake in lobbyist cash despite setting up the marijuana cartel from the start to work exactly the way it did.

These assholes have already taken a pounding, and now it is time for us to go the extra mile and shit on them harder than ever before.

I would also like to object to news reports about Chaldean businessmen being at the center of this scandal. The other side was the heroic Chaldeans on the front lines fighting against the corruption and to save the little guy, such as myself and my partners at EverGreen Management. This is the untold story by the corporate news media, who mostly ignored the issue of marijuana corruption in Michigan while it was developing and their large platform could have stopped it dead its tracks. Shame on the complicit mass media, and they should be forced to pay as willing accomplices in this marijuana bribery scheme as well.

The Michigan Caregivers Association has been around for two years, and our work has been completely vindicated. We recently sent a letter to Attorney General Dana Nessel demanding additional prosecutions in order to fully clean up the Michigan marijuana industry. Sadly, we have not received any response from the Attorney General at the present time.

Please contact the Attorney General and demand that she enacts prosecution on more marijuana criminals, including but not limited to disgraced lobbyist Steve Linder and disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, for their crimes against the people of Michigan.

Snail Mail:

Department of Attorney General
525 W. Ottawa St.
Lansing, MI 48906

Email: miag@michigan.gov

Phone: 517-335-7622

Never give up hope. Keep fighting for liberty in the marijuana movement and all facets of American life. We will win in the end.

George Brikho

Jun 092023

Yesterday, it was announced that President Donald Trump would be charged under the Espionage Act for the alleged possession of secret government documents that were in his home at Mar-a-lago.

Many commentators will talk about the specifics of the case, and whether or not Trump technically violated the labyrinth of rules and regulations that have been written by bureaucrats and lawyers employed by the federal government in order to be able to entrap or ensnare any person they want under flimsy pretexts.

I will not talk about the specifics only the ramifications of the prosecution for our freedom, for our Republic, for our nation, and for our civilization.

I have spoken before about the Beast System that is rising. This system consists of rules that apply to the politically-connected elites do not apply to the rest of us. The politically-connected elites can rob, cheat, murder, maim, insider trade, rape little children, perjure themselves and commit war crimes without as much as a slap on the wrist.

Meanwhile, ordinary Americans are crushed if they oppose the Regime. Individual deemed a threat to the status quo are blackmailed, and if they are squeaky clean, charges are routinely fabricated. This is what is happening to Donald J. Trump, but everyone who is dangerous to the status quo is being purged.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas was thrown out of his own organization, the one that he founded and turned into a journalistic powerhouse through his own blood, sweat and tears, under the flimsiest of pretenses. Now, Project Veritas is suing O’Keefe in an attempt to prevent him from being able to do journalism.

Tucker Carlson was thrown off of Fox News despite having massive ratings and hosting the most influential show on the network. Fox News opted to pay him tens of millions to stay off the airwaves. When Carlson started posting videos on social media offering political commentary free of charge, Fox News threatened legal action, hoping to keep him from being politically relevant until after 2025.

The Beast System is not allowing any more dissent. They are clamping down on all authentic voices. Nothing is to be allowed except what is fake, controlled, phony and plastic. They are at war with our very reality. Independent thought, like the U.S. Constitution or faith in Christ, is the relic of the past. Welcome to the future, where the hand-picked experts will tell you what to believe, and you will repeat those “truths” or be unable to put food on your family’s plate.

I for one refuse to live under these terms. I would rather die than live in this world. I vow that I will never leave this world to my children. I will do whatever it takes to defeat this system. To submit to this system is submitting to the will of Satan. I cannot dishonor by bloodline or my posterity in doing so.

President Donald Trump will go down as a martyr for American freedom. Those of us who knew what was going on when Ron Paul was running for president. We tried to wake the public up, but we simply could not break through. The propaganda was too much. People could not understand the evil power structure that lurks beneath the surface. They were not ready to wake up.

Trump’s plight since he came down the escalator to run for President has been the earth-shattering force needed to wake people up. It’s not so much his policies, which in decades past would not have been controversial. He wants a stronger America, a more sensible foreign policy, better trade deals, restrict rampant illegal immigration, and more economic freedom. But it’s only because America is on the path of destruction, mandated from on high by the new high priests of our secular technocracy, that Trump’s policies were considered radical and needed to be stopped.

With the empire striking back against Trump and overreaching at every turn, the corruption and the hypocrisy became too much for the American people to ignore. Millions of ordinary Americans – the types who would never have cared about politics in the slightest – have become intimately aware of the existence of the deep state. The common American people know there is a shadow government that operates real power, and without being able to operate under a veil of secrecy, that makes it far more difficult for the system to operate.

If Trump’s indictment ends with imprisonment, it will be the final straw for the common people. They will understand that the system is hopelessly gamed against them. They will understand that many of their countrymen will gleefully conspire to rape and pillage their birthright. They will understand that evil reigns supreme. They will understand that true freedom can only be achieved through the barrel of a gun. They will understand that there is no alternative but revolution.

I for one welcome President Trump becoming a martyr. As during the days of the Ron Paul movement, I am once again ahead of the curve. I see the chess board two or three steps ahead of most. I welcome the American people rising to my level of consciousness. Once they gain the necessary consciousness, they can pray to get the strength and the resolve to rise the enormity of the task at hand. It is time to depose tyrants. It is time to even the score with despots. It is time to embrace destiny. Trump may not be the political solution, but his trials and tribulations will give people the vision to figure out what must be done.

May 172023


The injustice within our system is becoming too much to bear. The Founding Fathers would have been burning down buildings and committing public acts of malice that make Jan. 6 look like a cake walk if they had to endure even half of this.

Where is our dignity? Where is our pride? Where is our self-respect? Are we really that docile and gelded that we will accept the most dehumanizing measures as long as we are distracted by our toys, our gadgets and our artificial debt-fueled prosperity?

What the righteous have to endure in this country is emblematic of the anti-Christian tyranny of Soviet Russia, where the communist thugs put dissidents into show trials and forced them to endure humiliation rituals in order to strengthen the Regime and put fear into others that they must submit or be subject to such hellish treatment.

Look at some recent examples.

President Donald Trump was “convicted” in civil court yesterday for defaming a woman who lied about being raped by him. This psychotic leftist woman, E. Jean Carroll, could not prove that she even met Donald Trump. She wrote a fantasy novel about how Trump came onto her years ago and has since been bankrolled by a billionaire Democratic operative to pursue a lawsuit against Trump. Carroll claimed Trump sexually assaulted her despite there being no evidence, no witnesses, and Carroll unable to give specific details about the incident (including the year in which it allegedly happened).

Video footage of the woman clearly shows she is deranged and far from credible:


And it turns out that New York Democrats changed the law last year to allow this frivolous lawsuit that would have never been permitted under normal legal precedent to move forward – with the help of Carroll herself!

“E. Jean actually helped to get that law passed,” Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, said. “It passed last year. We filed – it was Thanksgiving Day, the first day you could sue.”

So the state of New York changed the law so Trump could get sued, hit with ridiculous charges, and then slapped with the label of “sex predator” despite there being zero evidence of the allegations.

That is not just Soviet, but also Orwellian. It shows how far gone this country is, and how low our enemies are willing to stoop to destroy us. And this is far from the only recent example.

Look at what happened with members of the Proud Boys organization. The Proud Boys are a pro-Trump, right-wing group that will confront Radical Leftist groups like ANTIFA on the streets and beat their asses into the country. Of course, in Soviet America, the ANTIFA cowards are never charged or have their charges dropped during these encounters, while the Proud Boys are demonized and made examples of in the corrupt courts.

Several prominent Proud Boys leaders faced seditious conspiracy charges over Jan. 6, which was a mostly peaceful protest. Based off of the free speech of individuals who were not even known by the defendants, these Proud Boys leaders were convicted of sedition despite the fact that there was no evidence of any seditious conspiracy and the FBI has admitted that no insurrection ever took place.

Instead, the Court argued that there was an “unspoken” conspiracy by the Proud Boys to overthrow the government on Jan. 6, and the four Proud Boys leaders were responsible even though – factually speaking – they never arranged for any violence or any specific plot to take place.

Because of the incendiary words of other individuals who they did not even know personally, these four patriot leaders, including one man who was incarcerated at the time of the Jan. 6 rally, have been crucified by the corrupt Soviet legal system that has taken hold in the former land of the free.

And you can’t forget Alex Jones, the Infowars host and conspiracy icon, who is on the hook for billions, which may be upped to TRILLIONS, for questioning the official record of events on the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Jones has to pay billions for sharing his 1st Amendment-protected opinion on a current event. Meanwhile, the media officials who maliciously lied about weapons of mass destruction in the Iraq War, Trump being a Russian agent, COVID-19, or anything else won’t have to pay a dime. In fact, they are consistantly rewarded for their lies.

Based on the Alex Jones example, individuals who questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential elections may be the next to pay:

And it is not just an American problem. Look at Andrew Tate, a.k.a. Top G, who has broke through the mainstream matrix with a message of empowerment and hope for young males. He became a worldwide phenomenon because his philosophies were like an oasis in the desert against a gynocracy that seeks to have men subjugated and masculinity erased, in order to satisfy the neuroses and inadequacies of some uninteresting, less-than-fulfilling women.

Tate was imprisoned in Romania for months on human trafficking charges. Where was the evidence? It never existed. It didn’t matter. He was dangerous to the globalists in charge, and he had to be silenced and punished as a lesson to others that they better obey or else.

Several of Tate’s alleged victims came forward to attest to Tate’s good character, and eventually Tate was let out of jail, but he still remains under house arrest with the unsubstantiated charges hanging over his head, limiting his ability to travel and be a spokesman for men’s rights worldwide:


The message is clear: If you disobey the official narrative, if you dare to question the Regime’s official truth, your life will be destroyed. It is no different today than it was in Soviet Russia or Mao’s China.

The rule of law is dead. The Constitution has been raped. Our sacred birthright has been forcefully taken from us. Our heroic ancestors are spinning in their graves. The child-sacrificing, demon-worshiping, thieving, lying, son-of-a-whore globalists are laughing in our faces as their satanic New World Order comes to fruition.

It is not enough to support Trump’s re-election to the presidency in 2024. That, of course, is important, but we must not delude ourselves into believing that this system is salvageable. It is not. The line has been crossed. The domestic enemies have shown themselves. Their misdeeds are too heinous to be forgiven. They are an organized force of treachery at war with everything that is good and decent within our civilization. Many of them must meet a traitor’s fate, with a message sent to their underlings and followers that they will meet the same end unless they fall in line immediately.

Until we realize that we are at war, there is no hope of turning our once great nation around. We must unify with our communities. We must extend the olive branch to our fellow Americans of good character. We must bolster our numbers, for the day of reckoning is at hand. It is time to stand for good or stand for evil. Make a wise decision – because you will be facing great consequences in this life as well as the next for the decisions that you make at this impasse.

The end times are near. Choose wisely.

Your Friend
Big George

Apr 252023


One of the most encouraging developments in recent years is seeing young men coalesce around social media personality Andrew Tate.

Tate is a pro-masculine commentator who makes politically incorrect comments about the opposite sex. He has gained infamy for giving young men advice that has been perceived as misogynistic and sexist. However, when examining his views beyond his bombastic statements, there is a great deal of substance behind what he preaches.

Tate wants men to reclaim their happiness and live their best life. He wants men to work out, get in shape, be fruitful and multiply. He tells men who are down in the dumps that they need to work to improve their lives. He tells them to resist public health mandates and edicts from government officials who try to keep them down.

This is why Tate has been scandalized, had his rights destroyed, was thrown into a Romanian prison, been destroyed, and made into a pariah on a global scale.

What the globalists want is a weak, cucked, gelded population of males. They want pathetic men who subjugate themselves willingly before th opposite sex. They want men who forget God’s law, men who cannot provide for their families or protect them. Because without men being able to protect their families, that power is outsourced to the State, and that means the State controls the family structure. This is why there is more divorce, strife, broken homes and mental illness than ever before.

It is not happening by accident. This is the culmination of a plan that has been generations in the works. The social controllers, operating within the deepest darkest reaches of the bureaucracy, have been putting their dominos into place. While we were working and striving and enjoying our lives, they have been sowing the seeds of our destruction.

It’s not just masculinity they are out to destroy. It is not just the family they have pointed their arrows at. They want to end our faith, our nationality, our community bonds, our morality, our decency, and our very humanity.

Aldous Huxley, author of the dystopian fiction novel Brave New World, told a group of students at the California Medical School in 1961: “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

Zbigniew Brzeziński, former National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter and founder of the Trilateral Commission, once wrote in his 1982 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era that our society would gradually be “more controlled [and] be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values” with “almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and…up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen” that would be “subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

We have arrived at the end game. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw people who genuinely loved their servitude. They turned their backs on friends, family members, and loved ones over their unwillingness to submit to an experimental, deadly, untested Big Pharma product (the Demon Vaxx). We saw the final revolution manifest itself as the public strapped the face diapers around their heads as a show of fealty to the rest of society that they are “good” because they will mindlessly obey regardless of however obscene and foul the orders may be.

We see an elite unrestrained by traditional values, as they push transgenderism on the children. They chemically castrate our kids, subjecting them to obscene propaganda from drag queens and other predators, and then mutilate their genitals at the time of adolescence. They produce white papers in academia calling for the mainstreaming of pedophilia, rebranding pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons” to detract from the stigma against child predators. Children are ripped away from their fathers when they demand that their boy not be “transitioned” into being a girl.

This is the reality that stares us in the face. Most do not have the stomach to process this dark reality and deal with its consequences as men. Most would rather go back to sleep rather than embrace destiny, take up arms, and stand on the front lines during the End Times.

I do not know much but I do know one thing: It will take strong men of character to stand up against this demonic system. Men who are willing to do whatever it takes to win. I am talking about modern-day crusaders. Embracing savagery, embodying our animal instincts, and working together with like-minded allies as one body, one force that will not be denied, is what is needed to proclaim ultimate victory.

We must stand together and conquer. The only alternative is to piss on the graves of our ancestors and face an eternity of punishment in the afterlife.

Please join me on this road to redemption, friends.

George Brikho

Apr 072023

It is another blessed day for medical marijuana patients and their caregivers in Michigan, as the enemy of righteousness are exposed and face justice for their actions against liberty.

Former GOP state House Speaker Rick Johnson, lobbyists Brian Pierce and Vincent Brown, and prospective medical cannabis entrepreneur John Dalaly have been hit with federal charges over a bribery scandal relating to the Michigan medical marijuana industry. These lawmakers and lobbyists have pleaded guilty of exchanging money for favors that gave them illicit power over the medical cannabis, hurting the patients and the caregivers for their own profits.

Rick Johnson admitted he acted “corruptly” when he agreed to take $110,000 to influence the process on behalf of the interests giving him the payouts. I have been on the forefront of exposing this corruption, going back to 2014-15 when the medical marijuana industry was being looted by these gangster special interests and their political whores in Lansing.

“Public corruption is a poison to any democracy. … That poison is especially toxic here,” said U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan Mark Totten. “The marijuana industry has been likened to a modern-day gold rush, a new frontier where participants can stake their claim and just maybe return big rewards.”

“Unfortunately, a small percentage (of public officials) abuse the public trust,” Totten added. “Public corruption is a top criminal priority for the FBI. Public corruption erodes confidence and undermines the strength of our democracy.”

Check out my Oct. 2015 press release exposing the “big money takeover of the medical marijuana industry” that was underway.

In that article, I wrote that “proposed rules would allow special interests to bleed the industry dry – threatening the safety of Michigan cancer sufferers and other sick patients benefiting from the proven medical properties of the substance.”

Who was behind these proposed rules? None other than former state representative Klint Kesto. Kesto was ultimately humiliated and run from office, another dingleberry that dangled for awhile but eventually was removed from the ass cheek of our dirty system and flushed out of politics for good. Who was Kesto’s chief of staff? None other than Brian Pierce, the disgraced lawyer who is one of the major players at the center of this cannabis pay-to-play probe.

Pierce left Kesto’s office to form the Michigan Responsibility Council. Who was the spokesman for that organization? None other than the Dark Money Daddy Steve Linder, who was immortalized as Dr. Evil on the side of mobile billboards parked in front of the Lansing state capitol. Linder has since been exposed as arguably the seediest and most unethical lobbyist in Lansing history. The Michigan Caregivers Association, EverGreen Management, and other affiliated organizations have been undeniably proven to be on the right side of history.

We have been in the trenches fighting to connect these dots and expose the bad actors for many years. We have been shining sunlight on these bastards who thought they could strut into the marijuana industry and take over. These lowlifes promoted prohibition for decades, throwing cannabis users and growers into cages, and then came running when they realized they could make a buck. These sons of bitches thought they could make a fool of those of us in the industry who faced risk and cost to grow cannabis into a powerhouse. They thought wrong.

Our tactics have repeatedly been vindicated in the cannabis community of Michigan. Our reputation and credibility are second to none. Yes, we have ruffled feathers. Yes, we have been combative. But it has all been very necessary. Because the fight has never been about the plant. It has never been about cannabis. It’s always been about money. It’s been about control. It’s been about using government power to cannibalize and devastate another industry. We made it about these players, we made their asses famous, and now several of them are looking at major jail sentences.

The names of the groups have changed but the battle has remained the same. Back then, we were fighting front groups like the Michigan Cannabis Development Association and the Michigan Responsibility Council. They were enacted to monopolize the cannabis industry. They failed during their efforts in 2015. When these same interests reformed under the name “Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association,” they failed and we beat them once again as that entity is now completely defunct.

Now, it appears that the entire system is coming crashing down.

It is great to see the FBI doing their jobs, as we always support law enforcement when they are defending the rights of the people. But they must go the extra mile. It is more than these handful of cretins that deserve to go down in a ball of flames. There are many other individuals who deserve to meet the same fate. Check out our press releases to see exactly who these people are.

There are credible allegations against Terrence Mansour, who is the bitch of Platinum Vapes, engaging in bribery to help his cannabis operations and hurt his competitors in the city of Detroit. There is hooch pimp, Tom “King of Sodom” Celani who is also connected to Pierce and his illicit front to control the cannabis industry. There is former Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof who appointed Rick Johnson as chairman of the Michigan medical marijuana licensing board before three of Meekhof’s medical marijuana concerns received licenses from Johnson in an apparent quid pro quo.

You can’t forget the gangsterism in Inkster where former mayor Byron Nolen and his cohorts were involved in an extortion plot against yours truly that was caught on audio recording. The FBI should also consider going to the top of the food chain, looking at Ron Boji, who has greased over this system of corruption and attempted to enact a monopoly over the medical marijuana system for many years. Scumbag attorney Chris Aiello is another who deserves to do a perp walk for his contributions to these scandals. And when will Linder end up behind bars? That would send a message that our lawmakers in Lansing are no longer for sale. Attorney General Dana Nessel has known about these actions for quite sometime. Why hesitate? There should be no more protecting this system of institutional corruption.

There are many who deserve to be brought to justice. But what is needed more than anything is legislation that opens up caregivers product to the broader marketplace. If only there was competition and the small growers were allowed to compete, there is no way the gangsters could come in an enact their monopoly. The only way they can beat the caregivers is when the government restricts the caregivers. That is because the caregivers provide the best product. Open the marketplace to the caregivers, and the marijuana industry is immediately fixed in this state. It will be great for the consumers, the patients, the small growers, the economy, and the people. This is what our lawmakers need to do while prosecutors and federal agents crack down on public corruption.

Mar 282023

The recent news of President Donald Trump’s indictment over an alleged payment to a hooker is dominating the news cycle as he is expected to be charged any day now.

Half the country is gung ho for Trump to be destroyed, hauled off in chains, thrown in prison and disgraced for the flimsiest reasons because they hate the man. They don’t care about equal justice under the law. They just want him gone because they hate what he stands for.

But if Trump is thrown in prison for greasing over this prostitute while his most recent predecessors remain free despite the heinous atrocities that they perpetuated, then the rule of law is truly dead in this country.

Where is the indictment for George W. Bush over the war crimes he committed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Bush dropped depleted uranium on the people of Iraq, causing birth defects and anomalies that have rivaled the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl. His indiscriminate bombing campaigns murdered scores of men, women and children. Now, he remains free and actually has the audacity to lecture us on the need for more civility in politics.

Where is the indictment for Barack Hussein Obama for his war in Libya that unleashed the hordes of savages upon Europe? Obama armed terror groups in the Middle East, including but not limited to ISIS, which not so coincidentally collapsed after he left office in 2016. He expanded the drone murder program throughout the world. Was there ever any accountability? Nope, Obama is revered like a God among half the country because the media covered for him relentlessly.

Why is Trump treated differently? Is it because he was the only president in decades who did not start a new war? Is it because he pulled the majority of troops from Syria instead of starting a new war there, undermining the goal of his predecessor Obama to start a war to overthrow Assad in Syria? Is it because Trump made peace with North Korea, something that was completely unfathomable and off the table for other presidents?

President Trump is the enemy of the military-industrial complex. President Trump stood up to the foreign policy establishment. President Trump could not be controlled by the deep state. This is why the system is after him. They know that if he is able to get back into office, he will continue on toward his America First agenda. With many of the frauds and fakers and charlatans falling by the wayside, Trump will undoubtedly be more effective in his goals than his first term, where he had to learn on the job.

This is why he is being persecuted. This is the new Soviet standard of justice that is being implemented in the former land of the free. If you serve at the altar of Satan, like the vast majority of government officials do in this country, you can lie, cheat, steal, rape, pillage, commit mass murder, do insider trading, destroy evidence, and revel in the most brazen acts of corruption, and you will be worshipped for it. But if you stand for righteousness, you will be crucified. Just like in the days of Jesus. Our wicked leaders put even the Sanhedrin to shame.

And it is not just America. It is all throughout the West where we see this happening. Heroic NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who fully exposed the evil and unconstitutional nature of the federal government’s spying operation, had to flee to Russia in order to be protected from reprisal from the deep state. Others have not been so lucky. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been apprehended and is set to be extradited to the U.S. for the crime of blowing the whistle and exposing the truth. My hero, “Top G” Andrew Tate, is being indefinitely detained for the “crime” of empowering men to not submit to feminized globalism.

This is a system of institutionalized injustice. I support Donald Trump, not because I am a blind follower. There have been policies he has supported, such as the Operation Warp Speed vaccine program, that I oppose. He listened to the American Mengele, Dr. Fauci, far too much during the pandemic. I do not like that he would not lock Hillary Clinton up as he promised on the campaign trail in 2016. He made some poor hiring decisions to staff his administration. He has been far from perfect. But he is the only man who strikes terror in the hearts of the enemies of liberty. He is the only man who can animate the public to awaken and fight the Big Brother regime that is threatening to snuff out freedom for mankind.

The bottom line is Trump is being persecuted because he is an individual who stands up to the New World Order. For that, he has my support, and he should have your support as well. If a political leader is not undergoing some kind of a witch hunt against them by the power elite, I don’t want anything to do with them. Trump is getting flak because he is over the target. May he be blessed as he runs for the presidency in 2024, and may his enemies suffer folly and ruin as they attempt to stop the rise of America First in this great country. God bless Trump, God bless the MAGA movement, and God bless the decent people of this country who stand for righteousness against demonic entities.

George Brikho

Mar 162023


God is good, and Karma is real. Recent news in the Michigan cannabis industry only confirms that reality. There is justice in the universe.

Skymint – one of the biggest marijuana retailers in the state of Michigan – is on the hook for an astounding $127 million dollars that they are unable to repay their creditors. They own 24 cannabis dispensaries across the state, and despite their PR spin to the contrary, it is only a matter of time before the entire enterprise goes bust considering the state of the cannabis industry in Michigan.

Even though it is unfortunate that hundreds will lose their jobs, we should be crying no tears for Skymint’s fall as it is well-deserved.

Skymint was one of the major players that were behind the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association (MCMA), which pushed for the Big Weed monopoly in Lansing during last year’s legislative session. The Michigan Caregivers Association (MCA) dropped a nuclear bomb on the MCMA, blowing up the monopoly plans that they hoped they could fast track and push through without the public realizing what was occurring. We put dark money lobbyist Steve Linder’s ugly rat face in the newspapers, retiring his sorry ass in disgrace, and put the MCMA out to pasture. The organization was forced to close this year.

Of course, we were not alone in this fight, and many joined us on the front lines to hold off the Big Weed takeover. There were thousands of cannabis-freedom advocates fighting diligently on behalf of the caregivers and the medical cannabis patients. But we were leading the way with the talking points, blazing the trail with an aggressive no-holds-barred approach, dragging the bad guys through the mud with reckless abandon, making the fight as ugly as possible, and shining an inescapable light on the lobbyists and corporate interests who were using fraud and deceit in an attempt to monopolize the industry.

We changed the narrative from “cannabis safety,” which was the centerpiece of the talking points crafted by the Big Weed lobby. They wanted us to argue about the supposed problem of unlicensed growers supplying cannabis product to people without regulators or government officials inspecting the crops. This is how the cannabis industry worked for years and thrived despite prohibition. Rather than humor their nonsensical concerns, we inserted ourselves into the public debate and blew their entire argument up. We put the bad guys on the defensive. In the end, no lawmaker wanted to touch the bill.

And now Skymint is screwed as a result!

Without a government-granted monopoly propping them up, firms like Skymint cannot dominate the marketplace. Hell, they cannot even stay afloat. Cannabis consumers by and large do not want to buy product from dirty, disreputable corporate whores. With a huge diverse marketplace out there, cannabis consumers chose to go to other dispensaries, buy from trusted sources, or simply grow their own rather than hand over their money to a demon. This is the essence of the free market. These bastards at Skymint were unethical and are being run out of business in a well-deserved failure.

Rumor has it that more firms are going to be biting the dust in short order. It has been alleged that PURE in Lapeer, owned by the greasy attorney Mikey Bahoura, recently laid off many of its workers, and other locations are on similarly shaky ground. PURE may be the next domino to fall, and then other monopoly firms will come next. They are reaping what they have sown. It didn’t have to be this way, but they insisted on the rules that have made their profit-seeking unviable.

We warned what would happen if the large-scale cannabis licenses granted by the state were not capped. There would inevitably be an excess of investment into the industry, resulting in oversaturation, and the golden goose of the cannabis industry would be killed. That is what is happening now. The corporate daddies who hated the industry and tried to stifle it for years eventually saw big money in it, and tried to gang rape the cannabis cannabis like they have so many other industries in America. But unfortunately for these villains, cannabis is an industry unlike any other.

Cannabis is not like McDonalds. Cannabis users care deeply about the plant, how their products are made, the quality of those products, and the ethics behind the sale. The best caregivers have been able to weather the storm within this tumultuous marketplace because their patients have stood strong and demand the best quality. The best growers and best products are sought out by consumers. Reputations in this industry matter, and that truth is being felt – good and hard – by the wannabe monopolists now. Without the government able to prop them up, they are getting bitch slapped by the invisible hand of the market.

Even though there is a great deal of turmoil in the cannabis industry, the turmoil is not hurting the customer. According to FOX 17 West Michigan, the price for an ounce of cannabis has dropped from an average of $516 in December of 2019 to an average of $81 as of January 2023. This is happening during a time of widespread inflation in virtually all other economic sectors. Would this have happened if the Big Weed gangsters gotten their monopoly like they planned? Of course not!

Now, there is a push to cap licenses, to close off the industry because of the “problem” of oversupply. Is oversupply a problem for the cannabis consumers? Is that a problem for individuals who are frequenting cannabis dispensaries? Is oversupply a problem for medical marijuana patients who need cannabis to sustain their lives? These aren’t the people complaining. It is the forces who tried to game the system and failed miserably due to their greed and avarice who are now begging for the bailout.

We say: HELL NO to that! We need to make sure that the interests who set this system up to enrich themselves at the expense of the many suffer mightily for their misdeeds. Let them all go the way of Skymint. They must suffer the losses. It is time to let the big guys, the rich guys, the banks who put up the loans, and the wannabe monopolists take the hit. Put all of their broke asses on the unemployment line.

The only reform that should be coming from Lansing is allowing caregivers to sell their product on the broader market. Allow them to get the market share they deserve. This way, the dispensaries will be rewarded that use the best products, the monopolists will lose even more of the market share they have not earned, and the small guys will prosper.

The way forward is a restoration to what built the cannabis industry into a powerhouse. Marijuana did not become America’s #1 top cash crop because of corporate backing or because of government regulations. It became a powerhouse in spite of every government and corporate obstacle imaginable. We need to keep the industry strong by limiting government and corporate overreach. The MCA will be fighting diligently for those ends, on your behalf, moving forward.


George Brikho

Mar 072023


I write today to ask a simple question of you: How much are we going to take?

The indignities and insults pile up against us. We see our prosperity vanishing. We see chemical plants and food processing facilities going up in flames everyday. Train derailments with the poisoned contaminated land being placed right in our back yard. Bioweapons released to murder our elderly while the culprits laugh at us in broad daylight promising nothing but more of the same.

And what do Americans do in response? We keep showing up at work, keep paying our taxes, keep the sports game on, get back on the hamster wheel, and try to block out the horrible reality that faces us all. I am guilty of this. We are all guilty of this.

But when will we hit the breaking point? At what time will enough be enough? I pray that it will not be too late when that time comes. Recently, looking around the country, we are seeing people who sense that something is deeply, deeply wrong and are yearning for more.

One of the more hopeful pieces of news in recent weeks was the revival in Ashbury, Kentucky where tens of thousands of Christians gathered during a marathon service to pray and enjoy fellowship together and bask in the word of the Lord.

It was not about personality cults or individuals putting their own spin on Jesus’ word as a fundraising ploy. It was not about the personalities, it was about honoring Christ’s name and hearing the truth of the Lord. Tens of thousands were inspired as a result, and their faith will be strengthened and it will have a positive cascading effect throughout society without a doubt.

What happened in Kentucky is great and it is beautiful. People coming from miles around to hear the word and unite around the truth of Christ. It is a miracle of God that this has taken place and shows that hope is not lost. We should take solace in this news and hope to replicate it in our communities.

But we have to realize that uniting with our fellow Christians is only the first step of the war that we find ourselves in. This spiritual battle will lead to real-life battle before long and we must be prepared for that eventuality.

Unifying with fellow Christians is extremely important in order to boost our numbers and our chances of success for this final battle to save Western Civilization. However, we must realize that unity alone will not save us from the evil within. This demonic evil has rotted our country to its very core. Our enemies have already pissed on our birthright. They have already desecrated all we hold dear.

Justice must be brought down upon them by the sword.

There is a time to be meek and kind and respectful. But there is also a time for war. That time has come. Jesus was not a pacifist, despite how the liberals want to rewrite the story of the Gospel for their own ends. Jesus knew that there would be times in which that there was no alternative but for man to stand and fight.

“Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’; and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’” – Matthew 10:34-39

If we are not willing to stand and fight for our honor, for our children, for our true faith, for our righteous nation, then we are cowards. We need Christians to unite and be willing to fight and die for their cross. Singing songs and holding hands and preaching compassion are fine, but they won’t save us at this point.

Let us look at the situation facing us and understand the true gravity of our malady.

After the passage of Prop 3, doctors are now able to dismember live babies snatched from the womb as Michigan has the loosest abortion laws in the world. Women from across the world will be coming to our state to get their babies butchered in the most gruesome fashion, and the horror stories that will emerge in the upcoming years from these abuses will put Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele to shame.

With the imminent passage of the Elliott-Larsen “Civil Rights” Act, Catholic churches will be subject to fines and sanctions if they do not allow gay marriages to be consecrated in their sacred halls. Christians will be forced to bend the knee to LGBT dogma, which is now targeted at the souls of the youth. Children will be groomed by drag queen freak show perverts in schools and libraries, chemically castrated, and put under the knife to have their genitals mutilated, and if a Christian utters a peep against this barbarism, they will be considered the criminal.

With this being the undeniable reality facing us, I must reiterate: How much are we going to take? When is the breaking point? At what time will enough be enough?

How many children will have to be butchered before we stand and fight?

How many children will be groomed and mutilated before we rebel?

How much longer do we shame our Lord and Savior by allowing these abuses to happen?

These are the questions we must consider as we head perilously toward the End Times. Keep the faith, pray the rosary, and become mentally prepared to make sacrifices that once seemed unthinkable. I hope you will be beside me and righteous mankind when the time comes to redeem what has been taken from us.

George Brikho