Mar 072023


I write today to ask a simple question of you: How much are we going to take?

The indignities and insults pile up against us. We see our prosperity vanishing. We see chemical plants and food processing facilities going up in flames everyday. Train derailments with the poisoned contaminated land being placed right in our back yard. Bioweapons released to murder our elderly while the culprits laugh at us in broad daylight promising nothing but more of the same.

And what do Americans do in response? We keep showing up at work, keep paying our taxes, keep the sports game on, get back on the hamster wheel, and try to block out the horrible reality that faces us all. I am guilty of this. We are all guilty of this.

But when will we hit the breaking point? At what time will enough be enough? I pray that it will not be too late when that time comes. Recently, looking around the country, we are seeing people who sense that something is deeply, deeply wrong and are yearning for more.

One of the more hopeful pieces of news in recent weeks was the revival in Ashbury, Kentucky where tens of thousands of Christians gathered during a marathon service to pray and enjoy fellowship together and bask in the word of the Lord.

It was not about personality cults or individuals putting their own spin on Jesus’ word as a fundraising ploy. It was not about the personalities, it was about honoring Christ’s name and hearing the truth of the Lord. Tens of thousands were inspired as a result, and their faith will be strengthened and it will have a positive cascading effect throughout society without a doubt.

What happened in Kentucky is great and it is beautiful. People coming from miles around to hear the word and unite around the truth of Christ. It is a miracle of God that this has taken place and shows that hope is not lost. We should take solace in this news and hope to replicate it in our communities.

But we have to realize that uniting with our fellow Christians is only the first step of the war that we find ourselves in. This spiritual battle will lead to real-life battle before long and we must be prepared for that eventuality.

Unifying with fellow Christians is extremely important in order to boost our numbers and our chances of success for this final battle to save Western Civilization. However, we must realize that unity alone will not save us from the evil within. This demonic evil has rotted our country to its very core. Our enemies have already pissed on our birthright. They have already desecrated all we hold dear.

Justice must be brought down upon them by the sword.

There is a time to be meek and kind and respectful. But there is also a time for war. That time has come. Jesus was not a pacifist, despite how the liberals want to rewrite the story of the Gospel for their own ends. Jesus knew that there would be times in which that there was no alternative but for man to stand and fight.

“Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’; and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’” – Matthew 10:34-39

If we are not willing to stand and fight for our honor, for our children, for our true faith, for our righteous nation, then we are cowards. We need Christians to unite and be willing to fight and die for their cross. Singing songs and holding hands and preaching compassion are fine, but they won’t save us at this point.

Let us look at the situation facing us and understand the true gravity of our malady.

After the passage of Prop 3, doctors are now able to dismember live babies snatched from the womb as Michigan has the loosest abortion laws in the world. Women from across the world will be coming to our state to get their babies butchered in the most gruesome fashion, and the horror stories that will emerge in the upcoming years from these abuses will put Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele to shame.

With the imminent passage of the Elliott-Larsen “Civil Rights” Act, Catholic churches will be subject to fines and sanctions if they do not allow gay marriages to be consecrated in their sacred halls. Christians will be forced to bend the knee to LGBT dogma, which is now targeted at the souls of the youth. Children will be groomed by drag queen freak show perverts in schools and libraries, chemically castrated, and put under the knife to have their genitals mutilated, and if a Christian utters a peep against this barbarism, they will be considered the criminal.

With this being the undeniable reality facing us, I must reiterate: How much are we going to take? When is the breaking point? At what time will enough be enough?

How many children will have to be butchered before we stand and fight?

How many children will be groomed and mutilated before we rebel?

How much longer do we shame our Lord and Savior by allowing these abuses to happen?

These are the questions we must consider as we head perilously toward the End Times. Keep the faith, pray the rosary, and become mentally prepared to make sacrifices that once seemed unthinkable. I hope you will be beside me and righteous mankind when the time comes to redeem what has been taken from us.

George Brikho

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