Jun 092023

Yesterday, it was announced that President Donald Trump would be charged under the Espionage Act for the alleged possession of secret government documents that were in his home at Mar-a-lago.

Many commentators will talk about the specifics of the case, and whether or not Trump technically violated the labyrinth of rules and regulations that have been written by bureaucrats and lawyers employed by the federal government in order to be able to entrap or ensnare any person they want under flimsy pretexts.

I will not talk about the specifics only the ramifications of the prosecution for our freedom, for our Republic, for our nation, and for our civilization.

I have spoken before about the Beast System that is rising. This system consists of rules that apply to the politically-connected elites do not apply to the rest of us. The politically-connected elites can rob, cheat, murder, maim, insider trade, rape little children, perjure themselves and commit war crimes without as much as a slap on the wrist.

Meanwhile, ordinary Americans are crushed if they oppose the Regime. Individual deemed a threat to the status quo are blackmailed, and if they are squeaky clean, charges are routinely fabricated. This is what is happening to Donald J. Trump, but everyone who is dangerous to the status quo is being purged.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas was thrown out of his own organization, the one that he founded and turned into a journalistic powerhouse through his own blood, sweat and tears, under the flimsiest of pretenses. Now, Project Veritas is suing O’Keefe in an attempt to prevent him from being able to do journalism.

Tucker Carlson was thrown off of Fox News despite having massive ratings and hosting the most influential show on the network. Fox News opted to pay him tens of millions to stay off the airwaves. When Carlson started posting videos on social media offering political commentary free of charge, Fox News threatened legal action, hoping to keep him from being politically relevant until after 2025.

The Beast System is not allowing any more dissent. They are clamping down on all authentic voices. Nothing is to be allowed except what is fake, controlled, phony and plastic. They are at war with our very reality. Independent thought, like the U.S. Constitution or faith in Christ, is the relic of the past. Welcome to the future, where the hand-picked experts will tell you what to believe, and you will repeat those “truths” or be unable to put food on your family’s plate.

I for one refuse to live under these terms. I would rather die than live in this world. I vow that I will never leave this world to my children. I will do whatever it takes to defeat this system. To submit to this system is submitting to the will of Satan. I cannot dishonor by bloodline or my posterity in doing so.

President Donald Trump will go down as a martyr for American freedom. Those of us who knew what was going on when Ron Paul was running for president. We tried to wake the public up, but we simply could not break through. The propaganda was too much. People could not understand the evil power structure that lurks beneath the surface. They were not ready to wake up.

Trump’s plight since he came down the escalator to run for President has been the earth-shattering force needed to wake people up. It’s not so much his policies, which in decades past would not have been controversial. He wants a stronger America, a more sensible foreign policy, better trade deals, restrict rampant illegal immigration, and more economic freedom. But it’s only because America is on the path of destruction, mandated from on high by the new high priests of our secular technocracy, that Trump’s policies were considered radical and needed to be stopped.

With the empire striking back against Trump and overreaching at every turn, the corruption and the hypocrisy became too much for the American people to ignore. Millions of ordinary Americans – the types who would never have cared about politics in the slightest – have become intimately aware of the existence of the deep state. The common American people know there is a shadow government that operates real power, and without being able to operate under a veil of secrecy, that makes it far more difficult for the system to operate.

If Trump’s indictment ends with imprisonment, it will be the final straw for the common people. They will understand that the system is hopelessly gamed against them. They will understand that many of their countrymen will gleefully conspire to rape and pillage their birthright. They will understand that evil reigns supreme. They will understand that true freedom can only be achieved through the barrel of a gun. They will understand that there is no alternative but revolution.

I for one welcome President Trump becoming a martyr. As during the days of the Ron Paul movement, I am once again ahead of the curve. I see the chess board two or three steps ahead of most. I welcome the American people rising to my level of consciousness. Once they gain the necessary consciousness, they can pray to get the strength and the resolve to rise the enormity of the task at hand. It is time to depose tyrants. It is time to even the score with despots. It is time to embrace destiny. Trump may not be the political solution, but his trials and tribulations will give people the vision to figure out what must be done.

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