Sep 162014

Press Release for Immediate Distribution – 09/16/14

George Brikho calls on President Obama and Congress to stop their
aggression against the Iraqi, Syrian and American people

Royal Oak, MI: George Brikho, Republican nominee for Congress in Michigan’s Ninth District, called on the President and the Congress to stop committing acts of aggression the people of Iraq, Syria, and America. “The unconstitutional foreign policy of the U.S. Government has led to the growth of radical terrorist groups and state-sponsored terror in the Middle East. All Americans remember what that led to on September 11, 2001. It makes no sense to continue putting Americans at risk for the benefit of politicians, bureaucrats and their special interest patrons,” said Brikho. “The current policy of regime-change overseas has resulted in a horrible death toll for the countries affected, left millions of innocent people displaced, destroyed their infrastructure, unleashed savage persecution of various religious and ethnic minorities, cost thousands of American war dead, cost tens of thousands of wounded and maimed, siphoned off huge amounts of taxpayer dollars and led to an all out assault on the Liberty and privacy of people all over the world, including Americans. After all this we are no safer, but we are certainly less free and less prosperous.”

The incumbent Congressman for the Ninth District, Sander Levin – D, has been in office for 16 terms. During his more than 30 years in office, Mr. Levin has been a reliable supporter of the military industrial complex, the foreign governments, U.S. government spying on Americans and the Federal police state powers. He has been an opponent of the freedom, privacy and prosperity of ordinary Americans here at home. Unlike Congressman Levin, George Brikho will put Liberty first and battle the political class in order to protect his neighbors and constituents from the schemes of the power elite. “I will take a different path than my opponent”, said the Republican challenger. “I will actually fulfill my oath of office to uphold the Constitution. Sander Levin is a serial oath-violator who works for the politically powerful. I will stand up for the middle class and the forgotten Americans.”

Brikho, whose mother and father are Chaldean immigrants from Iraq, is also determined to do whatever he can to resist the latest overseas outrages being committed by President Obama and his enablers in Congress. “Unlawful, aggressive, interventions in Libya, Iraq, Syria and other countries have led to the creation of ISIS. Despite their being no constitutionally-required Declaration of War, despite their being no attack on us, despite the clear voice of the American people, the president is continuing to unilaterally stir up more trouble in Syria and Iraq. Last year, the Administration mislead the American people about the alleged sarin gas attacks in Syria in order to stampede us into another war. He has continued operating unlawfully and against the wishes of the American people – and the Syrian people – by arming and training so-called “moderate rebels” in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad. This illegitimate activity against a coalition partner in the “Global War on Terror” has empowered foreign jihadists who are definitely not moderate. It has led to increased death and destruction, as well as increased vulnerability for the long suffering people of the Middle East. I urge all my neighbors in Michigan to call Congressman Levin’s office in Washington at 202-225-4961 and his office in Roseville at 586-498-7122 to demand an end to this immoral and destructive policy immediately. People should also call the White House at 202-456-1111 in order to demand an end to these harmful and aggressive policies. Congress and the President have no right to attack other countries, putting us all at risk, like this. They must obey the Constitution, debate the facts of the matter openly and completely, only declaring war for clearly defensive purposes. Aggressive and pre-emptive wars violate the Just War standard and the Constitution. It’s time to return to a moral and Constitutional foreign policy.”, said Brikho.

As we speak, the Syrian Arab Army is battling against ISIS and associated groups, as they have been for years. Any attacks on Syria will only make matters worse. Either the attacks will reduce the ability of the Syrians to resist the radical extremists or they will put America unnecessarily on the front line as the high profile opponent of ISIS, resulting in a propaganda coup of immense value to them. This will lead to more recruits for them and more danger for everyone else. With the President speaking and acting in an increasingly bellicose manner, time is certainly of the essence. If you wish to stave off the latest developing disaster, the time to act is Now.

For more information on George Brikho’s campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives seat in the 9th District, visit his website at

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