Oct 192022

Hello, Friends!

I have been really busy soldiering through the recession and fighting back on behalf of the caregivers, but I needed to give my opinion on Proposals 1, 2 and 3.

These proposals are designed to empower career politicians, allow election fraud, and facilitate the satanic murder of babies in the womb. Each one is worse than the next.

Proposal 1 guts our current term limits and would allow State House Representatives to double their terms. State Senators would be allowed to serve one extra term. Lawmakers could serve a total of 12 years overall in the House and Senate, but since most House members don’t ever make it to the Senate, it will not apply to them. It just makes it harder for us to throw the bastards out once they are in there, and keeps the new blood out.

Is it any coincidence that the Lansing lobbyist elite is going after term limits at a time when the grassroots is enraged, awake and mobilized like never before? Of course not. This proposal must be rejected and the scum lobbyists must be given the finger by Michigan voters.

Proposal 2 is a nightmare proposal that would make all of the problems with the 2020 presidential election that much worse. This law would mandate it so that ballot harvesting would be explicitly legal, signature verification standards would be removed, and mandatory voter ID would be banned by the state constitution.

In addition, it would allow far-left woke corporations to come in and buy crucial election infrastructure. This is privatization at its worst. There will be drop boxes at every corner, allowing ballots to come in without any standards, and unleash an orgy of fraud. Anyone who cares about election integrity must oppose Proposal 2.

As bad as Prop 1-2 may be, they do not hold a candle to Proposal 3. Prop 3 is an incredibly satanic measure that would lead Michigan down the path of Sodom and Gomorrah. It would allow abortions on demand up until the moment of birth. All a woman would have to do is say she is experiencing “mental anguish” and then an abortionist could murder the baby in the womb even after nine months, crushing its skull and selling its organs for medical research.

Prop 3 would also allow the parents no right to know that an abortion is being performed on their underage daughter. Under this law, any individual who assists a child in getting an abortion would be non-liable for any criminal act under law. A rapist could send his victim to get an abortion, literally killing any evidence of the heinous act, and then allowed to get away scot free under the provisions of this despicable proposal.

Making matters even worse, Prop 3 also allows children to be drugged with puberty blockers, better known as chemical castration, without the knowledge of the parents so they can be prepared for their so-called gender transition where they are mutilated, scarred, deformed and left a shell of a human to commit suicide. This proposal is a panacea to pedophiles, murderers, predators, rapists and other dirtbags who deserve to meet justice in the street.

And, if you are in Oakland County, vote NO on the Transit Tax proposal as well. This transit tax is proposed by County Executive Dave “Where the boys at?” Coulter and his puppet master County Commission chairman David Woodward. It raises property taxes by $66 million annually, removes opt outs from the SMART bus system, and expands a mass transit disaster that is bankrupt and already obsolete. It will be the first step toward a regional transit system that will allow thugs to come up into Oakland County and cause trouble in the name of equity and social justice.

Make sure to GET OUT AND VOTE and vote NO on all these shitty proposals. These proposals are power grabs from the elites who have no respect for us, spit in our faces, and then think we are dumb enough to vote for our own destruction. Lets prove them wrong. Reject the proposals, reject perverted far-left politicians, and restore our nation’s liberty in the voting booth this November.

George Brikho