Apr 062015

1Celebrating Freedom on My 10th Wedding Anniversary



I am currently vacationing in Chicago with my beloved family. I have taken a brief break from my many business and political ventures to enjoy a little down time. It was ten years ago today that I married my beautiful wife, Suzanne. We have since had four magnificent children who are the loves of my life. I am proud to say that I am truly enjoying the American dream, and I want to spread that dream to others.

Many people say that the American dream is a fiction. They are partially correct. It is getting more difficult for a person to make something of themselves in America, thanks to the toxic collusion of big government and big business. With the family unit under constant attack and small independent businessmen being squeezed by taxes and regulations, the deck is stacked against the good, decent, honest taxpayer to live a fulfilling life these days.

During this vacation, I have had some time to reflect on what is truly important. Our freedom is what sustains our country. Without freedom, we cannot enjoy the blessings of God’s bountiful world. Although I am happy that I am free to earn a living, travel, educate my children, and care for my family, the direction our country is moving alarms me. If we do not turn things around quickly, my children will inherit a terrible, disgusting, corrupt world with their sacred rights ripped from them forever.

My children already owe tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to banksters and corrupt government officials. Thanks to the 2012 NDAA, the government is permitted to snatch them up at any time without due process. My children are constantly being poked, prodded, surveilled and influenced by an out-of-control, lawless, illegitimate federal government. And worst of all, they will be taught by this evil society to live a life of government servitude and to love it. This is unacceptable.

This time with my family has emboldened me to work even harder to preserve liberty. My campaign in 2014 was not the end of my aspirations. There is too much work that lies ahead of me. I see Christians being executed overseas right now and it breaks my heart. I see my children’s in the faces of those massacred boys and girls in Iraq, Syria and other countries. I understand that those types of atrocities could easily spread over here unless we fight back. I am taking a bold stand against these injustices because I know that is the only way we can secure the blessings of freedom for our children.

I care about God, family and country in that order. That is why I joined politics in the first place. I never received any corporate money, party establishment support, or handouts from the power brokers. I ran for the 9th District Congressional seat to fight all of that onerous influence within our politics because what I care about is freedom. I care about religious freedom, my family’s freedom, and your family’s freedom. I want us all to have a better life for our children.

That is what I am always working toward as an activist. With me, you will always get a straight shooter who speaks truth to power. Now it is back to enjoying my 10th Wedding Anniversary with my wife and children. God bless you all, and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.


George Brikho

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