Sep 022021

George Brikho, owner and proprietor of Edenz Hydro and founder and president of the Michigan Caregivers Association, is speaking out against coercive mask mandates imposed on children in Oakland County.

“This is not about public health. This is about social conditioning. The science does not even justify a face mask mandate for kids, but our officials don’t care. They want them to submit so they will be easier to control in the future,” he said of the recent order by the Oakland County Health Division to force mask mandates on all public schools in the county.

“Our children deserve to know that their individual freedom and civil liberties will be protected in America. If we throw away their rights because we are scared, we are spitting in the faces of our posterity,” Brikho added.

The facts are on Brikho’s side. Even liberal-leaning National Public Radio admitted in an Aug. 10 report that “less than 2% of all child COVID-19 cases required hospitalization and 0.00% to 0.03% were fatal” in states where the data was actually being collected.

An academic study from the University of Louisville used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to show that “case growth was independent of mandates at low and high rates of community spread, and mask use did not predict case growth during the Summer or Fall-Winter waves,” ultimately concluding that “mask mandates and use are not associated with lower SARS-CoV-2 spread among US states.”

Additionally, the CDC conducted a study last year of 90,000 elementary-school students who were enrolled in 169 Georgia schools between the dates of November 16 to December 11. They found that social distancing rules, HEPA filters, hybrid at-home and physical schooling, classroom barriers, and compulsory masking had virtually no effect protecting children from the virus. 

“It is insane what they have been able to get away with under the guise of public health. They have put us under this hellish system, and they call it the “new normal,” subliminally conditioning us that it is supposed to be permanent. We cannot accept this so-called new normal under any circumstances,” Brikho said.

Brikho has started a page on Facebook titled, “Just Say NO to the New Normal” where he and other activists make posts everyday about the reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have been threatened and attacked for leading a campaign among parents against mask mandates at my private school,” Brikho said, talking about St. Hugo’s Catholic school where his children are enrolled.

Brikho has received a mixed response from his email correspondence with parents and organizing private schools to reject mask mandates.

“Some people are very happy with what I am doing, and some are very angry. It is okay and I am happy to have a dialogue with everyone no matter where you stand on the issue. This is what makes us Americans,” Brikho said.

“But I do not apologize for rattling the cages of the propagandized. They have fallen victim to the mass hysteria propaganda from Big Pharma and the devils in our wicked, demonic government. I will pray for them and do everything I can to snap them out of their trance,” he added.

Brikho supports the people making their voices heard, which is exactly what is happening at the Oakland County commissioners’ meeting tonight. Patriotic activists are getting together and voicing their frustration with face mask mandates for kids, vaccine passports, discrimination against front-line nurses, and other systemic injustices that are emerging from this psychotic COVID-19 regime.

“They try to use everything they can against you to make you break, but when we all stand together, we are strong. We cannot let them break us and atomize us so we are silent. We must use our voices and come together,” Brikho said.

The protest this evening is taking place tonight, Thurs. Sept. 2 at the Board of Commissioners office located at 1200 North Telegraph Rd., Pontiac, MI 48341 at 5:30 pm.

Jul 152021


It has come time to boot scumbag attorney and destroyer of families for profit Michael Taylor from office.

Taylor became infamous throughout Metro Detroit for defending the reprehensible decision to deny stewardship of an elderly couple to their loving daughter. 7 Action News profiled Michael Taylor for his role in this cruel and heinous scam enabled by the courts to break families apart using the law.

7 7thAction News discovered that there were various firms, tied to Taylor and other cronies, that were essentially lobbying for the government to enforce this scheme to keep elderly people from their families. Taylor was reportedly at the heart of this illicit scheme, and he attacked the woman personally who was denied the role of caregiver for her beloved parents.

After he was exposed, Taylor waged a public smear campaign against the victim who spoke out. He slammed the whistleblower and defended her parents being kept away from her, all the while evading an actual interview with reporters looking to question him and hold him accountable. His damage control attempts were far from effective, and his constituents are asking all the right questions.

“Isn’t being a Mayor of Sterling Heights and getting involved as a Lawyer for some clients a conflict of interest?” one constituent asked in a Facebook post.

“How in the world can a Mayor be messed up with some scheme like this?” another constituent asked. 

“How are we to be assured that Mr. Taylor has not used his position as Mayor to the advantage of his business associates?” a constituent asked via an email response to the report.

Of course, we cannot know, and Taylor’s complete unwillingness to take any culpability for his illicit actions show his extreme contempt for the people of Sterling Heights.

7 Action News also reported that Taylor’s actions likely violated an ethics resolution that was passed in the city of Sterling Heights in 2013, which Taylor actually supported at the time.

“Public servants should avoid engaging in any conduct which is likely to bring discredit on themselves and the governmental bodies in which they serve,” the resolution read.

Even though he continues to lie and deny like the lowlife that he is, it is clear that Taylor exploited his position as Sterling Heights Mayor and the additional notoriety it brings in order to drive a wedge between a family and rob a daughter from being able to care for their loved ones and spend time with them in their final days for his own personal and professional gain.

Seniors in Sterling Heights must ask themselves: Is this the kind of man you want representing you? The man who would sentence you to live out your final days cold, alone and desperate if it meant putting another dollar in his pocket. Taylor ripped loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s away from their daughter because this attorney puts his clients and his bottom line ahead of the people. This is not acceptable.

Additionally, Taylor publicly supported Joe Biden for president last year. This means Taylor is directly responsible for Biden’s policies of economic damnation, an end to the Bill of Rights and Constitution, a domestic spying authority that calls for families to rat out their loved ones, and the selling out of our nation to China at breakneck speed.

Every time you pay at least a $1 more a gallon of gas at the pump, remember it was Michael Taylor’s decision — a nakedly-partisan decision that did absolutely nothing but politicize his office for his own self-serving aims — that made it more difficult for you to fill up your tank. We are all paying dearly, with every corrupt actor in Washington D.C. elevated as a result, because Taylor cares more about garnering favorable media headlines than representing the people. It is similar to when he endorsed Black Lives Matter as the orgy of destruction swept the country, which has resulted in a subsequent crime spree that continues to threaten the stability of our communities.

Taylor talked about his children when justifying his support for Biden. The truth is that his children will bear the stain of their father being a disgraced coward who failed the public at a crucial time of our nation’s history. Taylor is a man who will be remembered among the vermin who cared only about lining their pockets as American freedom was destroyed. That is your legacy, and, sadly, your progeny will not be able to escape the sins of their weak and reprehensible father.


Sterling Heights is home to a robust and vibrant Chaldean community with over a quarter of the population being Chaldean. I am proud to say that I have many friends and family members living there. Our community has a chance to be on the forefront of the movement of patriotic Americans from all backgrounds who unite and say NO MORE to political corruption. 

It is time to drain the swamp in Sterling Heights and maintain a local government that we can be proud of. The upcoming city primary elections are scheduled to take place on Aug. 3. Reject the sleazeball lawyer and destroyer of families Michael Taylor, and elect former city councilman and Air Force veteran Ken Nelson for Mayor. The message will be sent that Sterling Heights demands more from their elected officials after Taylor is sent packing.