Feb 012023

My message to Christian priests and other faith leaders:

It is never too late to do the right thing. As Jesus fell, we all fall. We all make mistakes, but we must take ownership of those mistakes and fight to do better. It pained me so much to see Christian leaders, even prominent ones in the Chaldean community, acquiesce to the lockdown measures and the restrictions imposed by our government during the COVID-19 pandemic. And it culminated with the greatest crime against humanity in history: the deadly experimental vaccine injection.

The ill-effects of the vaccine are obvious now – as healthy young men get heart attacks, die suddenly, and excess mortality skyrockets through the roof. We see it in our day-to-day lives, we see it during sports games, we see it all around us. We are supposed to ignore the 5,000 elephant in the room, but in our souls we know something is deeply, deeply wrong.

From the genesis of the COVID-19 lab virus, created by federally-funded scientists in a Chinese laboratory, released at an opportune time to rape our civilization, in order to usher in the New World Order technocracy, it was clear to see what was coming with the vaccine regime. Ignorance is no excuse. The march toward blind submission in the haze of mass hysteria should have raised alarm bells in the mind of every Christian leader of what was taking place.

These vaccines were rushed with the typical process of vaccine approval, which was already dubious at best, thrown out because of emergency measures. Big Pharma corporations, the most unethical in the world, were given blank checks to produce vaccines and inject them into hapless test subjects. Changing mRNA and DNA, altering God’s design, arrogant men and women playing God, ripping open Pandora’s Box with genetic experimentation. This all was happening in broad daylight.

And where were the Christian leaders? Were they speaking up against the worst crimes against humanity that the world has ever known?

No — with only a handful of noteworthy exceptions — they were sitting on their hands, telling their flock to be compliant, saying that our government and corporate elites had our best interests in mind.

These leaders said that it was okay that parishioners inject vaccines into their bodies synthesized from fetal remains, the chopped up tissues from murdered babies, taken from gruesome and barbaric abortion procedures.

Jesus said we must be our brother’s keeper. The leaders who turned a blind eye while these satanic murder shots were forced into the flesh of their parishioners did not live up to Christ’s example. The ones who encouraged it are even more to blame, as the blood of the innocent is on their hands.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine regime are just the beginning. This is the start of a diabolical world government, that will make a false idol out of all filth and depravity. It is a continuity of agenda, from the release of bioweapons, to the erosion of our fundamental rights, to the LGBT agenda taking room, to the rise of godless communism, to the pouring of third-world migrants over our border, to allowing criminals free reign in our streets. It is all connected, and the damage will get so wretched that our minds cannot fathom the horrors that are to come in the near future.

It is time for Christian leaders who fell during the vaccine regime to rise again, find their courage, and be ready to lead us through tribulations that are nothing short of biblical. For the days to come, we need leaders who will challenge and lead a revolt against the ruling elites, similar to what Jesus and the 12 Apostles did against the Pharisees and the Sadducees in His day. We need leaders who will do more than just refuse to comply, but lead Holy Warriors in a righteous crusade against the forces of evil.

The days of passive Christianity must come to an end. The time to rise and fight is at hand. Christ’s example is one of peace, love, mercy, kindness, and goodwill, but it is not one of pacifism. Because there often comes a time to rise and fight for what is just. We must not be afraid to be divisive. We must not be afraid to be controversial. We must not be afraid to lay everything on the line for righteous in these trying times.

Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” – Matthew 10:34-36

Christ’s message is not designed to help us be more well-adjusted to a world broken by greed, avarice, decadence and corruption. His message should embolden us to disobey unlawful and unconscionable edicts even if our boldness may cause strife to our personal or professional lives.

When Jesus and His Disciples spoke the word, they experienced unfathomable hardships. They were ostracized, beaten, spat upon, crucified, stoned to death and beheaded. They made the ultimate sacrifice so the truth of the Lord could live on. We must be willing to make the same sacrifices unless our Christian civilization be buried and replaced beneath a globalist elite that venerates Satan and has already convinced much of the youth to do so.

It begins by speaking out and demanding bravery from church leadership. May my fellow Chaldeans be on the vanguard of this movement of Christians rising up and bringing an end to tyranny and technological enslavement. May every pulpit be on fire with the message that causes men and women to rise and defend their families against this existential threat. May we be on the forefront of this movement against the political, economic and cultural elites to renew this world before we reach oblivion. Amen.

Sep 022021

George Brikho, owner and proprietor of Edenz Hydro and founder and president of the Michigan Caregivers Association, is speaking out against coercive mask mandates imposed on children in Oakland County.

“This is not about public health. This is about social conditioning. The science does not even justify a face mask mandate for kids, but our officials don’t care. They want them to submit so they will be easier to control in the future,” he said of the recent order by the Oakland County Health Division to force mask mandates on all public schools in the county.

“Our children deserve to know that their individual freedom and civil liberties will be protected in America. If we throw away their rights because we are scared, we are spitting in the faces of our posterity,” Brikho added.

The facts are on Brikho’s side. Even liberal-leaning National Public Radio admitted in an Aug. 10 report that “less than 2% of all child COVID-19 cases required hospitalization and 0.00% to 0.03% were fatal” in states where the data was actually being collected.

An academic study from the University of Louisville used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to show that “case growth was independent of mandates at low and high rates of community spread, and mask use did not predict case growth during the Summer or Fall-Winter waves,” ultimately concluding that “mask mandates and use are not associated with lower SARS-CoV-2 spread among US states.”

Additionally, the CDC conducted a study last year of 90,000 elementary-school students who were enrolled in 169 Georgia schools between the dates of November 16 to December 11. They found that social distancing rules, HEPA filters, hybrid at-home and physical schooling, classroom barriers, and compulsory masking had virtually no effect protecting children from the virus. 

“It is insane what they have been able to get away with under the guise of public health. They have put us under this hellish system, and they call it the “new normal,” subliminally conditioning us that it is supposed to be permanent. We cannot accept this so-called new normal under any circumstances,” Brikho said.

Brikho has started a page on Facebook titled, “Just Say NO to the New Normal” where he and other activists make posts everyday about the reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have been threatened and attacked for leading a campaign among parents against mask mandates at my private school,” Brikho said, talking about St. Hugo’s Catholic school where his children are enrolled.

Brikho has received a mixed response from his email correspondence with parents and organizing private schools to reject mask mandates.

“Some people are very happy with what I am doing, and some are very angry. It is okay and I am happy to have a dialogue with everyone no matter where you stand on the issue. This is what makes us Americans,” Brikho said.

“But I do not apologize for rattling the cages of the propagandized. They have fallen victim to the mass hysteria propaganda from Big Pharma and the devils in our wicked, demonic government. I will pray for them and do everything I can to snap them out of their trance,” he added.

Brikho supports the people making their voices heard, which is exactly what is happening at the Oakland County commissioners’ meeting tonight. Patriotic activists are getting together and voicing their frustration with face mask mandates for kids, vaccine passports, discrimination against front-line nurses, and other systemic injustices that are emerging from this psychotic COVID-19 regime.

“They try to use everything they can against you to make you break, but when we all stand together, we are strong. We cannot let them break us and atomize us so we are silent. We must use our voices and come together,” Brikho said.

The protest this evening is taking place tonight, Thurs. Sept. 2 at the Board of Commissioners office located at 1200 North Telegraph Rd., Pontiac, MI 48341 at 5:30 pm.

May 182021

Fellow Parents,

The federal government is now giving indicators that they want to relax their COVID-19 restrictions, and schools are expected to follow suit.

After months and months of restricting the freedom of our children, conditioning them to live in constant irrational fear, making sure they understood that their freedoms are not absolute and subject to revocation at a moment’s notice, we are starting to get signals that a return to normalcy has arrived.

Should we breathe a sigh of relief if our liberties are temporarily restored? No, we simply cannot. We must strive to make sure that this situation can never happen again and that the COVID-19 lockdowns be looked at alongside Japanese internship camps in the 1940s, Indian removals of the 19th century, and human slavery among the darkest episodes of our nation’s history.

Make no mistake about it: Every child who is made to comply with the mask mandate will eventually line up to receive the mark-of-the-beast microchip and be hell bound.

This is why I am organizing fellow parents to make sure this never happens again.  We are doing a tremendous disservice to our children by succumbing to virus fear. Our children are set to inherit a society unrecognizable to anything that each of us grew up in. This is a world where they will be expected to submit and their liberties will always be contingent upon compliance. This is not the America that my family risked life and limb to be a part of.

Nothing has broken my heart more during the pandemic than watching the Catholic Church roll over to the mandates. With only a handful of exceptions, Catholic churches have closed their doors because the government told them that operating was illegal. Some priests demeaned themselves, performing baptisms with squirt guns or cheapening the holy sacrament of the Eucharist, to comply with government overreach destroying religious liberty.

Catholic dioceses throughout the state of Michigan have complied with virus tyranny, which has been most offensive through the mask mandates. Catholic dioceses have gone along with the mask mandate even though there is no scientific data showing that children need to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19. According to all the available data, children are not at major risk of spreading the disease, and schools that have opened up without restrictions have not caused any major spike in cases.

We must come to the realization, as harrowing as it may be to consider, that our children are being subjected to these restrictions for more sinister reasons than just public safety concerns. The propaganda that we all have been subjected to is unlike anything the world has ever known. The mass hysteria disseminated through the media is having a profoundly negative effect on adults, so the effect that it is having on children must be at least a thousand-fold, and the ramifications are apocalyptically dire.

Christians in the days of Jesus sacrificed their lives to spread the word venerating their Lord and Savior, the True Son of God, Jesus Christ. They were beaten, tortured, treated like lepers, crucified, fed to wild animals, suffered unimaginable hardships, and for what? So their descendants, bestowed with prosperity they would have considered a bounty from heaven, would surrender it all in the sorriest of ways when it came time to stand and fight.

This is not acceptable. We have all complied for far too long. I am drawing the line in the sand. These demons will not corrupt the souls of my children, and they should not corrupt your children’s souls either. We have to preserve our American traditions for the generations to come. We owe it to our posterity to stand for their innocence. Our children should not be living in fear and submitting to orders that are unlawful and make no sense.

I am taking the lead to unite various Catholic schools in the Metro Detroit area to resist COVID tyranny and demand the restoration of freedom in our schools. We will also reach out to other faith-based communities to band together to make sure our rights are not infringed. The 1st Amendment protects us all, but it will not protect our rights unless we exercise them. That is what I intend to do in the months to come and hope you are there beside me.

It begins with one person standing up and saying no more. This is how every movement begins, from the American Revolution to the 1960’s civil rights struggle, it starts with one person doing the right thing and speaking truth to power. I encourage the parents of St. Hugo’s to be the ones who band together and spark civil disobedience in our state and nationwide. Do not get complacent and accept that this nightmare is over. In reality, it is just beginning. The souls of our children quite literally depend upon your action. I hope we stand together and turn our civilization around before it is too late.


Your Friend