May 182021

Fellow Parents,

The federal government is now giving indicators that they want to relax their COVID-19 restrictions, and schools are expected to follow suit.

After months and months of restricting the freedom of our children, conditioning them to live in constant irrational fear, making sure they understood that their freedoms are not absolute and subject to revocation at a moment’s notice, we are starting to get signals that a return to normalcy has arrived.

Should we breathe a sigh of relief if our liberties are temporarily restored? No, we simply cannot. We must strive to make sure that this situation can never happen again and that the COVID-19 lockdowns be looked at alongside Japanese internship camps in the 1940s, Indian removals of the 19th century, and human slavery among the darkest episodes of our nation’s history.

Make no mistake about it: Every child who is made to comply with the mask mandate will eventually line up to receive the mark-of-the-beast microchip and be hell bound.

This is why I am organizing fellow parents to make sure this never happens again.  We are doing a tremendous disservice to our children by succumbing to virus fear. Our children are set to inherit a society unrecognizable to anything that each of us grew up in. This is a world where they will be expected to submit and their liberties will always be contingent upon compliance. This is not the America that my family risked life and limb to be a part of.

Nothing has broken my heart more during the pandemic than watching the Catholic Church roll over to the mandates. With only a handful of exceptions, Catholic churches have closed their doors because the government told them that operating was illegal. Some priests demeaned themselves, performing baptisms with squirt guns or cheapening the holy sacrament of the Eucharist, to comply with government overreach destroying religious liberty.

Catholic dioceses throughout the state of Michigan have complied with virus tyranny, which has been most offensive through the mask mandates. Catholic dioceses have gone along with the mask mandate even though there is no scientific data showing that children need to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19. According to all the available data, children are not at major risk of spreading the disease, and schools that have opened up without restrictions have not caused any major spike in cases.

We must come to the realization, as harrowing as it may be to consider, that our children are being subjected to these restrictions for more sinister reasons than just public safety concerns. The propaganda that we all have been subjected to is unlike anything the world has ever known. The mass hysteria disseminated through the media is having a profoundly negative effect on adults, so the effect that it is having on children must be at least a thousand-fold, and the ramifications are apocalyptically dire.

Christians in the days of Jesus sacrificed their lives to spread the word venerating their Lord and Savior, the True Son of God, Jesus Christ. They were beaten, tortured, treated like lepers, crucified, fed to wild animals, suffered unimaginable hardships, and for what? So their descendants, bestowed with prosperity they would have considered a bounty from heaven, would surrender it all in the sorriest of ways when it came time to stand and fight.

This is not acceptable. We have all complied for far too long. I am drawing the line in the sand. These demons will not corrupt the souls of my children, and they should not corrupt your children’s souls either. We have to preserve our American traditions for the generations to come. We owe it to our posterity to stand for their innocence. Our children should not be living in fear and submitting to orders that are unlawful and make no sense.

I am taking the lead to unite various Catholic schools in the Metro Detroit area to resist COVID tyranny and demand the restoration of freedom in our schools. We will also reach out to other faith-based communities to band together to make sure our rights are not infringed. The 1st Amendment protects us all, but it will not protect our rights unless we exercise them. That is what I intend to do in the months to come and hope you are there beside me.

It begins with one person standing up and saying no more. This is how every movement begins, from the American Revolution to the 1960’s civil rights struggle, it starts with one person doing the right thing and speaking truth to power. I encourage the parents of St. Hugo’s to be the ones who band together and spark civil disobedience in our state and nationwide. Do not get complacent and accept that this nightmare is over. In reality, it is just beginning. The souls of our children quite literally depend upon your action. I hope we stand together and turn our civilization around before it is too late.


Your Friend