Oct 222021


I know there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty within the caregivers community due to the Linder monopoly bills and the threatening aspect of this cartel legislation that intends to wipe us all out.

I know you are worried about going back to the dark ages of prohibition, of being scared that a uniformed goon will show up and put a gun in your face for growing medicine. This is very understandable.

But we cannot give up.

The caregivers are the backbone of the Michigan economy, providing independent wealth that spans across many industries. It is not just the hydro stores like mine that rely on you to put food on our family’s plate. It is electricians, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, and so forth, and this money spreads into many other industries. 

Our economy is suffering, due to the pandemic, due to corruption, due to many reasons that I will not get into right now. By slowing down or shutting down due to fear, we not only give into the bad guys but also kill the engine that is keeping our country afloat during tough times.

This is why I implore all of you to continue your grows and continue producing medicine. They cannot come after us all. The people are on our side, and they are being alerted to the real problem. 

The real problem is Big Weed, the marijuana cartel, that would corporatize marijuana products. The caregivers system is based on relationships, sustained by the compassion of the grower. As everyone in the industry knows, there is an abundance of caregivers who will give marijuana away to cancer patients, epileptics, the pain stricken, and others who desperately need it FOR FREE!

Will that happen if the caregivers model is destroyed? Of course not, despite their assurances otherwise. They are trying to buy off medical patients with a proposed government subsidy, one that can be cut off at a moment’s notice, but that pittance is not worth selling out our freedom, our dignity and our self-respect.

I want to let the homegrowers know that myself, other business leaders, and the entire cannabis community are fighting for their rights. We are going to war with the monopolists everyday in Lansing. They know we are serious. We are hitting them with billboards, ads, calls and constant pressure to expose them. We are not lobbying the lawmakers, we are lobbying the PEOPLE against this takeover and the people’s eyes are opening. Nobody wants a corporate cannabis cartel.

We will come out victorious at the end of this. They were expecting that we would be celebrating post-legalization and relax, take our eyes off the ball, and allow this takeover to happen without much resistance. They have found that they were dead wrong. 

In the meantime, keep doing what you are legally allowed to do in our democracy through the Medical Marihuana Act of 2008. It is your constitutionally-protected freedom to grow medicine under the sensible regulations approved in overwhelming margin by the voters. Exercise your rights freely. We got your back.


George Brikho

Apr 142019

The recent arrest of WikiLeaks cofounder Julian Assange in London is an outrage.  There are so many things wrong with this situation that I could write a book.  A long book.  Assange had been granted asylum by the Ecuadorian government back in 2012, and became a citizen of Ecuador in 2017.  Now, they have revoked that asylum, invited the London Police into their embassy to arrest him, and he is sitting in jail cell presumably awaiting extradition.  Many international human rights groups believe that he should be released.

This is a cautionary tale about governments and government agencies.  The behavior of Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno, is reprehensible.  It is proof that all too often a government can say something or promise anything one day, and change its mind on a different day.  That becomes very true when there is a change of leadership in a government.  It is known that Moreno has been implicated in a corruption scandal in Ecuador by his country’s legislature.  As always, governments show they cannot be trusted.

Assange may appeal to the government of France for asylum on humanitarian grounds (he has a son who lives in France).  But what would come next?  Does anyone really want to trust the French to do the right thing?  Assange will always be on the run unless the United States drops its legal case against him.

The international media should be praising the work that Assange and WikiLeaks have done over the years.  Assange should be as revered as Daniel Ellsberg, who released the Pentagon Papers in 1971.  Our United States Constitution guarantees freedom of the press.  Assange should be treated as a reporter and WikiLeaks considered a news reporting organization.

It should be stated that Assange is not accused by the United States government of hacking.  He is a reporter who has used a hacker as a source.  He is a journalist who has sought to protect his sources, which earned the enmity of several national governments.  If we value freedom of speech then we have to stand in support of him.

If we care about holding our own government accountable, especially when it is engaging in unjust warfare overseas, then we need people like Assange doing the very work that they have done.  The justifications for our military misadventures have often been spurious.  We need to admit that the United States either has no clue about what it is doing in the Middle East, or (worse) is an intentional bad actor.  Ellsberg, Assange and others have done the necessary work over time to expose our foreign policy misconduct.

It’s time to free Julian Assange!

In Liberty,

George Brikho

May 032015

It is now a well-known fact that our government, especially at the federal level, lies to us regularly and keeps us in the dark on pretty much everything. However, the lid may soon be busting off of one of the most speculated-upon events in our nation’s history – 9/11 and who was really behind the attacks that changed our country forever.

Introduced by Representatives Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA), House Resolution 428 (H.Res.428) would implore the President to release 28 pages of classified documents pertaining to 9/11. According to the Congressmen who have read the documents under a vow of secrecy about their contents, it is a real eye-opener that shatters many previously-held notions of what happened on that fateful day.

Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky) said, “As I read [the classified documents], and we all had our own experience, I had to stop every couple of pages and just sort of try to absorb and try to rearrange my understanding of history… It challenges you to re-think everything. I think the whole country needs to go through that.”

Former 9th District Republican congressional candidate George Brikho agrees with Rep. Massie’s analysis.

“The 9/11 official government story stinks. The government has lied and cheated every step of the way. They are hiding something huge from us. It’s so obvious, and it’s not being done to keep us safe. We must deny the government propaganda and demand the truth,” Brikho said.

Both the Bush and Obama Administrations have refused to disclose the documents, prompting a nationwide movement to get this crucial information released to the public. Former Florida Senator Bob Graham, who was once Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is leading the charge to get these documents released.

“This has been a major source of frustration and anger for me. Back in 2002, I co-chaired the congressional inquiry into 9/11. We produced, after more than a year of research, hearings, interviews, reading thousands of documents, a report of over 800 pages,” Sen. Graham explained in an interview with independent news site BenSwann.com.

“That was the chapter that went to the question of who financed 9/11. I have been trying since that time to get those 28 pages released because I think that would be an important piece of information on to me the most essential, unanswered question of 9/11, which is did the 19 hijackers act alone or was there a support network, which facilitated their financing, their lives while in the United States, their training and practicing the plot,” Sen. Graham said.

The support network supposedly comes from Saudi Arabia. The 28 unreleased pages, according to Sen. Graham, are a startling revelation that the feds have been less than truthful about what happened on 9/11 this entire time and that one of America’s closest allies, Saudi Arabia, had a much larger role in the attacks than what was previously acknowledged to the public. Making matters worse, the feds were supposedly knowledgeable about Saudi Arabian involvement in the attacks, and knowingly covered it up.

“Our foreign policy is a disaster. We are giving weapons to terrorists all over the world. Christians are being slaughtered as a result. Radical Islam is thriving as a result. It all comes from 9/11. It gave our insane government the excuse to bomb the world into oblivion,” George Brikho said.

Brikho continued on to say, “Our government has sent countless men and women to die based on lies. This is a criminal enterprise that is operating in Washington D.C. This is gangsterism. We need to get all the information out to the public, and then jail the crooks responsible for this massive cover-up.”

In spite of the odds that lie ahead of Brikho and the truth movement that he represents, George maintains an optimistic outlook and a fighting spirit that will only subside after he achieves justice.

“We are making progress in the fight for government transparency,” Brikho said. “People are starting to realize that you can’t trust the government. You give these scumbags an inch, and they will take a mile. I will never trust them to be anything but liars and thieves. I will fight them until the bitter end if necessary.”