Nov 172016

Donald Trump talked about “draining the swamp” in Washington DC. Washington DC is filled with corruption. Special interest groups, lobbyists, and career politicians control the agenda. Trump campaigned on cleaning up this mess.

In Macomb County the swamp is overflowing. The FBI is lurking in Macomb County. Rizzo is at the center of the investigation. New names are being implicated almost daily. Former Warren Councilman Chuck Busse, Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds, Macomb Township Trustee Clifford Freitas, Chesterfield Township Supervisor Michael Lovelock, and Macomb Township Trustee Dino Bucci have all been connected to the corruption. Rizzo Executive Chuck Rizzo Jr. resigned amid the FBI probe. Rampant corruption plagued the Macomb County Public Works department. That was the main issue in that race.  The swamp is so disgusting in Macomb County the sewage backs up on the beaches.  This sewage is all connected to a mafia crime wave that inhibited true protection of our great lakes.

Anyone with a pulse and half a brain could see the layers of criminal activity that have occurred in Macomb County for decades. Rizzo has been at the center of this ugliness forever. The fact that Rizzo has a “Director of Government Affairs” pretty much sums it up. Joe Munem has been a unsavory character that has been a scourge in Macomb County forever. Munem has a long storied history of causing trouble in Warren and Macomb County. Munem is a RINO that has infiltrated the local Republican party and tried to turn it liberal and progressive. Chad Selweski and other so called reporters have provided cover for Joe Munem for years. The disgusting slob Munem has personally attacked Michigan Republican Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. The Republican party must distance themselves from this pariah. Munem is a bad actor in every sense of the word. Munem is the king of the swamp. Swamp thing Munem has caused irreparable damage to the County.

Reports are that a insider from Rizzo has turned snitch. Many more names are coming out due to this cowardly rat. It is pretty obvious who is the turncoat. After scamming Warren, Macomb County, and Michiganders, Munem even turned in his fellow criminals that fed his crime spree. There is no honor among thieves. Taxpayers are on the hook for shady backroom deals. Poor performance and being ill prepared are the trademarks of these shady deals. All across the county municipalities are being screwed by these shady deals. It is sad that Munem may escape prosecution. The captain of corruption should go down with the sinking ship.

It is time to Drain the Swamp in Macomb County. Flush this turd Munem. Get rid of all the same old cronies that bilk Macomb County for millions. Clean up our water so that our children are not poisoned. Make Macomb County Great again!!





Nov 162016


There are lots of reasons to be optimistic about Donald Trump’s Presidency. This election was amazing. People are tired of the status quo. The Trump and Sanders phenomena showed that average voters do not trust the establishment. Both parties have stabbed the American people in the back. The elites are controlled by major banks and corporations. Special interest groups control the politicians. People are energized to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Donald Trump was elected as an outsider. He promised things would be done differently in DC. K street and Wall street would no longer control Main Street. Change is needed as people are struggling to make ends meet.

Washington’s foreign policy has been an utter failure. Over a million Iraqi people have been massacred due to a flawed foreign policy. Our soldiers come home in body bags or badly injured. PTSD is an epidemic 22 soldiers kill themselves daily. Hillary Clinton and the military industrial complex are gearing up for WW3. Donald Trump campaigned as the dovish candidate as opposed to war hawk Hillary. We do not need more unconstitutional and pointless wars. We do not need to send our sons and daughters to die in Russia or the Middle East. We do not need to fund and arm ISIS to kill Christians. Donald Trump gave us hope that this horrible trend would stop.

It is alarming that Donald Trump has been considering staff members that have values and a track record opposite of the platform he ran on. John Bolton? Mike Rogers? Newt Gingrich? Edwin Meese? Rudy Giuliani? Chris Christie? Reince Priebus? etc….. These retread RINOs are exactly what Trump’s supporters rallied against. The idea was to drain the swamp not fill it up with more rats and garbage.

We must be vigilant. We must not let the same powers that be take over the Trump administration. We do not want Bush 3.0. The Chaldean community backed Donald Trump. We must not let him sell us out. We will not be used as pawns for the establishment. Donald Trump do not make us look like fools. We are watching. Now is the time to stop the madness. Lobby the Trump administration to put good people on the team. We will not sit back and do nothing. God Bless You All.


Nov 142016


The election was a major disappointment for the Oakland County Republican party. While Donald Trump had major victories all over the country, Oakland County went for Hillary. Donald Trump won Macomb County in a landslide. A Republican has not won Macomb county since 1988!! Donald Trump also won the state of Michigan. Michigan is considered a blue state and was an assured victory for Hillary.

Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for Oakland County. He is a hard working business man. Oakland County is filled with entrepreneurs very similar to Donald Trump. Oakland County has been traditionally Republican for years.

The Countywide races were an abysmal failure. L Brooks Patterson and Mike Bouchard were the only Republicans to win county wide. Their victories were alarmingly close. Their name recognition helped them eek out a win.

The company line will tout the seats that they defended. Look at where the effort went. The County party put it’s resources into protecting known traitors to conservative values. Facts show the long back stabbing voting record of these Benedict Arnold’s. Instead of holding these politicians that work for us accountable to their rat fink behavior, the County party treats these turncoats like royalty. Begrudgingly, as little effort as possible was put forth by the County GOP on the Trump campaign. Most resources were spent on double crossers while Donald Trump was treated like a pariah.

Pundits and pollsters were proven to be incompetent, unreliable, and purposefully misleading. They say that the demographics of Oakland have changed. That is the excuse the County party will use to be blameless. BUllshit! Blue collar union workers voted for Trump. Minority and ethnic groups voted for Trump more then previous Republicans. The Donald even did better with Spanish voters then Romney. God bless the Chaldean people for coming together in Macomb and shocking the world. So the excuse of changing demographics holds no water.

The successes in Michigan are primarily due to grassroots effort. Matt and Meshawn Maddock did more for the Trump campaign then the entire Oakland County leadership team combined. Change needs to be made at the local level. We need to drain the swamp here in Oakland County. Politicians work for us. They need to be held accountable. We can make a difference here at a local level. It is time to stop the local GOP that treats politicians like Kings and Queens. Do not bow to them. Stand up fellow Republicans. Clean House. Put the people back in charge. Stop the special interest groups from controlling the process. Make Oakland County Great Again! #weshitontheestablishment


Nov 122016

rallyThe Chaldean community saved America. Without the unified vote of the Chaldean community, Hillary Clinton is the President. For the first time since 1988, Macomb County voted for the Republican nominee for President.

The lopsided win for Donald Trump was a surprise to the system. Hillary’s campaign was confident that the blue collar county would be a huge victory. They did not take into account the Chaldean People.

Chaldeans are hard working, proud, people. Our work ethic is second to none. Many of us are entrepreneurs. We work hard for our families. We see that work ethic in Donald Trump. He is a hustling businessman. I wonder if Donald Trump has some east side Chaldean in him!!! His shit on them attitude is refreshing in today’s political climate. The politicians have neglected the Chaldean people. The ravages of the heartless politician’s wars has decimated the middle east. Hillary Clinton and the war mongering neocons have destabilized the middle east. The blood of over 1 million Iraqis is on their hands. Donald Trump gives us hope that the failed foreign policy of Obama, Clinton, Bush, McCain, Graham, and Bolton has ended. Too many Christians have been slaughtered. The Deceivers in Washington must be stopped. The war machine was gearing up to send our sons and daughters to kill Syrians, Russians, and starting WW3. Trump has the opportunity to not fund and arm ISIS like Hillary.

Government is in the way of small businesses. We see this daily. Donald Trump is a businessman and has dealt with government being a road block to his success. We love the American Dream. Through hard work you can be anything you want. The bloodsuckers and the government are trying to kill the American Dream. Many of our people came to America for the American dream. We love freedom. We want government out of the way so we can be successful. We do not need the government to hold our hands. Donald Trump gives us belief that the American Dream has not turned into a nightmare.

The Chaldean Community shocked the world. We can do anything. Nobody can stop the Babylonian Lion when it is on a mission. I am proud of my people. We will be vigilant to make sure we were not used by Donald Trump. We are optimistic that President Trump can stop the slaughter of our women and children and our industrious people can utilize the opportunity to provide for our beautiful families.

Thank you to my fellow Chaldeans. I love you all

George Brikho

Dec 052015


The Mansour Effect: Corrupt Detroit Politicos Get Rich Off the Backs of Cancer Patients

Corruption is running wild throughout our political system, and the Michigan medical marijuana program is in jeopardy because of it. The city of Detroit is set to pass rules to put many medical marijuana distribution centers out of business at the behest of politically-connected special interests.

Political activist George Brikho, former 9th District Congressional Candidate and owner of Edenz Hydro Gardening Store, is outraged by these developments, and refuses to take them lying down.

“It is crony capitalism, bar none,” Brikho said. “The medical marijuana dispensary system is bringing much -needed prosperity back into Detroit. We are bringing sustainable jobs that are putting people to work and feeding families without any taxpayer money being spent to do so. And this is what the city council is so concerned about and wants to stop? Shame on them all.”

Strict new zoning regulations are likely to be passed by the Detroit city council. These regulations are completely arbitrary, and would put a large number of dispensary owners out of business instantly. Conveniently, the “Reef”, a dispensary run by Terrence Mansour, President of the Michigan Cannabis Development Association, is unaffected by the ordinance. Brikho says this is not happening because of mere coincidence.

“I was there, and I can personally attest to the fact that Terrence is working on a deal to give a Detroit city council member and their significant other a 10 percent cut of the action from his dispensary to pass these new rules,” Brikho said. “It’s a pay-to-play system that is being created by these dirty, corrupt bureaucrats and the fat cats like Mansour who own them. This is a heist that is taking place. It’s criminal.”

Brikho also points to Mansour as being responsible for bringing infamous real estate developer, Ron Boji, into the fold. According to Brikho, they have been working feverishly to crush common sense medical marijuana reform in Lansing. Mansour, Boji and his associates want to add unnecessary transportation rules into important medical marijuana legislation that would allow their cronies to secure what amounts to a very lucrative kickback – with patients, caregivers and dispensary owners picking up the tab.

“Whenever there is some crooked low-life dealings going down to the medical marijuana industry, it seems as if the crook Terrence Mansour is always right in the middle of them,” Brikho said. “He has ruined many businesses partnerships because of his seedy and unethical behavior.”

Mansour’s poor professional reputation lends additional credibility to Brikho’s claims. Within his own organization, Mansour has experienced immense controversy stemming from accusations that he illegally purged opposition members from the group. Peter P. Cimeot and Patric Wimberly were terminated from the MCDA Board of Directors, and they claim their expulsion broke the organization’s bylaws and was orchestrated by Mansour.

“It is apparent that Peter P. Cimeot and Patric Wimberly have been removed from MCDA membership, and I from the Director’s Board, illegally,” Peter Cimeot wrote in a letter from Feb. 2015 to the MCDA. “The MCDA bylaws… state that any Director may not be removed other than by a unanimous decision of all current directors. No such vote was ever taken as neither myself, nor my business partner, Patric Wimberly, were notified of a meeting for same. ”

Cimeot and Wimberly claim that they were harassed by MCDA lobbyist, Duke Tallandier, who reportedly yelled obscenities at them before quitting the organization. However, Mansour called Cimeot and informed him that Tallandier would be re-instated in spite of his hostile, abusive, unprofessional behavior. Cimeot strongly objected to this decision, and Mansour demanded his resignation. When he refused, he and his partner Wimberly were booted from the organization in a seemingly clear violation of the rules.

Mansour apparently runs MCDA like his own personal fiefdom, and he treats hard-working taxpayers and medical marijuana patients with the same contempt and disrespect as his business associates. It has gotten so bad that even caught the attention of the mainstream media, who put Mansour and his criminal associates in the public spotlight for their shady dealings.

Mansour, Boji and State Rep. Klint Kesto were profiled in a recent FOX 2 Detroit report about corrupt players in the medical marijuana industry. Brikho was even mentioned in the report while Kesto was being interviewed. Although the legislators played dumb when confronted by the journalists, the allegations of dirty money is very difficult to ignore.

“Kesto tried to laugh off my legitimate concerns,” Brikho said. “But he’s fooling nobody. Word is spreading that he is a snake, criminal and a villain, and I won’t stop until everyone knows his true nature.”

“I am happy to see that FOX 2 News picked up on this corruption as well,” Brikho said. “It is very refreshing to see mainstream media focus on this controversy, and call out the bad guys. Hopefully, many Detroit residents were awakened to the special interest power-grab that is in the works by the likes of Mansour and Boji, and how puppets like Klint Kesto do their bidding in Lansing.”

Along with the many others in the community, Brikho and his partners are fighting for a patient-centric medical marijuana industry where dispensary owners are successful based upon the quality of medicine and service that they provide through the marketplace. On the other hand, criminals like Mansour are pushing for an industry dictated by bureaucrats giving privileged deals to cozy special interests, at the expense of their competitors and sick patients who desperately need their medicine.

In spite of recent turmoil, the fight is far from over. Brikho has another trick up his sleeve that he feels will come through in the end.

“There is a way to get around all of this nonsense,” Brikho said. “The people are much more wise than their politicians. So if the corrupt city council won’t do what is right, we will take the issue directly to the public.”

“When the people have a chance to give the finger to criminal corrupt corporate vulture like Mansour, I am confident that they will make the right choice,” Brikho said. “Public anger toward these type of people is very high, and growing by the minute. The people’s voice will be heard before it’s all said and done, one way or another.”

Nov 052015

The Big Money Gang Rape of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Industry

Whenever something is going right in America, it seems like the usual special interests arrive to mess things up. On the issue of medical marijuana, it’s no different.

The battle is currently being waged in Lansing. Rep. Callton’s “medical marihuana provisioning center regulation act” passed the House and is now in the Senate. The language in the bill presently would allow the industry to function and flourish without any unreasonable restrictions. However, lobbyists such as Ron Boji and Mazen Samonas are working to change all of that.

“I hate seeing corporate raiders use government to take money out of the pockets of good, honest, hard-working people,” George Brikho of EverGreen Management said. “I hate seeing vultures like these guys plot and scheme to take money away from the sick, the poor, the needy, the little guy. That’s why I helped form EverGreen Management, to fight people like Ron Boji and his corrupt cronies.”

EverGreen Management was founded by Brikho and his partners earlier this year to make sure that the medical marijuana industry wasn’t overrun or destroyed by corporate lobbyists and heavy-handed government bureaucrats. They have fought on behalf of Rep. Callton’s important legislation to make sure that its integrity is not jeopardized as it moves through Lansing.

Under new proposed amendments to Rep. Callton’s bill which are still in the works, special interests could pocket up to 10 percent of the revenue from the medical marijuana industry because of a state-mandated monopoly on the transportation services related to medical marijuana. These are the rules that EverGreen is working diligently to keep out of the legislation.

Brikho says that he knows this information to be correct because his management group was informed by an insider source, Ron Boji himself.

“We have put the heat on Boji for quite sometime, and we have made it clear to him that he will not push us around in Lansing,” Brikho said. “He admitted to one of EverGreen’s directors that he is working on behalf of the beer, wine, gas, tobacco industries in pushing these regulations. They aren’t written to help patients, but rather powerful special interests.”

“Let’s not toy around here. These merchants kill people. They make money selling death,” Brikho said. “I don’t want them to taint this industry. I will fight these lowlifes tooth and nail, and never get in bed with them under any circumstances.”

Because of these arbitrary distribution rules that don’t appear in other states’ medical marijuana laws, these established distributors would get a government-mandated cut from the marijuana industry. This needless middleman position would ultimately drive the price of medicine upward, and hurt the patients who desperately need this medicine to survive.

Making matters worse, it is also strongly suspected that Boji and his associates are not just planning to create a monopoly for transportation services related to marijuana. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This transportation monopoly could open Pandora’s Box toward the limiting of growers and provisioning centers, which would severely limit the access of patients to the medicine they desperately need.

“This is a take over as far as I am concerned,” Brikho said. “All of these big interests saw marijuana as competition, and they fought against it. Now that it’s taking off, they want to use their power to squeeze all of us who worked to make the industry what it is. This is highway robbery, and it’s primarily hurting the most vulnerable in our society. It’s an incredible outrage.”

EverGreen is concerned about the effect of corporate lobbying on our politics. They believe it is an epidemic throughout the country, and it has permeated every layer of government. Whether it’s the federal level, the state level or the local level, rules and regulations are not crafted to ensure the public interest and the greater good of society. Instead, they are crafted to ensure that the lobbyists and the corporate interests they represent rake in the cash, while their smaller competitors are crushed.

Brikho believes Ron Boji and Mazen Samonas are emblematic of this nationwide problem.

“The bottom line is they cannot compete in the marketplace like a decent men. They have to use government like their own personal piggy bank to make their ill-gotten gains,” Brikho said. “They represent everything that the Founding Fathers fought a revolution to get away from.”

“If they or anyone else ran a superior enterprise than me and they took my business that way, more power to them. That is how a healthy competition should work, and it creates a benefit for the consumer,” Brikho said. “But the way these goons manipulate the system to line their own pockets is despicable, and that’s exactly what they are up to in the medical marijuana industry. And I am putting them on notice for their reprehensible behavior.”

George Brikho and EverGreen Management will do everything in their power to keep Rep. Callton’s “medical marihuana provisioning center regulation act” in tact without any substantial changes to the legislation.

“We must let our voices be known,” Brikho said. “Spread the word. Call your state senator. Demand that they refuse to kowtow to special interests. Demand that they put patients and caregivers first, and leave Rep. Callton’s bill alone.”

You can find your legislator’s information at the following link:

Oct 192015



BREAKING: Stop the Big Money Takeover of the Medical Marijuana Industry!

Nefarious lobbying by big tobacco corporations are putting a common sense medical marijuana reform measure in serious jeopardy. Proposed rules would allow special interests to bleed the industry dry – threatening the safety of Michigan cancer sufferers and other sick patients benefiting from the proven medical properties of the substance.

Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville) introduced the “medical marihuana provisioning center regulation act” earlier this year to protect the rights of medical marijuana patients. Callton’s bill would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in a sensible manner, ensuring safe access for qualifying patients.

It was expected that this bill would pass immediately without a hitch, but that hasn’t been the case – due to the actions of cronyist lobbyists like Ron Boji who will apparently put the lives of cancer patients at stake in order to line his own pocketbook.

The language Boji and his associates want added to the bill would mandate a costly middleman position reserved solely for wealthy, entrenched special interests that currently benefit from tobacco regulations. Previously, the alterations were proposed in the at the House at the behest of Rep. Klint Kesto (R-Commerce Twp). Although they were unable to sneak it through that time around, they are trying again in the Senate.

Under the new language, special interests would pocket up to 10 percent of the revenue from the medical marijuana industry because of a state-mandated monopoly on the transportation services related to medical marijuana. The expense would be covered by sick patients who desperately need to treat their critical illnesses along with the caregivers who provide them their life-sustaining medicine.

This is only the latest in a long pattern of troubling behavior from Boji and his associates.

Boji and his real estate development company Boji Group were responsible for the infamous new $41 million taxpayer-funded Senate building. In spite of the boondoggle being appraised for a fraction of its immense $41 million price tag, an on-going $454 million budget crunch, and roads falling to pieces across the state, Boji was able to secure that lucrative contract, and has drawn the ire of millions of concerned Michigan taxpayers in doing so.

Not content with those ill-gotten gains, Boji now wants to take cash out of the pockets of cancer patients as well. Humanitarian, medical marijuana advocate and former 9thDistrict Republican Congressional candidate George Brikho strongly disagrees with Boji’s business model.

“This is as unethical and despicable,” Brikho said. “I have fought for years on behalf of patients, caregivers and those in the medical marijuana industry who have built it into what it is today. And never could I ever have imagined such heartless, reprehensible tactics as what I have seen from Ron Boji and his associates.”

“If a store buys $1 million dollars worth of medicine, parasites like Boji would automatically pocket $100,000 from that transaction because of these unnecessary provisions being added into the bill,” Brikho said. “In the free market, a wide variety of companies would perform that service at a fraction of the cost. Because of vultures like Boji, the patients and caregivers would bear this burden just so he can benefit. That is as un-Christian and un-American as it gets.”

Brikho urges people to call and e-mail their state senators to demand that Rep. Callton’s “medical marihuana provisioning center regulation act” is passed without any changes made to the bill.

“They tried this funny business before, they were able to gain control of one Representative, however we were able to stop them by getting the word out” Brikho said. “I hope the people can make their voices heard to stop these corrupt special interest groups before patients and caregivers are made to suffer. I also encourage you all to contact your Senator. Tell them enough is enough, people like Boji only hurt the citizens of Michigan.”

Jul 242015

Another entrepreneur bites the dust. This time, the founder of ‘Happy’s Pizza’ is taking it good and hard from Uncle Sam. He is going to serve hard time, due to supposed crime of tax evasion.

According to a report, Happy Asker, the founder of the Detroit-based restaurant chain Happy’s Pizza, was convicted of “3 counts of filing false returns, 28 counts of aiding and assisting the filing of false returns for Happy’s Pizza franchises, and one count of engaging in a corrupt endeavor to obstruct and impede the administration of the Internal Revenue Code.”

Now it is time to pay the piper for Happy Asker. For merely wanting to live peacefully with the fruits of his own labor, federal goons will be caging him and committing armed robbery against him. Happy was sentenced to 50 months in prison, and will have to fork over $2.5 million to the Internal Revenue Service. Former 9th District Republican Congressional Candidate George Brikho sees this as a colossal injustice.

“I never met Happy personally, but this successful entrepreneur brought nothing but value to his community. He helped thousands of families make ends meet while providing goods and services that many found rewarding,” Brikho said. “That is why he is being punished. A message is clearly being sent. It’s apart of a war on those who provide a prosperity that is the life-blood of America.”

Brikho believes this is especially outrageous because of the unfair and capricious way the tax laws are enforced. Selective enforcement allows individuals to be targeted if they don’t have the right political connection. If an individual is politically connected, they are allowed to openly flout the law.

“This isn’t about taxes,” Brikho said. “Scumbags like Al Sharpton, who divide the races for profit, owe millions in taxes. It’s widely known that he owes a ton of loot to the feds. But he’s allowed to strut around without any repercussions. If Sharpton was a business owner like Happy or myself, he would be persecuted. But since he’s a leech and a race pimp and a piece of filth, he is above the law. This is the upside-down twilight zone that America has become under Obama and the globalists.”

A New York Times investigation uncovered last year that Reverand Al Sharpton owes more than $4.5 million in back taxes. But while Happy Asker is punished for his lack of payment, Rev. Sharpton is celebrated as a national community leader and given a seemingly endless numbers of platforms in the mainstream media to spread his divisive message of racial hatred.

This type of injustice is what made Brikho into a political activist in the first place. He runs for office to return normalcy to this once great country. A full restoration of America to its Constitutional principles including limited government and a respect for property rights are his ultimate goal.

“This country was founded by tax-hating revolutionaries who despised government tyranny,” Brikho said. “Many people act like Happy Asker is some kind of tax cheat or villain. They couldn’t be more wrong. He just wanted to keep the fruits of his labor, and he shouldn’t be demonized for that. It’s a wholly American idea.

“As a matter of fact, if nobody paid their taxes, the government wouldn’t be able to fund overseas terror groups, illegal spying, business-crippling regulations, bankster bailouts, trillions in corporate welfare, senseless marijuana prohibition, and other atrocities. It’s time that people adopt the mindset of the Founding Fathers rather than groveling beneath lowly bureaucrats. It might be high time for a tax revolt, or something even more extreme than that to take place!”

To Brikho, the case of Happy Asker is a tragedy that must not be forgotten. It represents that the American dream has been destroyed and twisted around into a cruel nightmare.

“When you are a man like Happy who is providing a good or service to the community, that is the debt you are paying back to society,” Brikho said. “Economic freedom is important. Nobody should have to give criminal thugs in Washington D.C. a piece of the action in order to provide jobs and goods and services to the community. It is nonsensical, and people who think they ‘pay their fair share’ when they fork over their taxes have been duped.”

“The good news though is that more people loathe these federal robbers and murderers than ever before,” Brikho said. “And that is the revolution that I am proud to organize and give a voice to within the political system. We aren’t going away, and God as my witness, we will succeed.”

Jul 052015

Greetings, Friends!

I hope that you and yours enjoyed Independence Day. After eating delicious food and enjoying good company, don’t forget to remember what this day is all about: seizing your God-given freedom from the clutches of a tyrannical government.

The Founding Fathers seceded from the British government because they weren’t receiving political representation. Their rights were being tread upon. Their voices weren’t being heard. We are in the same position right now that our heroic ancestors were in 1776. Although many of us are involved in the system doing everything in our power to preserve freedom, our work may go in vain. We have to be prepared to take action as our forefathers did.

As we look upon our loved ones, we must realize that their safety and well-being is in grave danger because of the terrorist government in Washington D.C. We must be prepared to take whatever action is necessary to secure freedom for us and our loved ones. We must even be willing to give our lives, as the Founding Fathers were willing to do, in defense of this sacred freedom. The intellectual revolution is being waged, and the real revolution may be just around the corner.

But I have not given up hope in peacefully restoring our freedom quite yet. Indeed, I have been very busy since my 2014 Republican run for Congress in the 9th District. I have exciting developments to share with you about my entrepreneurial ventures and political activism. My two fertilizer stores are thriving, and I have my own fertilizer line called Green Magic Gardens. I am proud to offer some of the best products on the market. In addition, I have opened up a medical marijuana dispensary with another in the works. I am proud to help build the American dream for families all throughout this beautiful state.

On the political front, I am a founding member of EverGreen Management. Our organization is working with legislators in Lansing to fix medical marijuana laws to protect patients, caregivers and dispensary owners as well as keeping the corporate vultures from monopolizing and ruining this industry. Don’t be surprised if another political campaign is launched in the near future as well. My goal is to get the truth out to the masses, and unite them together in a non-partisan manner to fight for justice. I am battle-tested and ready to win. Stay tuned.

These are big things that I am working on, but I can only succeed with your help. I pledge that I will never stop fighting for freedom until the bitter end. The independence that we celebrated today is in its final hour unless we act decisively. We can only keep liberty if we all stand together. I hope to see you beside me in this monumental struggle.

God Bless,

George Brikho

May 252015

Brikho Supports the Troops!


I hope you are enjoying Memorial Day and not forgetting what it’s truly about – honoring our nation’s veterans. Millions of veterans have given their lives fighting for our freedom, and I cannot thank them enough. But we must not confuse honoring their service with honoring the endless wars that they are sent to fight and die in needlessly.

Our troops’ lives have been needlessly squandered by government officials in Washington DC, and it is a national tragedy. They were sold a bill of goods by our government. Thousands have died, and we are not safer as a result. There is a PTSD epidemic amongst our soldiers and their suicide rate is off the charts. Soldiers have a hard time getting decent health care, and are profiled as potential terrorist threats by the feds after they return home from service. This is the dark side of our foreign policy that the warmongers want to sweep under the rug.

United States’ foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger once famously said, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” That is the mentality of the vast majority of our politicians in Washington D.C. They look down at the troops, and they sit high on the hog as they send the troops to die based on lies. Do you know how we can really honor the troops? By dishonoring the treasonous devils in Washington D.C. who put the troops’ lives in needless danger to line their own pockets.

Our soldiers are in pain, and my heart goes out to them. They showed so much courage signing up to defend the homeland, and God bless them for that. But the real threat against our homeland is our own federal government. Our federal government will not stop until we stand up against them. They have violated the Constitution in a million different ways. They don’t have the troops’ best interests in mind. Our troops must realize this and resist unlawful orders. Moving forward, this is what our freedom will ultimately hinge upon.

Our troops must not be afraid to say NO to the terrorist Obama and his psychopathic agenda. We all know what he thinks of America. We all know what this maniac who occupies the White House wants to do to our freedoms. Look at what’s happening with Jade Helm. It was even revealed that the United States sided with and provided aid to ISIS and Al Queda in the Middle East under Obama’s rule! The writing is on the wall. The day is coming when the troops will have to either resist and stand down or enforce a Soviet-style tyranny in the United States – and it’s coming very soon.

I support these brave men and women in our Armed Forces, and believe that they will make the right decision when the rubber meets the road. They will have the conscience to uphold their oath to the Constitution against our criminal federal government. Our freedom depends on them more than most could even imagine, and I will proudly stand beside them until the end. I will do my part to spread the message of freedom and liberty that they put their lives on the line to defend. However, I will never stand with the charlatans in Washington D.C. who are turning the world into an apocalyptic nightmare and using the troops as pawns to do so.

God Bless,
George Brikho
Former 9th District Republican Congressional Candidate