Nov 302021

In a sickening but all too familiar display, we saw a mass shooter take the lives of three people on Tuesday. This time, it was right in our backyard in a high school in Oxford, a nice well-to-do community in northern Oakland County. If it can happen in Oxford, it can happen anywhere. This is a wake-up call to all of us.

This is incredibly tragic and heartbreaking news, and it is a sign that we as a culture are too soft and too pathetic to do what it takes to protect our kids. We would rather put up a sign that says “Gun Free Zone” to make ourselves feel better while our children are sitting ducks. This is the mindset that has doomed us to ruin and cannot be tolerated any longer

As our society decays and our civilization is ripped away from us, there will be more people becoming unbalanced. COVID-19 edicts, resulting from the bioterrorism unleashed on us by the New World Order, has everyone on edge. Mental illness and isolation is increasing by design. They are tearing us apart, and we need to be prepared. Otherwise more of our children will be taken from us in cold blood.

Anytime you go to a courthouse, there is a metal detector and about a dozen armed deputies throughout the building. Is this because our society places more value on our corrupt and putrid government officials than we do our children? Are we really this wicked and depraved? We are putting Sodom and Gomorrah to shame with our moral failure. The Founding Fathers would spit in our faces if they saw how far our priorities were misaligned in the nation they created.

Take the money out of the bloated budgets soaked up by far-left indoctrinators and administrators, shamelessly taking our tax dollars to teach heresies like critical race theory and indoctrinate children to hate their creator, their family and their country. Put those funds to armed guards that will protect our children from psychos. Even one armed guard could save countless lives as we deal with this hellish reality facing us all.

If armed guards and medal detectors are not practical, arming the teachers and providing a subsidy for their training is the next best option. There have been many shootings that were stopped or limited in scope because a good guy with a gun was there to meet the insane perpetrator with deadly force. Give teachers the OPTION to conduct weapons training and then carry in the classroom. It will be a game changer as there will be no more soft targets in schools.

Hopefully these principals will begin to see that they need to protect our children, not from a virus that poses absolutely no threat to them, through forcing them to wear mask diapers everyday in class, but from the real threats putting their lives in danger. These feckless principals will slap a mask on a child’s face, cause them to lose countless IQ points, stunt their emotional development, terrorize them with fear propaganda, and pat themselves on the backs while offering them as sacrifices for mass shooters. Enough is enough!

There will, of course, be cowards who call for additional gun control and gun restrictions as a result of this tragedy in Oxford. Newsflash, dummies: The school was already a gun-free zone. Guns were banned on the premises. Because of your policies, children are dead. Because you are too weak to face the reality of this world, children are put in needless danger every single day. Shame on you and your lack of honor.

The animal who committed this violence will suffer a penalty in this life as well as the next. He will rot in jail, hopefully being tried as an adult, for the rest of his days if there is any justice left in this world. In the next life, he will face eternal repercussions for his despicable actions. We have to realize that there are monsters out there, and “Gun Free Zone” signs and feminized anti-bullying campaigns are not sufficient to deal with them. They must be met with greater force and be put down like the dogs that they are before they can commit the damage that Satan has compelled them to perform.

Save the children, end the gun free zones, put armed guards in schools, and allow teachers to train and carry in the classroom.

Nov 172021


I need to expose a lowlife who has victimized the people of Michigan and been particularly cruel and unfair to members of the Chaldean community. I am talking about the shameless booze jockey and greed mogul, Tom Celani.

For those who are unfamiliar with Celani’s machinations, this is a man who proudly traffics in vice and sin. He is the type of man who will happily sell hooch for alcoholics to go home and beat their wives and neglect their families. He will gleefully fleece the pockets of the ignorant and the destitute as they hand over their life savings at casinos where he exploits Native Americans in order to accumulate his nefarious millions.

Celani once served as chair for the Michigan Responsibility Council to oppose the legalization and mainstreaming of the cannabis plant. It was not because Celani, who revels in depravity and has earned the nickname ‘King of Sodom,’ wanted to protect the community or the children. Nothing could be further from the truth. What Celani was worried about was protecting his profits, seeing cannabis as a competitor to his poisonous alcohol.

It should go without saying the difference between alcohol and cannabis is massive. Cannabis is legitimate medicine, a miracle drug that can successfully cure or treat many illnesses and alleviate symptoms for extreme pain in all cases. This is why the cannabis community defeated the most powerful interests on the planet. This is why we defeated the federal government, the corporate machine, systemic racism, some of the most powerful lobbies in the world, and a multi-trillion dollar propaganda campaign. We defeated the bad guys, we defeated Tom Celani, we defeated prohibition.

Celani grew up in the cutthroat beer wholesaling industry before reinventing his image as an upscale wine merchant. He learned the ins and outs from his father, who gifted him with his business, to ruthlessly snuff out competition by any means necessary.  This is why Celani is now coming to swallow up the entire cannabis industry that he fought to destroy for decades and to shamelessly take money out of the pockets of the small entrepreneurs who put up the initial capital and took the risk in order to thrive. Celani, whose sons run High Life Farms, a monopoly cannabis firm at war with caregivers, is a major proponent of the HB5300-02 bills that will create a “Big Weed” monopoly, squeezing every dime out of the medical patients, turning caregivers into criminals, and making marijuana a monopoly similar to his Beer and Wine Wholesalers monopoly.

Celani has reveled in putting his thumb over Chaldean business owners trying to make a buck. He laughs from his $12 million dollar mansion as he puts Chaldeans out of business and leaves our families broken and destitute. I am not sure if it is a racial superiority thing with Celani, but from all who know the man personally, they will tell you there is hate in this man’s heart. Hate for his fellow man. Hate for others who are doing well. Hate for anyone who wants to make something of themselves. The way Celani sees it, he owns the plantation, and Chaldeans may toil for a pittance while he lords over us and allows us our ability to earn.

We had to pay tribute to the likes of Celani and his Beer and Wine monopoly in order to stay in business owning our stores, our gas stations, our grocery businesses in order put food on our family’s plate for years. Celani was happy to exploit Chaldeans as we came over from Iraq, many of us with little resources. He used his power to squeeze us, forcing us to work those 20-hour days, while looking down on us in contempt. He sees us as less than human, as human chattel he and his minions can toy with to his heart’s content. We will allow him to pull the same scam in the medical marijuana industry.

We came from America to escape indignities. We came from America to enjoy our freedom and to thrive. We have done so, despite the best efforts of connivers like Celani who wish to hold us down. We will kowtow to the likes of Celani no longer. Thousands of Chaldean families are THRIVING because of the medical marijuana industry and the caregivers system, which works so well for the patients. We are organized, we are formidable, we will not be exploited any longer. It is time to give Celani a much-needed reality check that we will not be his doormats and we will not settle for his scraps. I call on all Chaldeans to unite against Celani’s anti-American monopoly tactics that will hurt our community for his own ruthless profit-seeking avarice.

Oct 222021


I know there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty within the caregivers community due to the Linder monopoly bills and the threatening aspect of this cartel legislation that intends to wipe us all out.

I know you are worried about going back to the dark ages of prohibition, of being scared that a uniformed goon will show up and put a gun in your face for growing medicine. This is very understandable.

But we cannot give up.

The caregivers are the backbone of the Michigan economy, providing independent wealth that spans across many industries. It is not just the hydro stores like mine that rely on you to put food on our family’s plate. It is electricians, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, and so forth, and this money spreads into many other industries. 

Our economy is suffering, due to the pandemic, due to corruption, due to many reasons that I will not get into right now. By slowing down or shutting down due to fear, we not only give into the bad guys but also kill the engine that is keeping our country afloat during tough times.

This is why I implore all of you to continue your grows and continue producing medicine. They cannot come after us all. The people are on our side, and they are being alerted to the real problem. 

The real problem is Big Weed, the marijuana cartel, that would corporatize marijuana products. The caregivers system is based on relationships, sustained by the compassion of the grower. As everyone in the industry knows, there is an abundance of caregivers who will give marijuana away to cancer patients, epileptics, the pain stricken, and others who desperately need it FOR FREE!

Will that happen if the caregivers model is destroyed? Of course not, despite their assurances otherwise. They are trying to buy off medical patients with a proposed government subsidy, one that can be cut off at a moment’s notice, but that pittance is not worth selling out our freedom, our dignity and our self-respect.

I want to let the homegrowers know that myself, other business leaders, and the entire cannabis community are fighting for their rights. We are going to war with the monopolists everyday in Lansing. They know we are serious. We are hitting them with billboards, ads, calls and constant pressure to expose them. We are not lobbying the lawmakers, we are lobbying the PEOPLE against this takeover and the people’s eyes are opening. Nobody wants a corporate cannabis cartel.

We will come out victorious at the end of this. They were expecting that we would be celebrating post-legalization and relax, take our eyes off the ball, and allow this takeover to happen without much resistance. They have found that they were dead wrong. 

In the meantime, keep doing what you are legally allowed to do in our democracy through the Medical Marihuana Act of 2008. It is your constitutionally-protected freedom to grow medicine under the sensible regulations approved in overwhelming margin by the voters. Exercise your rights freely. We got your back.


George Brikho

Oct 202021


I have embarked upon a journey in recent months, through my organization, the Michigan Caregivers Association, fighting corruption in Lansing.

Sadly, there are members of both major political parties that are engaging in this illicit and unlawful process. Certain Republicans and Democrats are in on it and taking money from the bad guys to sell out the industry.

This is why House Bills 5300, 5301 and 5302 are moving at a lightning pace through the process. These monopoly bills have bipartisan support, with Democrats and Republicans down on their knees for reviled lobbyist Steven “Dr. Evil” Linder, the Chamber of Commerce, and other villains out to steal the marijuana industry from the caregivers, medical patients, small businesses, and other entities that have built it into an economic powerhouse.

This is a takeover by the interests that have opposed marijuana for decades. They fought for prohibition until they saw dollar signs after the marijuana industry started to take off. A great example of this phenomenon is former Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, a Republican who opposed marijuana until he realized he could enrich himself through the industry. Then he whored himself out to the highest bidder while probably breaking the law while doing so.

Meekhof appointed Rick Johnson as chairman of the Michigan medical marijuana licensing board. As part of what appears to be an evident quid pro quo, Johnson gave three licenses to medical marijuana concerns that had bought off Meekhof. He admitted in emails that were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that he was in communication with Johnson during the licensure process that ultimately favored Meekhof’s clients.

This seems to be in apparent violation of a 2016 law barring representatives of medical marijuana applicants from lobbying licensing board members. Meekhof’s clients, Chesaning Elite, Lapeer Infused and Power Play Sports 2, benefited from paying off Meekhof and his lobbying associates. Their licenses went from being denied to being approved. This is part of the same money-driven agenda of unfairness that is driving support for HB5301, HB5302 and HB5303.

A Detroit News article noted that Meekhof aligned “with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce on 93% of its top issues in 2017 and 2018.” It should come as no surprise that the Chamber, a crony-capitalist institution that lobbies for corporate dominance, was at most recent committee hearing lobbying for the Linder monopoly bills. It is such an incestuous network and they all work together in concert to preserve the corrupt system because they know it benefits them at our expense at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that this is not anything new. These revelations did not come out yesterday. This has been open knowledge for years. It has been widely reported since 2019 that one of the most prominent Republican leaders was involved in an apparent pay-to-play scheme to abuse the rules, in a possibly illegal but certainly immoral act, in order to create a marijuana monopoly. There has been no accountability from the attorney general on this issue as well.

It appears that the powers that be are looking the other way, even though these are Republicans acting in an obvious conflict of interest, in a blatantly corrupt manner, and not even attempting to hide it. Everyone is seemingly lined up at the same trough for the corporate special interests that want to dominate the marijuana industry. This whole incestuous system is incredibly immoral and disgusting, but that is only a reason to fight harder.

There are certainly a handful of Republicans and Democrats who stand for the caregivers against corruption, and God bless them. But there are far too few. This is why the Michigan Caregivers Association does not lobby our lawmakers based on their consciences or their good faith. It usually does not exist. We instead prefer to lobby the people, inform them on what their lawmakers are doing, and then force the legislators to deal with the fallout if they refuse to do what is right.

The Michigan Caregivers Association has set up a web portal making it very easy to oppose monopoly bills HB5301, HB5302 and HB5303 in Lansing. That portal can be accessed at For additional information, visit our main website where you can make donations to this noble cause and check out our Facebook page where there are daily updates about the fight to prevent a corporate monopoly and stop the Uniparty system from strangling our freedoms and suffocating our livelihoods.


Your Friend,

George Brikho

Oct 182021
The update about the HB5300-02 (“Big Weed” Corporate Monopoly Bills) is that the bad guys are attempting to buy off patients to accept the special interest takeover.
Our sources have told us that lawmakers are going to create a special fund that can be used by certain patients in order to get rebates or stipends for their medicine within the new corporate monopoly marijuana distribution system proposed in Lansing.
Really, this is just another subsidy for the corporations and special interests who want to dominate the industry. All of the money in the special fund will eventually make its way into the pockets of the corporations and special interests who are monopolizing the industry, as patients are forced to settle for substandard medicine and become completely dependent on these seedy profit-driven interests.
This is not acceptable. We will not allow them to paper us over as they destroy the industry, and patients will not be tricked by this disrespectful pittance.
Although the legislation is not on the committee agenda for Tuesday, the committee reserves the right to address “any business properly before this committee,” which means they may try to slip these bills through without making it public beforehand. This is a violation of the spirit of the law, but this may be what they resort to in order to try and slip this through.
I will be in attendance tomorrow at the House Regulatory Reform Committee to have eyes on these interests to make sure that their sinister dirty tricks do not go unexposed. Then, we will continue the fight regardless of what happens in committee. Rick Thompson of NORML MI is providing intel that they are planning to rubber stamp these bills in committee tomorrow morning.
The lobbyists are no doubt making it rain all over the lawmakers. They hope to demoralize us and to satiate us with their concessions. This is not acceptable, and we will push this fight to the bitter end if we have to do so.
We will make sure this bill dies in committee or on the House floor.
In the mean time, contact your lawmakers and urge them to oppose House Bill 5300, 5301 and 5302. Our petitioning tool makes it very easy for you to do so:
Sep 022021

George Brikho, owner and proprietor of Edenz Hydro and founder and president of the Michigan Caregivers Association, is speaking out against coercive mask mandates imposed on children in Oakland County.

“This is not about public health. This is about social conditioning. The science does not even justify a face mask mandate for kids, but our officials don’t care. They want them to submit so they will be easier to control in the future,” he said of the recent order by the Oakland County Health Division to force mask mandates on all public schools in the county.

“Our children deserve to know that their individual freedom and civil liberties will be protected in America. If we throw away their rights because we are scared, we are spitting in the faces of our posterity,” Brikho added.

The facts are on Brikho’s side. Even liberal-leaning National Public Radio admitted in an Aug. 10 report that “less than 2% of all child COVID-19 cases required hospitalization and 0.00% to 0.03% were fatal” in states where the data was actually being collected.

An academic study from the University of Louisville used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to show that “case growth was independent of mandates at low and high rates of community spread, and mask use did not predict case growth during the Summer or Fall-Winter waves,” ultimately concluding that “mask mandates and use are not associated with lower SARS-CoV-2 spread among US states.”

Additionally, the CDC conducted a study last year of 90,000 elementary-school students who were enrolled in 169 Georgia schools between the dates of November 16 to December 11. They found that social distancing rules, HEPA filters, hybrid at-home and physical schooling, classroom barriers, and compulsory masking had virtually no effect protecting children from the virus. 

“It is insane what they have been able to get away with under the guise of public health. They have put us under this hellish system, and they call it the “new normal,” subliminally conditioning us that it is supposed to be permanent. We cannot accept this so-called new normal under any circumstances,” Brikho said.

Brikho has started a page on Facebook titled, “Just Say NO to the New Normal” where he and other activists make posts everyday about the reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have been threatened and attacked for leading a campaign among parents against mask mandates at my private school,” Brikho said, talking about St. Hugo’s Catholic school where his children are enrolled.

Brikho has received a mixed response from his email correspondence with parents and organizing private schools to reject mask mandates.

“Some people are very happy with what I am doing, and some are very angry. It is okay and I am happy to have a dialogue with everyone no matter where you stand on the issue. This is what makes us Americans,” Brikho said.

“But I do not apologize for rattling the cages of the propagandized. They have fallen victim to the mass hysteria propaganda from Big Pharma and the devils in our wicked, demonic government. I will pray for them and do everything I can to snap them out of their trance,” he added.

Brikho supports the people making their voices heard, which is exactly what is happening at the Oakland County commissioners’ meeting tonight. Patriotic activists are getting together and voicing their frustration with face mask mandates for kids, vaccine passports, discrimination against front-line nurses, and other systemic injustices that are emerging from this psychotic COVID-19 regime.

“They try to use everything they can against you to make you break, but when we all stand together, we are strong. We cannot let them break us and atomize us so we are silent. We must use our voices and come together,” Brikho said.

The protest this evening is taking place tonight, Thurs. Sept. 2 at the Board of Commissioners office located at 1200 North Telegraph Rd., Pontiac, MI 48341 at 5:30 pm.

Jul 152021


It has come time to boot scumbag attorney and destroyer of families for profit Michael Taylor from office.

Taylor became infamous throughout Metro Detroit for defending the reprehensible decision to deny stewardship of an elderly couple to their loving daughter. 7 Action News profiled Michael Taylor for his role in this cruel and heinous scam enabled by the courts to break families apart using the law.

7 7thAction News discovered that there were various firms, tied to Taylor and other cronies, that were essentially lobbying for the government to enforce this scheme to keep elderly people from their families. Taylor was reportedly at the heart of this illicit scheme, and he attacked the woman personally who was denied the role of caregiver for her beloved parents.

After he was exposed, Taylor waged a public smear campaign against the victim who spoke out. He slammed the whistleblower and defended her parents being kept away from her, all the while evading an actual interview with reporters looking to question him and hold him accountable. His damage control attempts were far from effective, and his constituents are asking all the right questions.

“Isn’t being a Mayor of Sterling Heights and getting involved as a Lawyer for some clients a conflict of interest?” one constituent asked in a Facebook post.

“How in the world can a Mayor be messed up with some scheme like this?” another constituent asked. 

“How are we to be assured that Mr. Taylor has not used his position as Mayor to the advantage of his business associates?” a constituent asked via an email response to the report.

Of course, we cannot know, and Taylor’s complete unwillingness to take any culpability for his illicit actions show his extreme contempt for the people of Sterling Heights.

7 Action News also reported that Taylor’s actions likely violated an ethics resolution that was passed in the city of Sterling Heights in 2013, which Taylor actually supported at the time.

“Public servants should avoid engaging in any conduct which is likely to bring discredit on themselves and the governmental bodies in which they serve,” the resolution read.

Even though he continues to lie and deny like the lowlife that he is, it is clear that Taylor exploited his position as Sterling Heights Mayor and the additional notoriety it brings in order to drive a wedge between a family and rob a daughter from being able to care for their loved ones and spend time with them in their final days for his own personal and professional gain.

Seniors in Sterling Heights must ask themselves: Is this the kind of man you want representing you? The man who would sentence you to live out your final days cold, alone and desperate if it meant putting another dollar in his pocket. Taylor ripped loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s away from their daughter because this attorney puts his clients and his bottom line ahead of the people. This is not acceptable.

Additionally, Taylor publicly supported Joe Biden for president last year. This means Taylor is directly responsible for Biden’s policies of economic damnation, an end to the Bill of Rights and Constitution, a domestic spying authority that calls for families to rat out their loved ones, and the selling out of our nation to China at breakneck speed.

Every time you pay at least a $1 more a gallon of gas at the pump, remember it was Michael Taylor’s decision — a nakedly-partisan decision that did absolutely nothing but politicize his office for his own self-serving aims — that made it more difficult for you to fill up your tank. We are all paying dearly, with every corrupt actor in Washington D.C. elevated as a result, because Taylor cares more about garnering favorable media headlines than representing the people. It is similar to when he endorsed Black Lives Matter as the orgy of destruction swept the country, which has resulted in a subsequent crime spree that continues to threaten the stability of our communities.

Taylor talked about his children when justifying his support for Biden. The truth is that his children will bear the stain of their father being a disgraced coward who failed the public at a crucial time of our nation’s history. Taylor is a man who will be remembered among the vermin who cared only about lining their pockets as American freedom was destroyed. That is your legacy, and, sadly, your progeny will not be able to escape the sins of their weak and reprehensible father.


Sterling Heights is home to a robust and vibrant Chaldean community with over a quarter of the population being Chaldean. I am proud to say that I have many friends and family members living there. Our community has a chance to be on the forefront of the movement of patriotic Americans from all backgrounds who unite and say NO MORE to political corruption. 

It is time to drain the swamp in Sterling Heights and maintain a local government that we can be proud of. The upcoming city primary elections are scheduled to take place on Aug. 3. Reject the sleazeball lawyer and destroyer of families Michael Taylor, and elect former city councilman and Air Force veteran Ken Nelson for Mayor. The message will be sent that Sterling Heights demands more from their elected officials after Taylor is sent packing.

May 182021

Fellow Parents,

The federal government is now giving indicators that they want to relax their COVID-19 restrictions, and schools are expected to follow suit.

After months and months of restricting the freedom of our children, conditioning them to live in constant irrational fear, making sure they understood that their freedoms are not absolute and subject to revocation at a moment’s notice, we are starting to get signals that a return to normalcy has arrived.

Should we breathe a sigh of relief if our liberties are temporarily restored? No, we simply cannot. We must strive to make sure that this situation can never happen again and that the COVID-19 lockdowns be looked at alongside Japanese internship camps in the 1940s, Indian removals of the 19th century, and human slavery among the darkest episodes of our nation’s history.

Make no mistake about it: Every child who is made to comply with the mask mandate will eventually line up to receive the mark-of-the-beast microchip and be hell bound.

This is why I am organizing fellow parents to make sure this never happens again.  We are doing a tremendous disservice to our children by succumbing to virus fear. Our children are set to inherit a society unrecognizable to anything that each of us grew up in. This is a world where they will be expected to submit and their liberties will always be contingent upon compliance. This is not the America that my family risked life and limb to be a part of.

Nothing has broken my heart more during the pandemic than watching the Catholic Church roll over to the mandates. With only a handful of exceptions, Catholic churches have closed their doors because the government told them that operating was illegal. Some priests demeaned themselves, performing baptisms with squirt guns or cheapening the holy sacrament of the Eucharist, to comply with government overreach destroying religious liberty.

Catholic dioceses throughout the state of Michigan have complied with virus tyranny, which has been most offensive through the mask mandates. Catholic dioceses have gone along with the mask mandate even though there is no scientific data showing that children need to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19. According to all the available data, children are not at major risk of spreading the disease, and schools that have opened up without restrictions have not caused any major spike in cases.

We must come to the realization, as harrowing as it may be to consider, that our children are being subjected to these restrictions for more sinister reasons than just public safety concerns. The propaganda that we all have been subjected to is unlike anything the world has ever known. The mass hysteria disseminated through the media is having a profoundly negative effect on adults, so the effect that it is having on children must be at least a thousand-fold, and the ramifications are apocalyptically dire.

Christians in the days of Jesus sacrificed their lives to spread the word venerating their Lord and Savior, the True Son of God, Jesus Christ. They were beaten, tortured, treated like lepers, crucified, fed to wild animals, suffered unimaginable hardships, and for what? So their descendants, bestowed with prosperity they would have considered a bounty from heaven, would surrender it all in the sorriest of ways when it came time to stand and fight.

This is not acceptable. We have all complied for far too long. I am drawing the line in the sand. These demons will not corrupt the souls of my children, and they should not corrupt your children’s souls either. We have to preserve our American traditions for the generations to come. We owe it to our posterity to stand for their innocence. Our children should not be living in fear and submitting to orders that are unlawful and make no sense.

I am taking the lead to unite various Catholic schools in the Metro Detroit area to resist COVID tyranny and demand the restoration of freedom in our schools. We will also reach out to other faith-based communities to band together to make sure our rights are not infringed. The 1st Amendment protects us all, but it will not protect our rights unless we exercise them. That is what I intend to do in the months to come and hope you are there beside me.

It begins with one person standing up and saying no more. This is how every movement begins, from the American Revolution to the 1960’s civil rights struggle, it starts with one person doing the right thing and speaking truth to power. I encourage the parents of St. Hugo’s to be the ones who band together and spark civil disobedience in our state and nationwide. Do not get complacent and accept that this nightmare is over. In reality, it is just beginning. The souls of our children quite literally depend upon your action. I hope we stand together and turn our civilization around before it is too late.


Your Friend


Apr 082020


To start I want to wish you the best as you deal with the coronavirus pandemic. I hope you and your family are happy and healthy as we go through this terrible and unpleasant situation. We must remain safe and smart but also be careful not to surrender our core liberties to government officials looking to capitalize on the situation.

I wanted to give an update on what I have been doing as of late. My hydroponics stores are rapidly expanding and holding up well during the crisis. We are helping people grow food and become self-sufficient as they realize that the benefits and blessings of civil society are very tenuous. If the supply chain breaks down amidst the pandemic, these farming supplies could save thousands if not millions of lives. That is the definition of “essential business” right there.

Since my run for Congress in 2012, I have remained active in politics as an activist and a truth teller in my community. Check out my body of work to see for yourself what I have been doing. I have called out corruption on both sides of the aisle, which is so rarely done in this age of extreme partisanship and division. I have not given up on my vow to reform the country I love that has given so much to my family. Keeping the American dream alive and well requires nothing short of eternal vigilance, as the Founding Fathers made clear.

Over the years I have exposed a tremendous amount of corruption in the marijuana industry, which has helped bring about changes in Lansing that allowed more patients to get their medicine. I have raised awareness on foreign policy, war and peace, government spying, whistleblowers’ rights, and other key issues of our day. Thank you for sharing my work and being in my corner as I have fought this good fight. I have put my livelihood on the line to hold the powerful accountable, and the reception has been humbling and awe-inspiring.

I have always desired to do more with my voice, with the massive platform the internet has given us all. Particularly through the various social media platforms, we are connected like never before and able to share information. It is still revolutionizing communications in ways we cannot even understand, and their censorship campaign cannot undo what has occurred. I want to play a role in this revolution, which is taking the power from a handful of powerful corporations and giving it back to the people.

With that, I am launching a news website with a support staff that will get the word out about what is exactly happening in our communities throughout the state. People have talked about draining the swamp in Washington D.C., but there is a swamp festering in every community that often operates in the shadows. While we are distracted or bickering with each other, a bipartisan group of criminals are robbing us blind and infringing on our freedom in a million different ways. And we are supposed to sit back and take it? HELL NO!

The Michigan Sentry is going to put the powerful on notice, speak truth to power, be independent and non-partisan, and restore the Fourth Estate to what it ought to be. I am looking for volunteer writers who would like to be published and contribute. It doesn’t matter where on the political spectrum you fall – left, right or center. It doesn’t matter if you support President Trump, Bernie Sanders, or whoever. We want you to be involved if your heart is pure and you want to fight corruption. Please reach out to me if you are interested.

Launching soon!

May 262019

Memorial Day was set up in the 19th Century to remember the memory of the soldiers who died in the United States Civil War. Today we use the holiday to honor all of the deceased military personnel who served in America’s wars and many citizens take time this weekend to decorate the gravesites of their deceased family members and loved ones. I hope that all of you take some time this weekend to remember everyone who has passed on.

War is a frequent part of man’s existence. There are some people who believe that the Civil War was an unnecessary war and did not need to happen. Many Americans died serving on both sides and countless families were irreparably shattered. To be honest, it’s rare to find a necessary war – the American Revolution is the best example.

It is important to not put the blame on a soldier for the military conflicts that they have been engaged in. Friends have shared stories with me of returning Viet Nam War veterans being spit at by anti-war protestors. If you disagree with a military action, hold the politicians and the generals responsible for it accountable. This really needed to be done World War One, where many infantrymen had to deal with trench warfare and an influenza pandemic. Deep state bureaucrats often use war to instigate regime change, and enlisted personnel are not the decision makers in those scenarios.

We have many Americans currently on active military service. At least it is a volunteer military service, unlike the situation with the Viet Nam War where there was a draft. It might be better for all of us if we had fewer foreign entanglements. If the big government types are going to insist on having a large military at least let them be stationed here in our own country.

Please show some respect on Memorial Day for the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Make this weekend about more than hot dogs and barbeque. It would be nice if we had fewer Americans deployed overseas. A foreign policy with less intervention is in order. In the meantime, let us remember to reason for the holiday.

In Liberty,

George Brikho