Jan 252017


Officer Shot DetroitI am offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the murderer of Officer Colin Rose.

My brother-in-law Kenneth Steil a Detroit police officer was recently murdered. This is devastating to my family, especially my sister and Kenneth’s two sons. We will carry this sorrow for the rest of our lives. Our only solace is knowing that the scumbag who murdered our brother will pay for his heinous act. Justice for Shark gives a little peace of mind to his loved ones.

Unfortunately, the Rose family does not have that satisfaction for Colin. My heart aches for their family. I pray for them often. Apprehending the coward who did this evil act will not bring Colin Rose back, but it will help Colin’s family and the community heal. We are not safe with this criminal on the streets.


Whatever your feelings for law enforcement are, cold blooded murder is not acceptable. As the business owner of the Jazz Club in Detroit, I appreciate all of the hard work of the Detroit Police force. Colin Rose was a great man. Police officers put their lives on the line for the community. These brave men and women help protect our neighborhoods, schools, homes, business ventures, and the city for our children. It is our duty as a community to stand up for the heroes that stand up for us.

Do the right thing. Please help the Rose family.  That is why I am offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer of Colin Rose. God Bless the Rose family. Justice for Colin Rose!!!!









Nov 222016

american-dreamThe American Dream is alive and well. Tons of hard working entrepreneurs are making lots of money. Lots of sick are benefiting from this natural medicine. The marijuana industry is booming business. Many people are stuck in a rut. They work a dead end job that drains their soul. Lots of people work for a company that makes a lot of money off of their backs while they make peanuts.

There are many opportunities in the Marijuana industry. Growers and caregivers have many exciting opportunities to be their own boss. They have the satisfaction to know that the fruit of their labors creates medicine for sick people. Cancer patients, children that have seizures, glaucoma sufferers, pain management, aids patients, and many people feel the benefit of marijuana. CBD can be extracted for children or others.  Gardening is the 1# hobby in the world. Co-Op grows are popping up providing massive opportunities for master growers. The cultivating provides many jobs for trimmers and people to prepare the medicine for the patient. Product is made into candies, baked goods, gummies, oils, vapors and other forms making it easier for some to ingest. Transportation is a new job in the industry. Many patients are not mobile.

All the growers and caregivers need state of the art equipment to grow the best medicine. Gardening stores are thriving and popping up everywhere. Edenz Hydro Gardening Store has 2 locations. They are superstores and are among the biggest in the world with a huge selection, low prices, and knowledgeable staff. Each of the Edenz locations have over a million dollars in inventory. Each store is on the brink of expanding again and another location is on the horizon.

All of the manufacturers of the growing equipment, fertilizers, supplies, and etc… are doing gangbusters. Huge facilities are producing the equipment sold in gardening stores. My fertilizer company Green Magic is thriving. Salesman of these products are needed. Huge distributors are also doing great. Drivers and transportation have benefited from this thriving industry. Construction of grow operations has helped contractors, construction, electricians, plumbers, and handymen. Licensed growers need expert help building grow rooms and facilities to assure the finest medicine. Compassion centers are great opportunities to bring many patients and caregivers together. Doctors and clinics are catering to the medical needs of patients requiring marijuana for relief.

With the new laws expect to see more dispensaries. Drive down 8 mile and see them everywhere. Vacant buildings are being utilized.  Unused buildings are now providing taxes for local municipalities. Eyesores are being rejuvenated to help beautify the community. The marijuana industry is the last of the free market.  Evergreen management fought in Lansing against Ron Boji and others that tried to hijack the industry and push out the small businessman. That did not happen. The job opportunities are amazing. Quit that dead end job. Be your own boss. Become a millionaire. Help others. Have great karma by providing pain relief for sick patients.

If you want to get involved in the fastest growing industry, contact me. I can point you in the direction that suits your passion and skills. Evergreen Management can help with rules, regulations, licensing, and municipalities ordinances.




Nov 202016


The internet has been buzzing about a crisis in Macomb County. Warren Mayor Jim Fouts left a cryptic message on his facebook page. The post claimed a Flint style crisis was brewing in Macomb County. The post caused a firestorm of interest. Other politicians quickly chastised Mayor Fouts. They claim he was causing an unnecessary panic. A press conference was held to sway fears.

What is the issue at hand? Freedom Hill was built on a landfill. The hill is actually garbage. The expansion at Freedom Hill allegedly did some damage to the vents. The garbage creates methane gas and leachates that can be harmful. The vents are supposed to diffuse the methane gas. Claims are that the gas is poisoning the neighbors and causing extremely high cancer levels in that area. The leachates can seep into the Red Run which is a tributary of the Clinton River that runs into Lake Saint Clair which connects to the Detroit River where most of the area residents gets its drinking water.

The beaches have been overrun with sewage and fecal matter for years. Is this connected? Is the feckless corrupt public works department connected? Were some shortcuts allowed at Freedom Hill to cut cost but put residents in harms way? Did all the DEQ reports and findings get properly filled? With all the corruption in Macomb County and the quick response by local politicians to cover it up it makes you wonder????

This should not be under a shroud of secrecy. The tax payers deserve that their government employees are honest and transparent. If children are at risk we deserve to know now, not before the children die or are sick. There are a lot of our Chaldean people in that area. Maybe thats why the local government does not seem to care? The city of Sterling Heights should worry more about the willful poisoning of it’s residents then playing reefer madness busting down people’s doors growing medicine.

Government works for us. They are not superior to us. They are our employees. Our employees should not be actively covering up something that may be a heath crisis larger then Flint.


Nov 172016

Donald Trump talked about “draining the swamp” in Washington DC. Washington DC is filled with corruption. Special interest groups, lobbyists, and career politicians control the agenda. Trump campaigned on cleaning up this mess.

In Macomb County the swamp is overflowing. The FBI is lurking in Macomb County. Rizzo is at the center of the investigation. New names are being implicated almost daily. Former Warren Councilman Chuck Busse, Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds, Macomb Township Trustee Clifford Freitas, Chesterfield Township Supervisor Michael Lovelock, and Macomb Township Trustee Dino Bucci have all been connected to the corruption. Rizzo Executive Chuck Rizzo Jr. resigned amid the FBI probe. Rampant corruption plagued the Macomb County Public Works department. That was the main issue in that race.  The swamp is so disgusting in Macomb County the sewage backs up on the beaches.  This sewage is all connected to a mafia crime wave that inhibited true protection of our great lakes.

Anyone with a pulse and half a brain could see the layers of criminal activity that have occurred in Macomb County for decades. Rizzo has been at the center of this ugliness forever. The fact that Rizzo has a “Director of Government Affairs” pretty much sums it up. Joe Munem has been a unsavory character that has been a scourge in Macomb County forever. Munem has a long storied history of causing trouble in Warren and Macomb County. Munem is a RINO that has infiltrated the local Republican party and tried to turn it liberal and progressive. Chad Selweski and other so called reporters have provided cover for Joe Munem for years. The disgusting slob Munem has personally attacked Michigan Republican Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. The Republican party must distance themselves from this pariah. Munem is a bad actor in every sense of the word. Munem is the king of the swamp. Swamp thing Munem has caused irreparable damage to the County.

Reports are that a insider from Rizzo has turned snitch. Many more names are coming out due to this cowardly rat. It is pretty obvious who is the turncoat. After scamming Warren, Macomb County, and Michiganders, Munem even turned in his fellow criminals that fed his crime spree. There is no honor among thieves. Taxpayers are on the hook for shady backroom deals. Poor performance and being ill prepared are the trademarks of these shady deals. All across the county municipalities are being screwed by these shady deals. It is sad that Munem may escape prosecution. The captain of corruption should go down with the sinking ship.

It is time to Drain the Swamp in Macomb County. Flush this turd Munem. Get rid of all the same old cronies that bilk Macomb County for millions. Clean up our water so that our children are not poisoned. Make Macomb County Great again!!





Nov 172016


Something smells skunky in Lansing and its not because of the new laws in East Lansing. Rumor has it the same nefarious groups that brought us the Senate building scam are trying to influence the politicians in Lansing. Nefarious con artists are attempting to line their own pockets. These lobbyists are trying to dictate who is appointed to the Marijuana Commission.

If Ron Boji or Mazen Samona control the marijuana commission then special interest groups will control the growing marijuana industry. Boji and Samona control the tobacco and alcohol industry in Michigan. The playing field is not level. We must be vigilant to stop the hostile takeover of Michigan’s marijuana industry. Small businesses will be crushed. Mom and Pops stores will be closed to make way for companies that unfairly influence politicians. The American Dream will be crushed by crony capitalists. Let the free market thrive. Stop the influence peddling of these evil lobbying groups that only look out for themselves.

These same groups are trying to control marijuana licensing guidelines. They will make sure that the chosen few control the entire industry. Special interest will rule the day. Many entrepreneurs are thriving in this emerging field. Small Businesses are booming. Many suffering patients are getting the medication that is drastically improving their lives. Quality and compassion are hallmarks of the game. Heartless, greedy, unscrupulous shysters are trying to pollute the industry, and will not take the needs of the sick into account.

Evergreen Management and Governmental Services worked hard to ensure that the bills that came out of Lansing were as fair as possible. Klint Kesto and other greedy politicians tried to make sure that special interest had their pockets lined. George Brikho was the champion for the common man. He fought tirelessly against corruption and the Kesto crime cartel. George Brikho battled the same Lansing lobbyists that poison our children with tobacco and alcohol. Because of Brikho and Evergreen the compassion industry did not get consumed by the big corporations.

We do not need a corrupt deal like the $100 million dollar boondoggle in Royal Oak. God bless Warren Mayor Jim Fouts for rejecting a scam in Warren for a hotel that would have bilked Warren taxpayers for at least $7 million.

We must be on guard. We can not have the marijuana industry hijacked by special interest and lobbyists.brikho-lion



Nov 162016


There are lots of reasons to be optimistic about Donald Trump’s Presidency. This election was amazing. People are tired of the status quo. The Trump and Sanders phenomena showed that average voters do not trust the establishment. Both parties have stabbed the American people in the back. The elites are controlled by major banks and corporations. Special interest groups control the politicians. People are energized to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Donald Trump was elected as an outsider. He promised things would be done differently in DC. K street and Wall street would no longer control Main Street. Change is needed as people are struggling to make ends meet.

Washington’s foreign policy has been an utter failure. Over a million Iraqi people have been massacred due to a flawed foreign policy. Our soldiers come home in body bags or badly injured. PTSD is an epidemic 22 soldiers kill themselves daily. Hillary Clinton and the military industrial complex are gearing up for WW3. Donald Trump campaigned as the dovish candidate as opposed to war hawk Hillary. We do not need more unconstitutional and pointless wars. We do not need to send our sons and daughters to die in Russia or the Middle East. We do not need to fund and arm ISIS to kill Christians. Donald Trump gave us hope that this horrible trend would stop.

It is alarming that Donald Trump has been considering staff members that have values and a track record opposite of the platform he ran on. John Bolton? Mike Rogers? Newt Gingrich? Edwin Meese? Rudy Giuliani? Chris Christie? Reince Priebus? etc….. These retread RINOs are exactly what Trump’s supporters rallied against. The idea was to drain the swamp not fill it up with more rats and garbage.

We must be vigilant. We must not let the same powers that be take over the Trump administration. We do not want Bush 3.0. The Chaldean community backed Donald Trump. We must not let him sell us out. We will not be used as pawns for the establishment. Donald Trump do not make us look like fools. We are watching. Now is the time to stop the madness. Lobby the Trump administration to put good people on the team. We will not sit back and do nothing. God Bless You All.


Nov 142016


The election was a major disappointment for the Oakland County Republican party. While Donald Trump had major victories all over the country, Oakland County went for Hillary. Donald Trump won Macomb County in a landslide. A Republican has not won Macomb county since 1988!! Donald Trump also won the state of Michigan. Michigan is considered a blue state and was an assured victory for Hillary.

Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for Oakland County. He is a hard working business man. Oakland County is filled with entrepreneurs very similar to Donald Trump. Oakland County has been traditionally Republican for years.

The Countywide races were an abysmal failure. L Brooks Patterson and Mike Bouchard were the only Republicans to win county wide. Their victories were alarmingly close. Their name recognition helped them eek out a win.

The company line will tout the seats that they defended. Look at where the effort went. The County party put it’s resources into protecting known traitors to conservative values. Facts show the long back stabbing voting record of these Benedict Arnold’s. Instead of holding these politicians that work for us accountable to their rat fink behavior, the County party treats these turncoats like royalty. Begrudgingly, as little effort as possible was put forth by the County GOP on the Trump campaign. Most resources were spent on double crossers while Donald Trump was treated like a pariah.

Pundits and pollsters were proven to be incompetent, unreliable, and purposefully misleading. They say that the demographics of Oakland have changed. That is the excuse the County party will use to be blameless. BUllshit! Blue collar union workers voted for Trump. Minority and ethnic groups voted for Trump more then previous Republicans. The Donald even did better with Spanish voters then Romney. God bless the Chaldean people for coming together in Macomb and shocking the world. So the excuse of changing demographics holds no water.

The successes in Michigan are primarily due to grassroots effort. Matt and Meshawn Maddock did more for the Trump campaign then the entire Oakland County leadership team combined. Change needs to be made at the local level. We need to drain the swamp here in Oakland County. Politicians work for us. They need to be held accountable. We can make a difference here at a local level. It is time to stop the local GOP that treats politicians like Kings and Queens. Do not bow to them. Stand up fellow Republicans. Clean House. Put the people back in charge. Stop the special interest groups from controlling the process. Make Oakland County Great Again! #weshitontheestablishment


Nov 122016

rallyThe Chaldean community saved America. Without the unified vote of the Chaldean community, Hillary Clinton is the President. For the first time since 1988, Macomb County voted for the Republican nominee for President.

The lopsided win for Donald Trump was a surprise to the system. Hillary’s campaign was confident that the blue collar county would be a huge victory. They did not take into account the Chaldean People.

Chaldeans are hard working, proud, people. Our work ethic is second to none. Many of us are entrepreneurs. We work hard for our families. We see that work ethic in Donald Trump. He is a hustling businessman. I wonder if Donald Trump has some east side Chaldean in him!!! His shit on them attitude is refreshing in today’s political climate. The politicians have neglected the Chaldean people. The ravages of the heartless politician’s wars has decimated the middle east. Hillary Clinton and the war mongering neocons have destabilized the middle east. The blood of over 1 million Iraqis is on their hands. Donald Trump gives us hope that the failed foreign policy of Obama, Clinton, Bush, McCain, Graham, and Bolton has ended. Too many Christians have been slaughtered. The Deceivers in Washington must be stopped. The war machine was gearing up to send our sons and daughters to kill Syrians, Russians, and starting WW3. Trump has the opportunity to not fund and arm ISIS like Hillary.

Government is in the way of small businesses. We see this daily. Donald Trump is a businessman and has dealt with government being a road block to his success. We love the American Dream. Through hard work you can be anything you want. The bloodsuckers and the government are trying to kill the American Dream. Many of our people came to America for the American dream. We love freedom. We want government out of the way so we can be successful. We do not need the government to hold our hands. Donald Trump gives us belief that the American Dream has not turned into a nightmare.

The Chaldean Community shocked the world. We can do anything. Nobody can stop the Babylonian Lion when it is on a mission. I am proud of my people. We will be vigilant to make sure we were not used by Donald Trump. We are optimistic that President Trump can stop the slaughter of our women and children and our industrious people can utilize the opportunity to provide for our beautiful families.

Thank you to my fellow Chaldeans. I love you all

George Brikho

Sep 302016



I have heard a great deal of misinformation and poor analysis pertaining to the medical marijuana bills that were signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder. In the cannabis community, many voices are scaremongering about the laws being too restrictive. On the conservative right wing, many voices are talking about marijuana being fully legalized with these bills. Both of these hysterical mis-characterizations about the bills are false.

Let’s go through the time-line of how these bills were passed. Solid bills were introduced that would have put common sense rules on the medical marijuana industry. They could never get through the legislature. Through every step of the process, it was a nightmare. The greedy special interests warped the language to create new giveaways that would ruin the medical marijuana industry. We fought those bills tooth and nail. We exposed the criminal cronies behind them, and we have the proof that we were fighting these bastards every step of the way.

As a result of our hardwork, we were able to get compromise bills approved that were definitely not perfect but carved out some breathing room for the industry to operate. I came in during the 7th inning with my organization EverGreen Management, and we did everything in our power to redeem the bills. We worked to lessen the regulatory burden. We were able to legitimize dispensaries, make edible marijuana legal, and provide local control. These are all substantial steps forward for our industry.

Special interests wanted to put an extremely prohibitive bureaucracy into place that would have siphoned millions out of the industry needlessly. We made sure those provisions were removed. To be fair, the bills are a mixed bag. There are certain aspects of the bill that I think could be scrapped or re-worked in a more sensible manner. More legislation may need to be passed down the line to further improve the industry. It can be a messy process, and that rightfully frustrates people. Considering the makeup the legislature and the power of the law enforcement lobby in Lansing, these bills were the best that we could do.

In the cannabis community, we need to be more realistic when pushing for reform. We need to stop cannibalizing our own. The truth is we are not going to have legal marijuana in Michigan this year. We cannot cry over that spilled milk, and make the perfect the enemy of the good. These bills create a regulated system that can function until a ballot initiative goes into place that fully legalizes marijuana. It may seem like three steps forward, two steps back, but it is incremental progress toward the solution of cannabis freedom that we are all working for.

We will have to settle for the dysfunctional status quo until the people ultimately decide, in 2018 or whatever year, at the ballot box that they want full marijuana freedom. Until then, I will work through the legislature to protect the patients, caregivers and dispensary owners in the state of Michigan to the best of my ability.

George Brikho
Medical Marijuana Caregiver
Owner and Proprietor, Edenz Hydro and Green Magic Gardens

Apr 282016

Governmental Consultant Services Inc. Holds Medical Marijuana Industry Hostage!
The corporate vultures have realized that the medical marijuana is booming. The feeding frenzy has began with different special interests scurrying to corrupt the industry in order to line their pockets. Perhaps the most egregious culprit is Governmental Consultant Services Inc. (GCSI).

“In a recording, Ken Cole of GCSI bragged about how he was corrupting the process,” former 9th District Republican Congressional candidate and owner of Edenz Hydro Garden Stores, George Brikho said, “Cole stated he was going to hijack the important medical marijuana reform bill, and personally insulted [Rep.] Mike Callton for trying to make the medical marijuana industry friendly to patients and caregivers.”

It gets even worse from there. After Brikho had exposed the harmful impact of GCSI and other influential lobbyists on medical marijuana legislation, he was accosted by Cole personally in Lansing.

“Cole was in my face,” Brikho said. “Heated words were exchanged inside the Capitol. He threatened me. He insulted me, he pushed me, he became unglued. It was a very bizarre situation as well as unprofessional behavior. I would never let this hothead represent my interests as a lobbyist under any circumstances. Cole’s temper and classlessness would cost me money and respect in the community.”

Brikho feels that Cole became unhinged because he and others have been working to expose exactly what he is up to in Lansing, and it is not pretty.

Under proposed amendments to Rep. Callton’s bill, special interests would dominate the medical marijuana industry because of a state-mandated monopoly on the three tier system related to medical marijuana. This needless middleman position would ultimately drive the price of medicine upward, and hurt the patients who desperately need this medicine to survive.

The 3 tier would be limited to established distributors in industries such as beer & wine, gas, tobacco and others. Cole and the GCSI lobbying on behalf of these interests, the greedy players are, Mazan Samona owner of Wild Bill Tobacco, Wisam Paulus owner of Trepco, Hani Mio and last but not least Ron Boji the infamous scumbag who raped the tax payers of Michigan with his dirty 134 million dollar SENATE BUILDING deal, and according to Brikho, it is not a coincidence that they all benefit from the proposed new language that would drastically alter Rep. Callton’s common sense medical marijuana bill.

It is feared that this 3 tier monopoly could open Pandora’s Box. This system would empower these goons to control the market and make access to medicine, that the patients desperately need, more expensive.
“Let’s not toy around here. These merchants kill people everyday and Cole is their pathetic lackey,” Brikho said. “They are trying to capitalize on ignorance. Marijuana is medicine. It is not like alcohol or cigarettes. Patients and caregivers should not be classified with these peddlers of death and destruction.”
“Because marijuana has been classified as a Schedule I substance with no medicinal value by federal regulators for several decades, many misconceptions have been delivered to the public. Now special interests are trying to cash in on these common misconceptions,” according to Brikho.
“I don’t want these seedy interests to taint our industry,” Brikho said. “They wait until the 11th hour, and then try to change important legislation behind closed doors to hurt the people and line their own pocketbooks.”

“Perhaps Cole and GCSI would sell their souls to serve these interests, but I would never stoop to their level,” Brikho said. “I will fight them tooth and nail, and will never get in bed with them under any circumstances.”

During Brikho’s time with the Michigan Cannabis Development Association (MCDA), he observed that Cole and the GCSI were very much in cahoots with the organization. This relationship has been cultivated, Brikho claims, because of the cozy association between Cole and MCDA board member Terrence Mansour.
“Birds of a feather flock together. Mansour and Cole are both cowards who don’t have the balls to kick in your door, put a gun to your hip, and rob you themselves,” Brikho said. “So they hide behind crooked politicians to rob the taxpayers for them. They are more contemptible and disgusting than common street trash.”

“The Founding Fathers created the American republic to stop this type of collusion. Government was meant to be limited so that businesses could win in the marketplace based on their merits, rather than special interest groups becoming wealthy based on whatever favors they could curry with the politicians.”

“The greed is what I cannot understand,” Brikho said. “These men have their hands in everything. Money grubbers like Cole and Mansour want to squeeze every dime they can through the political process. They don’t care who they hurt by doing so. This is evil we are dealing with, and this is the evil that unfortunately reigns supreme in America right now.”
The American system is breaking down, and the most vulnerable individuals in our society are at risk as a result: the sick and in-firmed.

“We will never quit fighting for the rights of patients and caregivers. We will never give up on the American dream,” Brikho said. “This is too great of a country to allow scumbags like Cole and Mansour to destroy it. Justice is coming to those lowlifes, I promise it.”

Call your State Senator and demand that Rep. Callton’s bill be approved without any harmful amendments. Demand that patients’ rights are put first, rather than corporate lobbyists. You can find their information at this link: http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/